Danish Crown Princely Couple at Copenhagen Cathedral

Ongoing commemorations for this year’s 500th anniversary of the Reformation continued with a church service on Sunday at the Copenhagen Cathedral attended by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. For the event, Princess Mary repeated her navy felt cloche hat with upturned brim, trimmed with a wide, pleated, monochrome hatband and cluster of felt leaves and flowers at the side. It’s a simple hat that Mary wears well and that paired nicely with her grey wrap coat.

Designer: likely Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Sep 17, 2011
This hat has not been worn in more than six years- any thoughts about seeing it again this week?
Photos from social media as indicated

12 thoughts on “Danish Crown Princely Couple at Copenhagen Cathedral

  1. This is a much better ensemble than the last time (which I had previously put out of my mind haha), but I’ll never be a fan of these coats that rely solely on a tie to keep them closed as opposed to buttons; it looks like a bathrobe to me. The hat is quite nice and glad to see it back out again after so many years.

    • Jake, I agree with you about the bathrobe look! That style of coat is pretty timeless, with the possible exception of the length. Diana wore a very similar one on her first trip to Wales in late 1981, and later had it converted to double-breasted. I can’t post the photos here because they’re not properly sourced, but if you sneak on over to my Pinterest board matthew951/royal-multiples/, you will see both versions of the coat side-by-side. (They appear to be different colors in those photos, but people who wrote about Diana’s clothing at the time confirmed that it was the same coat.)

      Perhaps Princess Mary will someday have hers remodeled as well!

  2. HQ, how in the world do you manage to keep track when a hat hasn’t appeared for six years?! In any case, it’s a nifty hat and does indeed pair well with the grey coat.

  3. I think the pairing of this hat with this coat is better than the last time she wore it. It seems more of a dressy hat to me than a casual hat. Last time with the pants/trousers it was more of a casual outfit.

  4. Agreed, it’s a lovely hat that goes well with the coat. If I was wearing something that had not been seen in more than six years, you can bet that it got shoved to the back of the closet and was accidentally found while looking for something else! Hopefully royals keep better track of their clothing. I too would be interested in the article mentioned by Karin.

    Can anyone explain why the Danish people are making such a big deal about the anniversary of the Reformation? I have even looked it up online, and it appears that the events of 500 years ago are very much associated with other countries, so I’m confused about this.

    • While the Reformation began in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands (and a little later in England), the state churches of Scandinavia are all Lutheran and the populations of these countries largely adhere to Lutheranism (that is, if they identify as religious, and while many do not, they might still be “culturally” Lutheran, in the way one can be culturally Catholic, Mennonite, Jewish, Muslim, etc.); Germany and the Netherlands are much more pluralistically religious today compared to Scandinavia, and Switzerland is largely Reformed/Calvinistic as opposed to Lutheran. This is why the Reformation is being celebrated so heavily in Denmark, etc. Hopefully that makes things a little clearer! 🙂

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