This Week’s Extras

Crown Princess Masako in a white hat with trilby style brim and wide green patterned hatband at the national youth farmers summit on October 24, 2017 in Kochi and a white silk hat with kettle brim and double hatband at the GEA (Global Environment Action) International Conference on October 26, 2017 in Tokyo

Oct 24, 2017 | Royal Hats   Oct 26, 2017 | Royal Hats

The Duchess of York in a colourful headscarf to provide micro credit development support in Uganda

Grand Duke Henri in a military uniform beret while visiting Luxembourg forces deployed in Lithuanian this week

Sweet snap of Crown Princess Victoria with a cosy hatted Princess Estelle (Swedish Monarchy)

The wonderful hat Queen Máxima wore in Eemnland this week- while it really looked to be a repeat of the 2012 Prinsjesdag hat…

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

…our good friend Josine over at Mode Koningin Maxima noticed a bow separating the two designs. Milliner Fabienne Delvigne confirmed the two hats are in fact, different (with slightly different crown shapes). The whole thing leaves me scratching my own head and asking, WHY?

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Prinesjesdag, Sep 18, 2012
 and  Visit to Eemnland, Oct 24, 2017

The new hat designs which caught my eye this week include:

Spectacular lace headdress from Canadian milliner David Dunkley
Pink teardrop percher with signature flower trim from Tasmania based Cessiah Alice Millinery
Interesting black pillbox from Australian brand Murley & Co. Millinery with oversized dahlias… all in leather
Wide brimmed sky blue straw fedora with exquisite flying crane trim from Australian brand Jill and Jack Millinery

And these stunning autumnal fedoras with  feathered hatbands from Jane Taylor. Adore this use of feather trim.

 Royal Hats

Lovely new pictures of Princess Elisabeth released by the Belgian monarchy for her 16th birthday this week (swipe or scroll right to see second picture)

Princess Charlene looked absolutely stunning in a Ralph Lauren gown Wednesday night in Beverly Hills at the 2017 Princess Grace Awards Gala

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

More lovely gowns in Norway for the annual Stortingsmiddag dinner. Queen Sonja’s frock is an unexpectedly beautiful complement to her emerald parure.


 Photos from The Asahi Shimbun, Kyodo News  via Getty; social media as indicated

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. ~I look forward every week to seeing which new hat designs you will feature, HQ. This week’s are lovely as always.
    ~Charlene’s minimal classic looks are the perfect visual palate cleanser. Timeless.
    ~Q Maxima’s two near identical hats can only be explained, in my mind, by the two outfits being different colours. I’m guessing that Maxima wanted an exact match for the 2017 outfit, and the older hat didn’t fit the bill. Maxima may be quite awake to “matching” hats that don’t exactly match — I know I am.
    It would of course be a lot simpler to forgo seeking a matching hat – but, where fashion is concerned, I don’t think the simple option is high priority for Max :).

    • I guess wanting a matching color is the only explanation for a new hat. And it’s true, because I only now realize that the first hat is more of a magenta (leaning towards pink) while the second one seems a darker raspberry (with a more purple undertone). But maybe in real life the color is even more different that what we can see on screen.

      But even so, I don’t know if it really required a new hat. If she has another outfit in a slightly different shade, is she going to order a third one? It’s not like those hats are cheap!

      • Since the 2012 hat never reappeared in all these years, as far as I can tell, it is possible that something happened to the original – perhaps it became damaged or soiled, making it necessary to replace it.

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