Queen Mathilde Visits Italian Art Exhibit

Queen Mathilde of Belgium was in Venice today to take in Biennale Arte 2017, the city’s 57th annual art exhibition.

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For this visit, she topped her pale beigey-pink Natan dress with her stacked petal calot headpiece made of banana fibres. The combination of hat and dress makes for another understatedly elegant ensemble for Mathilde and the creative shape of the piece works well for this engagement…. but it’s all rather ‘blush biscuit’. Pretty, certainly, but bland.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: July 21, 2016
I’m afraid I’m rather bored of this hat. What do you think of it in combination with this frock?
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16 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde Visits Italian Art Exhibit

  1. I think I would like the color of the dress on someone with darker hair and complexion …such as Crown Princess Mary. Queen Mathilde is so fair I think would make not just her dress and hat stand out but her as well.

  2. Sometimes I think that the smaller the hat, the more critical the hairstyle.
    I liked Mathilde’s hairstyle on her last wearing; but this hairstyle doesn’t have the same volume and lift around the face. I think this hat needs a hair base with both width and height.
    The dress is the one which Mathilde wore when the Trumps visited Brussels in May. I don’t think it’s a success for Mathilde, with or without a hat.

    • I wasn’t quite sure why I liked it more last time and you’ve hit it, it’s the hairstyle, sometimes that is so pertinent. Also agree with beachgal that the outfit seems more like “daytime wedding” than “visiting art exhibit”. On the other hand, it would be so elegant if people dressed like this to visit our local annual art exhibit – here in Florida they often just show up in shorts and tee shirts!

  3. I do not like any part of this outfit, the dress fits so badly or has been made so badly that it should be left at home and the hat is a complete no-no for me. I have to ask myself does anyone look in the mirror before they hand over their credit card and pay for these clothes? In fact, the outfit as a whole smacks of Lady Bountiful opening an English Garden Fete in the 50s/60s.

  4. I quite like this outfit on her. That pinky beige is a hard shade for many to pull off. It certainly is not a color I can wear. But she looks elegant, if not a bit too like an outfit for a wedding day of a friend however. I would rather have seen her at this time of year, in more of a fall season look.

  5. I like this dress better than the previous one she wore with this hat, but the hat definitely needs to go; I just don’t understand these particular headpieces.

  6. I’m with you Glitter Girl! I love the whole outfit and while the blush petal calot hat is OK, I think that she looks polished and chic. Hat, dress (love the belt), clutch, gloves and shoes make for a great “working queen” ensemble. My only quibble is her hair color. It needs to be more definitely blond IMO.

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