Danish Queen Embarks on State Visit to Ghana

Queen Margrethe arrived in Ghana late last night to begin a five day state visit to Ghana. For her arrival, she repeated a hat with white straw brim and navy rounded straw crown with wide navy hatband, flat navy side bow and two white feather spines. It’s an attractive, high contrast hat I’m surprised we’ve not seen Margrethe wear more often.

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Nov 2, 2009; likely others
For today’s official welcome to the West African nation, the Danish Queen repeated her pink straw hat with tapered crown and gently upswept brim.

It’s a simple hat made successful with the pink silk brim edge and hatband, both of which are piped in a slim stripe of white that adds a punchy touch of sharp tailoring to the design.

 Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen. White silk flowers by Danish fleuriste Effi Pingel
Previously Worn: July 15, 2017
It’s not the most memorable hat in Queen Margrethe’s closet but the scale, shape and that good bit of contrast add up to this being a fine working hat. What do you think of it on its second outing?
Photos from Sarah Christine Nørgaard viaScanpix and Christian Thompson via AP

11 thoughts on “Danish Queen Embarks on State Visit to Ghana

  1. Beautiful hats and outfits both, though I agree with mcncln that the off-white of the navy/white hat does jar somewhat against the purer white of the suit. Regarding “Designer: unknown. White silk flowers by Danish fleuriste Effi Pingel”, HatQueen, I’m curious as to how you discovered that!

  2. I agree, both of these hats are stylish and suit the Queen well.
    I especially like the unconventional trim of the navy-and-white hat — its crisp stripped spines, and the unusual height of the glossy hatband (and of the pearl hat pins!) The offwhite of the straw brim is a flattering tint for Margrethe; but too bad that it clashes with the brighter white of the blouse, wrap, skirt and handbag- – which makes it look old and discoloured by contrast.
    Another closeup here: https://www.graphic.com.gh/images/bawumia4.jpg

  3. Both of these hats are quite attractive on Margrethe and definitely deserve another outing. While both hats clearly coordinate with their corresponding outfit, each one could easily go with something else. A great start to this visit!

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