Monaco National Day 2017 Part I

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene celebrated Monaco’s national holiday yesterday as in years past, attending mass at the Cathedral of Monaco, reviewing troops in the courtyard of the royal palace and appearing on the palace balcony.

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Princess Charlene wore a new hat in navy felt with a short crown and gently sloped cartwheel brim. In several photos, the hat looks to be a boater but it has a very slight dome on the crown along with its pitched brim

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Navy lining on the collar of the luxurious Akris coat ties the navy hat, gloves and shoes together. I wasn’t initially sold on the cobalt and navy combination but the more I looked at photos, the more I began to adore the subtle contrast which creates a harmonious ensemble and a far more sophisticated and chic look than would have been achieved with higher contrast accessories. And the TILT of that hat?! Swoon. The placement is sheer perfection.

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Designer: Gallia e Peter based in Milan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella joined their parents on the balcony, providing adorable photos and a few more angles to view Princess Charlene’s wonderful hat.

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We see so many beautifully embellished hats on royal heads, it’s nice to see one every once in a while that relies entirely on colour, shape and scale to stun. I think this one really delivers- what’s your verdict?
Stay tuned later today when we look at the hats worn by extended members of the Grimaldi family
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15 thoughts on “Monaco National Day 2017 Part I

  1. Despite being such a simple hat, it is well made, and the jaunty angle gives it the correct attitude to elevate it from boring to fantastic. I like the pairing of the navy blue hat with the cobalt blue coat; what I’m less thrilled about are the navy gloves and shoes, which are different shades of navy from each other, as well as the hat. I understand trying to coordinate blues, but this is mixing too many together in my opinion, and keeps this whole ensemble from truly shining in a way more contrasting (colorwise) shoes and gloves would do.

  2. Very nice and well done Charlene. While both hat and coat are quite simple, not to say severe, the colour of the coat creates a joyfulness that the angle of the hat then echoes. A fine example of when each part of an ensemble works quietly together to create a cohesive, and very satisfying, whole.

  3. This may be a new personal best for Princess Charlene! MrFitzroy especially loves the way, in the photo together with Prince Albert — that while not an exact match — Charlene’s ensemble restates Albert’s uniform colors in a very subtle way. It wasn’t really even noticeable watching the live feed coverage yesterday, but is apparent in the still photos. Well done all!

  4. I love this hat – the shape, the angle, the color. I didn’t notice the lining on the collar matched the hat and other accessories until I read the post, but now I like it even more. Charlene can really pull off simple and elegant.

  5. I love that hat, and I think she looks fantastic. I wasn’t sold on the coat either initially, but I like it the more I look at it.

  6. After looking at the pix of Princess Charlene when she is by herself, specially the 4th one, I think I’m in love! The color combination, hat angle, simple style, and everything else is superb! Mcncln, thanks for the video! Not only was the princess regal and lovely, I enjoyed the men’s singing, also.

  7. I love this hat. It’s simplicity seems so Charlene and it’s worn perfectly. And what a glorious combination with the bright blue/navy coat and gloves. Swoon.

  8. It’s quite chic and all, but I don’t know, I feel a bit underwhelmed by it all. I love velvet as a rule but even that isn’t making me love it. Hmm.

  9. At first glance I want to say that the hat looks a tad big, and that velvet is a fabric which doesn’t hold its shape well enough to be used in suiting. On second glance I want to say, you wear your hat any way you want, girl; and why NOT a velvet coat? Charlene has a way of convincing me that what she is wearing is the modern essence of traditional couture, even as she quietly subverts the classics. Genius.
    Charlene is at 0:10, and 0:53 – 1:06 in this video

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