Queen Visits Hull

Queen Elizabeth paid a day visit to Hull today where she opened a new medical facility and toured a renewable energy factory. For this day trip, she wore a new hat and coat in pale blue and grey wool.

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The hat features a stepped crown, upswept brim, multi looped felt bow and spray of feathers. The use of grey felt on the upper side of the brim gives a lovely but subtle contrast to the ensemble; the addition of those three copper feathers, however, seems a little jarring in comparison. I suspect they tie into the print of the dress accompanying this coat, something we’ll have to wait and see to determine a final verdict.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: this hat is new
A quick scan through Queen Elizabeth’s other pale blue and medium blue hats shows that a vast majority of designs in this colour range are summery, straw designs so this addition of a winter in felt hat makes sense. What do you think of it?
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25 thoughts on “Queen Visits Hull

  1. I am a bit behind after several days of tech issues. For some reason, the blog would not load and if the page loaded the comments wouldn’t. I really like the orange feathers. It is a nice hint of fall to break up all the blue. The Queen does look lovely in the blue though.

  2. An highly unusual colour here,and a most welcome change from all those garish tones – perfect for an autumn day. The orange feathers bring a bit of life to the ensemble (blue and orange do go well together). A pity about the sloppy tailoring on the coat – collar, buttons. Not quite what one would expect of Mr Parvin!

  3. ER looking good! Great hat, nice coat (points deducted for the weird collar over buttons thing), beautiful colour on her … and that smile! I love the orange feathers on the hat, provide some much needed contrast (pop) to the ensemble.

  4. I really like the little orange feathers, they give the outfit that desirable touch to avoid blandness. (The thing that seems odd to me is how the collar half-covers the top buttons, rather than either covering them completely or not at all.)

  5. I really like this whole outfit, orange feathers and all, and think the color looks wonderful on HM, though possibly not bright enough to help her stand out in a crowd. The grey upper brim is a very nice touch. To me, the issue with the collar looks more like needing pressing than bad construction. I will be interested at some point to see the accompanying dress.

    Jake, can you explain a bit more about the City of Culture concept? Is there a new one chosen each year, or is it a long term appointment, and what does it entail? (Besides a visit from the Queen!)

    • Wikipedia has a succinct overview of it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_City_of_Culture), but basically it is an idea built off of Liverpool being the 2008 European Capital of Culture, to promote and improve UK cities. Derry was the first in 2013, with Hull being the second in 2017, and the next city for 2021 still being determined. HM the Queen didn’t visit Derry in 2013 (probably for a variety of reasons, most political), but it definitely brought an influx of music, theatre, etc. back into Derry, even more than it already had before 2013.

  6. I love this hat and coat. The color is lovely. The hat is all business with a good shape and a little pop of color and fun in the feathers without going overboard. The coat’s collar is a pretty shape and balances the hat brim nicely. It’s just too bad about the button placement.

  7. I think this is a great new hat to add to the rotation! A classic shape, but the color is one we don’t see very often, and I, for one, love the orange feathers to contrast with the powder blue (granted, orange and blue is one of my favorite color combos, so there’s my bias). The first few photos I saw of this hat did not give me a view of the topside of the brim, so I was surprised later to see it on The Royal Family’s Instagram; interestingly in those photos, I thought it looked like charcoal grey sinamay straw rather than felt. Hopefully RTM will be able to shed some more light soon in an Instagram post! (assuming this is a RTM creation, which I can’t imagine it’s anyone else!)

    • I did forget to say I wasn’t surprised to see a new hat on this visit to the UK City of Culture. This distinction is a big deal; I revisited Derry, Northern Ireland in 2013 when it was the first UK City of Culture, and it was great to see how they were taking advantage of that (not to mention things had changed quite a bit since I was previously there in 2008).

  8. Love this hat, the trim, the colours, the coat, everything. A delightfully nuanced topper for HM, well done Ms.Trevor Morgan! (I agree with mrfitsroyobe about the execution of the coat, and the pretty orange feathers do have the unfortunate side-effect of highlighting my pet peeve — that orange foundation – however these minor points don’t detract from the success of this winter delight. I am even betting on more wearings this season :).

  9. I like this outfit, and I hope it’ll replace the much worn outfit debuted at Prince George’s christening in the rotation. I rather like the orange feathers, they give a bit of contrast. A good addition.

  10. “Stewart Parvin Air Force Blue cashmere coat over a silk print dress in Air Force blue, black and orange with a matching hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan,” per the Press Association.

    Mr Fitzroy just loves HM in Air Force, or Wedgwood blue, it is such a marvelous color for her. At first glance, this seemed to be an Angela Kelly ensemble, based on the details….the binding trim of the hat brim looks a bit unevenly attached and borderline puckery in places, and the coat, bless Mr Parvin’s heart, is not to his usual standards (or has been badly pressed) the collar falls strangely on the top buttons, and the rest of the buttons look slightly off and droopy.
    Still, those are minor qualms. When Queen Elizabeth looks so vibrant and engaged, it’s always a pleasure to see her radiant smile!
    But as fail safe and pluperfect as Ms.Trevor Morgan and Mr. Parvin usually are, it feels like they are a tiny notch off here….
    Now, to watch for the dress to appear at an investiture or other ‘at home’ daytime occasion!

    • I too am surprised to see that the coat is by Mr. Parvin. There’s something a bit off with that collar. But as you said, HM looks wonderful.

  11. I really love this one! I have to disagree with you, Hat Lady, as I think the little orange feathers add the perfect touch of contrast…just enough. 🙂

  12. Very nice all around, but it’s just more of the same. It’s always nice to see new things worn, but to be perfectly honest, I’d be equally as happy if HM reached further back in the closet and retrieved some long-neglected ensembles – many deserve more wearings, IMO.

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