Duchess of Rothesay Names Aircraft Carrier

Duchess of Rothesay (as Camilla is known when in Scotland) was at Rosyth Dockyard this morning to officially name the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales which will begin service in 2019.

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For this event, she repeated her cream straw hat with upswept brim, wide navy folded straw hatband and knotted silk side detail. We’ve talked in the past about the loss of feather trim that used to adorn this piece– a loss, perhaps, not felt as much thanks to the hat’s pairing today with a striking new navy lace trimmed coat. Nautical navy and white always makes for a classic look and the scale of this hat, even without the sweeping feathers, remains wonderful on Camilla.

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Any new thoughts about this hat?
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27 thoughts on “Duchess of Rothesay Names Aircraft Carrier

  1. Not really about the hat, but I’ve been meaning to ask this — sorry for the lateness! (I was interrupted by a hurricane!) Are there any other countries where members of the Royal Family are known by different titles depending on where they are, or is this something unique to Britain? I’ve always assumed it has something to do with recognition of the countries of the former Empire/current Commonwealth, but am not really sure.

  2. There have been many comments regarding the “clash” of white vs cream between the hat and the coat decoration, but in my opinion, we cannot make this judgement without having actually seen the outfit in person. I have now looked at this post, plus a number of other photos of the event from other sources, on a laptop and two different tablets, and the white/cream shades of both the hat and the coat decoration vary greatly from one to the other. Looking so different on different screens, in photos from different photographers, and in different lighting as the Duchess moved from one place to another, I think I have to reserve judgement on that issue!

  3. I think HRH looks fabulous! That’s extreme recycling of the hat but it works from far away and in pictures. I’m sure in real life, maybe not so great!

  4. Lovely to see this terrific hat worn again, with or without its feathers.
    However, i agree with the commenters who feel that this suit is not its best partner, style and colour-wise.

  5. I like this hat and it looks well on Camilla, and she’s certainly had good use over the years. However, the hat looks creamy-beige and clashes with the white trim on the coat – the coat would have been far better with a creamy-beige trim than the stark white.

  6. This is still one of my favorite hats for Camilla, and I’m glad to see a new outfit paired with it, but I will forever mourn the loss of the feathers!

  7. I’m with JamesB. A 12 year old hat is a fantastic example of recycling your wardrobe pieces but I think a new hat that matches her new lace-trimmed coat would have been very nice. The pure white of the lace in contrast with the navy coat just screams “I need a new hat to go with this outfit!”. After all, when one’s husband is a millionaire and future king….why not? I’m just sayin’…..

  8. I agree that this is not the best hat to go with this beautiful new coat. It looks a bit cream colored next to the pure white lace trim on the coat and not well coordinated with it. I liked this hat best with the coat with white stripes on it. That looked like a match that was meant to be.

  9. I love the hat and I love the coat, but not together. The hat is rather geometric and modern whilst the coat is softer and more feminine. I agree with JamesB that a different hat might have been a good idea. But The Duchess really does get lots of wear from many of her clothes and hats, and, just like her husband is a thrifty, yet elegant dresser.

  10. This is a great look on Camilla and I love the classic nautical look. The hat goes well with it and I think removing the feathers was a good call. I think with the trim on the coat the feathers might have looked a bit fussy.

  11. Loved looking back at the past wearings, and the many different outfits she wore it with. It started out with 2 feathers, then got down to one, now none – I wonder if they just broke after a while.

  12. Next to Margrethe (oh, and Anne of course…), Camilla is our thriftiest hat wearer. She clearly loves this hat, as do we. The coat is fab, but I can’t help thinking she could have splurged on a new titfer to go with it.

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