‘New’ Hat From the Past #34

Royal Hats to October 10, 1997 and a colourful picture hat with upswept brim worn on a visit to Pakistan. The contrast between the hat’s navy and cream base is intensified with the diagonal turquoise hatband- a style detail I don’t recall seeing before (or on another of the Queen’s hats!). It’s a lovely design I’d love to see Her Majesty repeat again!

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Embed from Getty Images

Please use the comments to also share any hats or royal hat news from today.

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22 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #34

  1. I think Sophie in Brunei looks really super, I love the hat with the lattice brim and the apricot colour of the hat trim and skirt is lovely.

  2. Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and Queen Saleha mark his golden jubilee of accession to the throne on October 5, 2017.

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    Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (R), Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah (2nd R), Prince Abdul Malik (2nd L) and Prince Abdul Wakeel (L)

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  3. Wow! What’s not to love about this posting? New/old pictures of Queen Elizabeth in a very nice and interesting hat and wearing white gloves, white purse and white shoes to boot. Very old school and perfectly appropriate attire. Then, Queen Maxima in a VERY large, but beautiful, picture hat with matching hatband. I agree with others that her ensemble changes colors on different devices and monitors with some looking red and some purple! Love the earrings. Then we have CP Victoria in forest green with matching headpiece or bow; just an OK from me. Empress Michiko looks lovely with her coordinating hat. And not to forget the Danes, PMarie’s fedora was OK but I wish she’d worn a brimless hat so we could see her lovely face. CPMary was spot on with her purple pillbox and the Queen should have stayed home, or at last that “hat” should have stayed home; it’s awful and while it matched her outfit, it is still a BAD HAT.

    • Victoria’s headpiece is flowers and I’m convinced I’ve seen a very similar one worn before. There are better photos of it out there, but only getty photos get posted, all my others photos are stuck in moderation.

      Sophie Wessex also wore a hat in Brunei today, but I can’t find a photo that will post.

      • Victoria’s flowers remind me of this hat from Princess Astrid, worn for a garden party during the Royal Silver Jubilee Tour on June 23, 2016

        Embed from Getty Images

  4. In many pictures of Queen Maxima it appears that the liner of the red lace dress is purple. Nevertheless, I don’t think this hat is a good match in color, style or formality with this outfit. It’s also too big, in my opinion, for an indoor event. At the recent Danish opening of parliament, Princess Marie’s hat also suffered from being too big. Princess Mary’s purple pillbox, while not matching her light greenish coat -worked wonderfully! The mystery of hats! It keeps us watching.

  5. Queen Maxima on October 4
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • So smart and love those shoes (I gave up wearing heels years ago but still admire snazzy pairs on others). But the hat looks like it’s quite a different colour to the dress, bag, gloves and shoes. I don’t think the amethyst of her earrings is enough to pull it together, there needs to be some more purple (or less red) somewhere. The earrings also have a green stone in them so there are possibilities.

      • The pinkish/reddish color of both the hat and dress look different from one photo to another and on different devices. This may be one of those colors that doesn’t get a true depiction in photographs.

        I saw a few other pictures of this event on another site – I kept having the impression that the floppy hat flopped just a bit too much down over her face!

    • On my screen, the hat is certainly a contrast to the dress etc. The dress, gloves and bag look as though they match in colour, but then the shoes are redder and don’t match either. I don’t mind the contrast of the hat with the dress, but the shoes then being a third colour just doesn’t go. I love the boldness of the hat, and the colour, but this is one where I think practicality has been overlooked, since very clearly Maxima is having to strain her head to see out from under!

  6. CP Victoria on October 3
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

  7. This one is so interesting, I’d love to see a close-up or back view if anyone comes across one. As far as the dress is concerned, you can be sure that somewhere in a closet there is a matching coat just waiting to cover it up if the weather warrants!

      • Thanks, Jimbo! Interesting that from this angle, the most unusual aspect of the hatband is not even noticeable.

        And by the way, what did you mean in that other post about seeing my studio? Much as I would love to impress, I must confess that all of my creative pastimes get done at random locations around my ordinary suburban home!

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