This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe repeated her bright pink hat and suit last Sunday to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Frederiksborg Castle’s Church

Queen Elizabeth also wore a pink hat to church last Sunday- one I think was new! It looks like a variation on a top hat in pink straw with an upcurled brim on one side but we’ll have to wait until its next outing for a better view. You can see glimpses of hats worn by Princess Anne and Autumn Phillips here.

Queen Elizabeth, Aug 29, 2017 | Royal Hats

Infanta Elena donned one of her go-to straw fedoras to watch polo with her father earlier this month (Semana)

The Duchesse de Vendôme’s sister, Doña María Magdalena de Tornos y Steinhart, was married last weekend in Vienna Austria to Comte Jean d’Andlau de Cleron d’Haussonville. The bride’s headpiece was noteworthy- before her father’s death in 2013, he gifted her with a necklace from his mother and she creatively incorporated it into her headpiece. (Nobility & Royalty Blog)

One of the hats at the Het Loo Palace exhibition on Princess Beatrix’s millinery appeared on social media this week. It’s such a beautiful colour palate that we don’t often see on royal hats. The exhibition, incidentally, has been extended until the end of October.

Reader Avery identified the hat Princess Stéphanie wore in England earlier this month as the work of Belgian milliner Amelie D’Hooghvorst. Great find, Avery!

Queen Margrethe in familiar hats Thursday and Friday to conclude the second leg of her annual summer cruise.

Millinery designs that turned my head this week included:

Classic and oh-so wearable straw hat from Fabienne Delvigne
Beautiful blue straw boater from Lisa Tan
Fringed natural straw lampshade beach hat from French label Veronica Marucci Chapeaux
Graceful turban headpiece, also from Veronica Marucci Chapeaux, that is greatly warming me to open crowned hats
Floral trimmed pieces from Meg Rafter millinery
And this stunning white straw picture hat with black floral trim from California based Elmira Exclusive Hats

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#KentuckyDerby #horserace #bighat #wedding

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 Royal Hats

First glimpse of the new Swedish prince yesterday (the announcement of his name and Te Deum service will happen on Monday)

Lots shared by the Danish court this week:

Handsome portrait released by the Danish court of Prince Nikolai for his 18th birthday.
Prince Henrik’s dachshund Tillia recently had puppies. The energetic litter looks to be very popular not only with Prince Frederick & Princess Mary’s four children but with their new dog Grace as well
Getty has a gallery of great photos of the Danish royal family arriving for Prince Nikolai’s birthday dinner on board the royal yacht Dannebrog Tuesday night.
This family portrait (minus Prince Frederick, who was in South Korea on IOC business) was taken to mark the event.

The Belgian king and queen shared this photo yesterday of their children, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eleanore, on their first day of school.

Sweet snap shared by the king and queen of Bhutan of their young son, The Gyalsey

Prince Albert and Charlene brought their twins along to Monaco’s annual picnic yesterday.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

We end the week with this wonderful shot taken by Prince Nikoloas of his wife, Princess Tatiana, on her birthday.

 Photo from Peter Jolly/Rex Shutterstock

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. So many interesting extras!! I’ll just pick a couple to comment on:

    Doña María Magdalena de Tornos y Steinhart’s wedding – imaginative use of the necklace yes, but I’m not sure it’s effective. Would it have been better if the band were more upright? Pearls going up, or down? I was more captured by the way they basted (stitches can clearly be seen – white thead!?) a lace veil onto a plain tulle veil. A lovely idea, and the lace is probably very, very old and delicate, given that it appears no attempt has been made to restore or whiten it – unless it was ecru to begin with. But the very wide margin of tulle around the edge made for a lot of busyness going on on top of her head – the makeshift necklace/headband, two veils, with one appearing to be sliding off because of the wide tulle margin…..

    Queen Beatrix’s hat: love the amusing outline….love the color, and yes, wish this color were used more often, but it’s one not many can wear, especially near the face. I know I can’t.

    Black and white hat by Exclusivehats…. I like a good black and white combo in fashion. It always looks so crisp. This hat is lovely….and I think I would like it equally well in the reverse – black hat, white rose. Given the #derbyhat hashtag, I will point out that this hat avoids the failing of too many Derby hats (I live in Kentucky) – they are often a tad too big, a tad too excessive, and become a joke, a parody of a racing event hat. A shame, since here in America that is one of our only hat-wearing events.

  2. ~HM’s hat looks potentially very nice from this tantalising glimpse – hope we can see it again.
    ~I’m smiling at the ” portrait outline” stand that Princess Beatrix’s hat is displayed on – the hair, the dress neckline, the pouffy shoulders! – it’s so her. It really does help me fully visualise her in this hat. And as you say it’s a lovely colour, which would especially suit most of the Japanese royals, Queens Sonya, Margrethe and Rania, and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.
    ~HQ, I love the hats you selected this week, (bar the fascinators and perchers), and that white picture hat by Elmira Exclusives is outstanding.

  3. I do so look forward to the weekly roundup that you do Hat Queen! This week is particularly fun and has left me with a broad smile on my face. Thank you!

  4. Hmm, the Veronica Marucci Chapeaux pieces are beautiful, but would they look that good worn on actual heads?

    So fun to see all the royal tots.

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