Luxembourg State Visit to Japan

Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg arrived in Japan today for a three day state visit.

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For the official welcome, Empress Michiko  ventured away from of her usual grey toward some colour! She topped her muted canteloupe (or peach? pumpkin? amber?) orange silk suit with a matching saucer hat trimmed in a folded bow. The high-sheen silk on the bow links with a panel of the same fabric on her jacket, drawing the pieces together and making a characteristically unified ensemble. While there’s nothing surprising about the saucer shape, the change of colour is a welcome one.

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Princess Alexandra stepped in for her mother (whose fear of flying prevented her from making the long trip) in a white suit with a feathered bandeau headpiece worn on the back of her head as a calot. It’s a more demure look than we’re used to on the young princess, likely chosen to fit with the Imperial Royal Family’s fairly conservative style. The most exciting thing about this headpiece is that it is same one that Princess Tessy wore in June 2013 for Luxembourg National Day, making me strongly suspect that it originated in the Grand Duchess’ closet.



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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 23, 2013 by Princess Tessy 
Crown Princess Masako topped her royal blue coat with a matching hat. There are many things to like here- the hat’s wide black hatband coordinates beautifully with the black velvet collar and cuffs on Masako’s coat and the colour is SO lovely on her. I’d much prefer sharper lines on the hat (I’m not such a fan of the thick, curved brim  and a slightly different shape (nix the the slightly bulbous crown) but will settle for contentment over the saturated colour, which carries the piece.
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  January 26, 2016
It’s always nice to see the Imperial royal ladies venture out a bit with their millinery choices- what do you think of this trio of hats today in Tokyo?
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7 thoughts on “Luxembourg State Visit to Japan

  1. It’s fantastic to see the Empress out in a color she doesn’t wear very often (a similar shade to this has a houndstooth hat and outfit companion); I wanna describe this color as “dusty rose terracotta” haha, but it certainly is difficult to pin down as some photos it looks more pink, and in others more orange. At any rate, the Empress looks wonderful!

    I’m not often a fan of this style of hat, but Alexandra styled this feathered bandeau hat so well and does it justice. She definitely is channeling the 1950s, but it doesn’t come off as being too costumey. I also agree that this choice of headwear seems to be in honor of the hosts, who are much more demure with their hats.

    I’m glad to see Masako in this hat again, and the clasp on this coat is still a great detail that elevates this look above others. Brava!

  2. Normally I’d be thinking that Alexandra should get herself a proper hat, but this headpiece is substantial enough and elegant enough that I think it works really very well with her suit to create a classic look very suitable for the occasion of a state visit. Lovely colour on Masako and a nice change on the Empress.

  3. Princess Alexandra’s hat and outfit are elegant. Empress Michiko’s orange and CP Masako’s blue sort of combine to create the colors of Nassau. Not sure if that was intended.

  4. Princess Alexandra looks like an elegant 1960’s Lady. Very chic. I remember my older sister wearing such hats then. It is wonderful to see the Crown Princess in that beautiful shade of blue that she wears so well, and the Empress looks lovely in that shade – whatever it is!

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