Princess Laurentien Visits Japan

Princess Laurentien wrapped up a two day visit to Japan today. Yesterday, she and Princess Kiko were in Nagasaki where they visited Hypocenter Park, Atomic Bomb Museum, and remembered Dutch prisoners of WWII at Kashiwa Camp and Inaza Sosuji International Cemetery, For these events, Princess Laurentien wore a grey felt cloche with a slim charcoal hatband and feather dahlia bloom at the side. Princess Kiko repeated a navy hat with short upturned kettle brim and pleated navy hatband.

Nov 23, 2017 | Royal Hats Nov 23, 2017 | Royal Hats

Nov 23, 2017 in Fabiana Filippi | Royal Hats Nov 23, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designers: Princess Laurentien’s hat is by Fabiana Filippi Ready To Wear; Princess Kiko’s hat is unknown
Previously Worn: Princess Laurentien’s hat is new. Princess Kiko’s hat was worn January 26, 2016

Today’s, the princesses were joined by Prince Akishino for a programme that included opening a new bridge, a ceremony to celebrate the restoration of Dejima Kaimonbashi (Dejima Former Dutch Trading Post) and visits to the Ceramic Bureau and  ceramic technology center in Arita. Princess Laurentien repeated her tan straw pillbox hat with feather trim. a hat that made an unexpectedly wonderful match to her Etro embroidered coat. Princess Kiko surprised in a vibrant royal blue ensemble with hat in her signature shape- boxy, rounded crown and short, upturned kettle brim. While I’d love to see Kiko branch out and try a few different hat shapes, her venture out in saturated colour today leaves me smiling.

Nov 24, 2017 in Eudia | Royal Hats

Designer of Princess Laurentien’s hat: Eudia 
Previously Worn: September 16, 2014
Designer of Princess Kiko’s hat: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Thoughts about this quartet of hats in Japan yesterday and today?
Photos from Kyodo News via Getty; Asahi; Kyodo News and Kyodo News via Getty; Asahi; social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “Princess Laurentien Visits Japan

  1. When Laurentien gets it right, she gets it right! I love this little grey cloche for her, and it works so well with her short hair. And that coat with the dotted ombre detailing is fantastic (also, those heels, what? Awesome!). Kiko looked fine, but very predictable.

    Last time we saw this structured beret on Laurentien, I had reservations about it. But this outing proved it can be quite successful; this coat was a fabulous choice for this hat, something I would not have chosen myself. Brava! Again, the hat shape is nothing new for Kiko, but a bolder and more saturated color on her is nice to see since she often goes for navy blue or pastels.

  2. suggests that P Laurentien’s grey hat is by Fabiano Filippi, and that the princess added the flower trim. A front view here: To me the hat is somewhat casual, and the trim looks dated. I would have preferred to see something more structured, to echo the strong lapels of the gorgeous coat.
    Laurentien’sr feathered straw hat is fabulous, but I think it looked better as worn on the previous occasion — with a lower neckline.
    Princess Kiko’s bright blue hat is one of her best hats ever, a great look.

  3. Laurentien’s clothes are usually a miss with me, but these two outfits aren’t bad. It is certainly not my taste in clothes or hats, but they work here. She looks nicely turned out. I Princess Kiko in the royal blue! Bravo! I want more like this!

    • My thought exactly. I really like the cloche on her especially. I like Kiko’s Nagasaki better than the other one; they’re both standard looks for her. Both of Laurentien’s looks are quite nice.

  4. I think this is possibly the best Laurentien has looked. The hats are wonderful on her and they go well with the coats. I suspect she is often overshadowed by the fabulous Maxima, but she can definitely hold her own. I will definitely be seeing what Laurentien wears in the future.

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