Hat From the Past

Royal Hats111 years to this photo of a young Princess of Wales (as was the future Queen Mary’s title in 1906) in the most marvellous flower and feather trimmed hat with a young Prince George, her fourth son and future Duke of Kent, catching a ride.

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9 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I love everything about this from top to toe and I can see a strong resemblance between QMary and Prince Edward. I have my grandmothers Edwardian boot button hooks – with beautiful decorative handles.

  2. I like this hat (except for the feather. A single vertical feather worn at the side always looks formal to me, like the Garter caps or a military cap. But I doubt that Mary would have accepted this hat without something to add the landmark height that she seemed to require in all her hats of that era.)
    Sometimes I can hardly believe that this is how adults and children would dress when on holiday — that this was “smart casual” wear. Mary’s blouse for example seems to be all lace and embroidery – exquisite!
    We can see more of the hat in the next pic which looks like it was taken at the same photocall at Abergeldie Castle (the retreat of the Prince of Wales) in 1906.It reminds me of those pics we see of the Danish royal family at their royal summerhouse. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/event/photographer-profile-w-and-d-downey-141098400#the-prince-of-wales-and-family-at-at-abergeldie-castle-aberdeenshire-picture-id57198562 And here’s a shot of Mary and George, full length. The then Prince doesn’t seem to have minded if photos showed him smoking. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/0f/f5/07/0ff507adef64002bf6afdfaae8226a40–prince-and-princess-princess-of-wales.jpg

  3. Wow, this photo shows a completely different look at Queen Mary! It’s hard to imagine any Edwardian woman carrying a child like this, let alone the Princess of Wales. I love the hat and I wish large sweeping feathers would make a comeback as trim on hats; the trend at the moment seems to favor more simplicity.

  4. HatQueen, have you ever considered a post on hatpins? This hat must have needed a skewer you’d never get through airport security… To be honest, I’m less covetous of the hat than of Prince George’s boots. I used to have a pair like that (proper laced ones, no zip), and I had them mended and mended til they could be mended no more 😦
    I do wonder, however, how comfortable the piggy-back is for either party when one is wearing an S-bend corset. Ouch.

  5. I have never seen Queen Mary in such a casual shot! I love it! And, I love the hat! You would think that many flowers would overwhelm her, but the proportions seem to be just right! I wish I could see it in color. IMHO it could be worn at Ascot today!

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