Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1986 when Princess Anne visited the East Midlands International Airport in a white trilby variation with saucy upturned brim and red feather trim.

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8 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Heavens above. This hat looks like one of those moulded party hats for wearing to lunch on Christmas Day. All that’s missing is the giant sprig of holly and tinsel trim. This is taking the December theme of red and white too far 😦
    But still, a trilby is a good style and fluffy textures are currently having a moment. Anne should dust off this hat, remove the red band and the feathers that look as if they have spent too long packed in a plastic bag, and add a smart WIDE band in burgundy or grape – and presto – a hat completely on trend.

  2. I love the suit. he hat not so much. It does need like it needs a good steaming and not great quality but who knows, maybe could have been worn less tilted. The black gloves definitely stand out too much. White or red would have been much better.

  3. The comments about the age of the suit have caused me to have the following thought: It’s interesting that when the “senior citizen” royals, especially the queens, wear something old or even clearly outdated style-wise, we are more likely to say that they had found their desired fashion image in the past and are sticking to it through the years, but when a middle-aged or younger royal does the same, they are more strongly criticized for being unstylish. Interesting!

    Regarding the hat, I agree with Glitter Girl that it looks like felt, which would have been fine for December, nevertheless I find the white color of the hat with the black gloves a little jarring. The decoration is growing on me, though it does indeed look like it was accidentally flattened, but on the whole, I do like the fur hat from the earlier outing much better with this suit than this white one. Oddly, in April she could have worn the white felt hat with white gloves (I think?), while the fur hat would have looked better in December with the black ones.

  4. I actually like the curly adornment on this hat. The wire inside the brim’s edge could have been straightened a little better, though.
    Our favorite royal recycler is wearing a suit which is at least 8 years old, with a fur hat the first time out!
    April 20, 1978
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. I think, though the hat may be less than perfectly constructed and the trim less than elegant, that the hatt looks very well on the princess. The suit, though perhaps not considered stylish at the time, has stood the test of time. Red was a good color for her.

  6. I am trying to figure out what the hat is made out of. Is it some kind of felt? The trim really is dreadful. All in all not a good look. However she does look good in red.

  7. I think someone had sat on her hat! This is the problem with Anne – she was still wearing her 70s clothes in the 80s, and we all know how uncool the 70s were considered then (personal experience; I was still in my older brother’s hand me down flares when everyone else was in drainpipes!) This suit would be cool now, but back then is the reason why Anne was considered so unfashionable.

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