Queen Elizabeth Reopens Museum Gallery

Queen Elizabeth visited The British Museum this morning to officially reopen The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of Oriental Antiquities.

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For this engagement, she repeated she repeated her boater hat in the same magenta silk wool as her coat. The lavender-grey straw base of the design is visible on the underbrim, a great touch which gives some colour and textural contrast to the piece. I’m still not a great fan of the silver straw leaf, white silk tulip and faux berry trim, although it’s current pared-down state is an improvement on it’s original fuller look.  It’s just a little too spiky and aimless for my taste.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: March 13, 2017April 17, 2015April 17, 2014
Any new thoughts about this hat on its fourth outing today?
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15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Reopens Museum Gallery

  1. I love the color and shape, and the hat trim aside, two other things I find assaulting to my eyes: the hat’s back seam is too obvious, and I think the coat is a tad sloppy.
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    • Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the rules of hat making, but since the back seam is perfectly straight and perfectly lined up with the back seam on the coat, I assumed it was done like that on purpose, and I think it looks fine!

    • The construction of HM’s hats is different from most hats I see, especially when Angela Kelly does them. Usually hats are made of one larger piece of material (whether that be a felt or a straw) molded over a hat block/blocks; with HM’s Kelly hats, they seem to be made up of multiple pieces sewn together into a 3D shape, and there is almost always a visible seam in the back. The seam does usually line up correctly, but I still find it odd compared to most designer hats I’ve seen.

      I will say the color on this is delightful, but the trim continues to perplex me; sometimes I like and sometimes I don’t. But as Matthew said, HM seems to enjoy this one.

  2. I think this hat and outfit are terrific on HM, though I agree that the trim does look rather as if some stick insects have met a sticky end — but like Shannon Conley, I do think it’s refreshing to see something other than flowers. I wonder what other milliners could have done with these spidery components……

  3. Since the trimming has been juged a bit I think this hat is fine. It’s a fab bright colour – it’s decidedly grey here in London right now, so I think this will have brightened up everybody’s day.

  4. It looks like a Christmas decoration gone badly wrong! Does HM not have any say as to the trim on her hats?

    • I don’t know, George, she’s worn it in public 4 times, which is more often than she’s worn other hats that got better “reviews” – that kind of suggests that she likes it as it is!

  5. HM looks wonderful in this color, and I’ve always liked this outfit and matching hat, despite the spiky bits looking more like they belong on a holiday tree than on a hat. I’m assuming that if it’s on its fourth wearing, it must be a favorite, so I raise a glass to the “gift package trimmed” hat!

  6. I like the hat shape and color. I think the Queen looks lovely wearing it. However, I think it is time for a re-trim.

  7. Oh I really like this hat and coat. What a great color for HM! And I really like the spiky trim! I think it makes a nice change from floofy flowers.

  8. “A little too spiky and aimless for my tastes” are the exact words I was looking for to describe this hat trim. Thank you HQ! The color is great, though and I am going to “The Jewel Vault” right now to check out that fabulous brooch!

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