One Hat, Four Outfits

Queen Máxima | Royal Hats

Royal HatsIt has been nearly a year since we last saw Queen Máxima wear her harvest gold velvet ruched turban designed by Fabienne Delvigne (a hat affectionately known here as “The Brain” or “The Pincushion”). The sartorially brave Dutch queen has worn this piece with three different ensembles, prompting me to wonder, dearest readers, which pairing do you think is best?

Look 1 & 3: With a patterned silk blouse and grey skirt (with brown and grey overcoats) to name a ship in December 2012 and celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in April 2015

Embed from Getty Images 
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: With a mustard silk bell-sleeved blouse, belted grey skirt and statement jewels to open a Stedelijk Museum exhibition on October 18, 2013

Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Look 3: With a turquoise dress and coat on an October 27, 2016 visit to Almelo and Northeast Twente

Look 4: With a  grey silk flounced Claes Iversen dress worn during the Jordanian state visit on March 21, 2018
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I prefer the colour contrast in Look #4, where the pairing of hat and outfit makes the hat take on a browner hue than the mustardy pallor it has in the other outings.I know this hat is controversial and has, in the past, stirred up strong opinions but I trust you will all keep your comments respectful. What do you think is the best pairing?

Please use the comments to also share any hats  or royal hat news from today.

Photo from social media and Getty as indicated; Monarchy Press and  Monarchy Press

19 thoughts on “One Hat, Four Outfits

  1. I like it with outfits 1 and 3. Somehow the contrast with the printed fabric works for me (and I really dislike those bell sleeves on outfit 2).

  2. Princess Anne and Princess Michael of Kent attended the memorial mass for Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor at Westminster Cathedral on October 4. I will try and post photos, but haven’t had much luck lately, everything is stuck in moderation. Maybe someone else will have more luck.

  3. Look 2 is the best: She set it back on her head with her hair down. She looks elegant and soft in this version with a very feminine dress.

  4. Not a favorite hat, but I love the whole of the last look. The color contrast and the super fun combination of textures makes it a winner for me. I think it’s less successful (too matchy maybe) when paired with more gold. I do like Max in the mustard/gold colors though. And unfortunately, with look 2, I’m just reminded of how much better it looked with the hat from the Luxembourg wedding- that outfit (the wedding one) is one of my favorite Max outfits ever ever ever, due largely to how the scale of the feathers on the hat balances with the sleeve volume, and this turban is such a sad substitute (although a sky high feathered hat is probably not appropriate for all venues, alas).

  5. I couldn’t pick a single look that I totally thought was the best — color-wise, definitely the 4th view with the turquoise for contrast as others have said. Hair-wise, the first view with the side chignon. Earrings-wise, the second view — the long ones that are basically the same color as the hat and blouse. Perhaps someday there will be a 5th wearing that combines my preferences!

    • Once again, way over in the minority camp, I don’t like anything about it. It reminds me of what Hetty Wainthropp would wear when she went marketing! Matthew, I clicked on your name, and seeing your artistic side, I “assumed” (and we all know what that implies!) that you would have a wonderful, sky-lit loft where you worked your magic. It is said that J. S. Bach got so good at his craft because he practiced all the time on a spinster in his attic! HA HA!

      • The perils of attempting a personal conversation across the replies of many posts — I was meaning to reply to this (to Jimbo) but couldn’t find it through any searching methods! Anyway, my official “studio” is a small room that was made out of a wide part in a hall, but embarrassed to admit, I do my main creative work on a clipboard on my lap in front of the TV set, and secondarily on the outside patio table of my oddly placed house, which has a view of a golf course driving range to the left, and a power station to the right. (Giving me inspiration both from nature and industry, I guess.) If you want to see an awesome studio, look at the Instagram feed of an artist named Geninne. I like her art well enough, but follow her mainly for glimpses of her studio!

  6. If I was forced to choose, I think #1 would be my favorite because her hair looked so good, although I do like the color contrast of #4. But otherwise I would be happy to never see this hat again.

    In other news, looks like the Countess of Wessex wore a new variation of one of her Ascot hats in Brunei today to celebrate the Sultan’s Golden Jubilee (and the Sultan himself is wearing a very cool turban too):

    The Earl and Countess of Wessex attend an audience at Istana Nural Iman to mark Sultan of Brunei's Golden Jubilee #HMJubliEmas #Royals— Rookie (@royalfocus1) October 5, 2017


  7. What I’m surprised about seeing these is that it isn’t a hat that appeals to me at all, and yet it looks better here than I would have thought possible… The main thing that strikes me is that it looks much better worn further back with some of Maxima’s hair showing in front, as in looks 2 and 3, rather than the forward-sitting look 1 (and in each case we have one with hair up and one with hair down, so it isn’t because of that). I do prefer the contrast of the turquoise outfit, although I think the added texture and slight colour difference of the coat takes away from the polish of the look.

  8. This hat does not make my list of favourites, that’s for sure, but I think the combination with blue/green provides the best results

  9. I prefer it with the contrasting green too, and with the hair up . Looks much much better that way, and the colour is better

  10. Well the hat isn’t my favourite. It’s got a distinctly 60s vibe for me, but not the good Jackie O bit; alas it reminds me more of the hats my old Grannie wore.

    Regardless of that… Max styles it well. I like the colour combos she uses, they are bold but work. All of these could look a mess but somehow she pulls it off (her personality helps her get away with it!) but I do like the colour blocking in look 4, my quibble is with that shoulder flap on the frock and the textured coat, there’s just a bit too much fuss; but that’s a common Max issue!

    Yet again, I just love her for trying it!

  11. What strikes first of all is that the hat looks definitely better when worn at the back of the head, as in look 2 and 3. I agree that it looks nicest in outfit 3, the colour contrast making it more interesting, but it looks pretty good too with the earrings in outfit 2.

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