Remembrance Sunday 2017- Part 2

Members of the British royal family attended the annual Remembrance Day commemoration service at  The Cenotaph at Whitehall in London yesterday. For the first time, the task of laying Her Majesty’s wreath was passed to the Prince of Wales while Queen Elizabeth watched above from a balcony in the Foreign Office.

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The Queen wore a new hat in black felt. The tall asymmetrical crown features a moulded crescent shape on the top and the brim, a short cartwheel. The hat is simply but beautifully trimmed in a black velvet hatband, black velvet brim edging and a multi-looped black felt bow at the side.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duke of Edinburgh, as his sons and grandsons, wore military uniform complete with cap.

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The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her back straw picture hat with upswept brim and oversized black ostrich feather wrapped around the crown.

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The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her wide brimmed black hat with assymetrical indented crown and upswept brim, trimmed with Philip Treacy’s signature flying loop knotted bow and slim hatband in black velvet.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Nov 11, 2012; Dec 15, 2006

The Countess of Wessex wore a new design, a black felt saucer shape with upfolded back, trimmed with a large felt bow and two black feathers. A second bow wraps around the raised back of the piece.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It appears to be a bespoke version of “Persimmon” from AW 2017
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 
Princess Alexandra repeated her black felt hat with cartwheel brim wrapped of dotted net veil and trimmed with large black velvet flower (a poppy perhaps?) with leaves.

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Designer: unconfirmed. I suspect Rachel Trevor Morgan 
Previously Worn: Jun 27, 2017
Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday 2017- Part 2

  1. HM’s hat is quite lovely and I enjoy the subtle details, especially the ridges on the top of the crown. For me, HM’s black hats have really been hit or miss, and this is a hit!

    Despite it being one of Camilla’s most repeated hats, I thought she looked especially elegant during this outing; I think her coat really helped elevate this hat, and it was nice to see her pay tribute to her father’s regiment by wearing their pin.

    Kate looks exquisite with this new hairstyle and this repeated Treacy hat, which I’ve always been surprised she hasn’t worn more often.

    I also thought Sophie looked wonderful in this new saucer cocktail hat, which pairs well with this dress. That said, I don’t think the dress was appropriate for this occasion, with the blue in it being very obvious against the all black of everyone else’s outfits.

    It’s nice to have a better view of Alexandra’s hat this time; these photos do it more justice than those from the Countess Mountbatten of Burma’s funeral. I do like this one a lot, especially with the large velvet flower, but the overall idea doesn’t stray from Alexandra’s usual hat style.

  2. Being a slow evening, I thought I’d do a little research, and I hope you don’t mind. I looked back at some past Remembrance Day hats, and discovered something rather interesting. Several hats were repeated for this November occasion.
    1974, 1975, 1982, 2002
    Embed from Getty Images
    2003, 2006
    Embed from Getty Images
    2004, 2007, 2013
    Embed from Getty Images
    A NEW one to me, from 1994
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Mind? Never! It’s interesting- the Queen never wears black hats for regular events (she has fewer black hats in rotation than Queen Maxima does!). Her black hats only come out for Remembrance Sunday and funerals so they are seldom worn. It makes sense, in light of this, that we’d see the same ones repeated at this event over the years.

      This talk of black hats is making me think we might need to delve into a few other millinery closets and look at the black hat inventories of some other queens. What do you say?

    • Jimbo, the hat worn in 1994 was 30 years old! It was worn to the funeral of the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood in 1965. Back then the pom pom on the top was much pouffier! I’ll see if I can find a pic.

      • Baxter: What a memory! I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night!
        Check out :30 and 1:30. Funeral videos are always nice at this time of year!

  3. I agree with one of the above comments that all of these hats are fantastic! Kate’s is very clean and modern and I LOVE her hair. P. Alexandra’s and Camilla’s hats look very Edwardian….wonderful!

  4. I think this is the best Remembrance Day appearance for Duchess Kate. I also like the Queen’s and Countess Sophie’s hats. However I think that Duchess Camilla’s and Princess Alexandra’s hats are not just heavy looking, but messy and old fashioned. It’s time for something new ladies!

  5. Even though nearly all the hats were repeats, I loved them all. The royal ladies all looked marvelous, and I too found the Queen wiping her eye, very touching. Great photos.

  6. I went back to the Black Hat Inventory of HM, and found FOUR very similarly shaped examples, and a close cousin with the Queen Mother funeral hat of 2002. I agree with Glitter Girl – the scale of the hat is very nice, however, I still like the 2015 Remembrance Sunday hat better. Also, the D of C looked beautiful. I’m sensing that I’ll be in the minority camp with my next comment: I don’t like the fluffy veils on many of Princess Alexandra’s hats, this black one included. Yes, they are very Edwardian and elaborate, but they appear to visually weigh her down.

  7. I do not remember a time when I adored each and every hat. In this case I certainly do. Even the one on the young Queen in the Sky ad. Hat Queen has described them all beautifully. The way she has presented this wonderful array of hats is perfect.

  8. We get to see the hats here from different angles; a bonus! They are all just right for the occasion. I agree with Glitter Girl that the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat and hairstyle are particularly fetching.

  9. My two favourite hats are Her Majesty’s (I love the scale of this hat on her) and The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat. She wears a large hat well, and her coiffure is perfection. I find the photo of the Queen dabbing her eyes very moving, as I am sure most of us do.

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