Norwegian Visit to Ethiopia

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit arrived in Ethiopia on Monday for a two-day visit.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

While it looked like the Crown Princess had donned a pink pillbox for the couple’s official welcome yesterday from  Ethiopian President Dr. Mulatu Teshome Wirtu, a side view showed the design is actually a slim bandeau that circles her head, trimmed with three overlapping loops behind her right ear.

Nov 7, 2017 | Royal Hats Nov 7, 2017 | Royal Hats

Nov 7, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown. 
Previously Worn: the headpiece is new
I know, I know…. it’s not a real hat. It is, however, the style of millinery Princess Mette-Marit has worn for most of the past decade (for medical reasons, it is rumoured) and it simply is what it is.
Photos from Getty as indicated and Belga

12 thoughts on “Norwegian Visit to Ethiopia

  1. The reference to Jackie O causes me to wonder – was Jackie the last US. First Lady to routinely wear hats to public events? I don’t really have a stong memory of any of the suceeding ones in hats, and hat wearing in general seemed to go out of fashion in the U.S. in the 60s.

  2. At first, I thought it was a nice pillbox. then it turned out that it is actually a headband. I’m so disappointed, it’s so ugh!

  3. The headpiece looks very nice on her, the colour suits her and it even has a bit of style about it. Who knows why she doesn’t wear hats but clearly the King and Queen know and understand, otherwise I doubt she could ‘get away with it’. However, I very much dislike this dress on her. It doesn’t fit and it doesn’t flatter. I understand ‘covering up’ for cultural reasons but there are nicer ways of doing it. MM doesn’t seem to have much sense of her own (beautiful) body when she comes to choosing outfits. She’s a puzzle, indeed.

  4. I don’t expect to see her in a brimmed hat anymore, or really any hat, so these headbands are a nice compromise, whether she really can’t wear hats (although doesn’t she still wear beanies?) or just doesn’t like to wear fancy headpieces (the more likely scenario, as Glitter Girl said).

    I think she always wears these headbands well, and this one is different enough with the details; I also don’t find this that much different from some of the open crown headpieces seen on other royals, and it is quite similar to some large headbands worn by Sylvia and Victoria of Sweden. The color is what really makes this piece shine, so it is definitely a win for me.

  5. I know everyone’s condition is different, but I am going to throw in my two cents’ worth. I also have severe neck problems. I have had countless nerve blocks and interventions and medications for the condition -the result of a car accident when I was in university a hundred years ago. But – and this is the point – I still wear hats and would certainly try a small lightweight tiara if one was offered. It’s a matter of finding something light and comfortable, and, for me, this “headpiece” would easily weigh as much as a hat. I think that Mette Marit just doesn’t like hats, and so she doesn’t wear them. Shocking for us hat lovers, but there are those who don’t wear hats for that very reason. I am not criticizing this hard working Princess, just speculating that she is not a follower of this blog because she has no interest in hats!

  6. I have always liked Mette-Marit’s headbands. I think they suit her beautifully when worn well back like this, with her hair pulled back. This pretty one in flattering pink is lovely. The bows positioned below the ponytail is interesting – not sure if I’m a fan – I would like to see it from other angles.
    I was a bit surprised to see that the princess had taken the headband off in later pics….so, perhaps even a headband is not comfortable for her to wear.

  7. I quite like it. The look is very chic and it’s a good colour on her. I think we just need to get over her hat aversion because she isn’t going to start wearing picture hats again any time all ! (Le sigh)

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