British Royals Attend Grenfell Tower Memorial

The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry gathered at St. Paul’s Cathedral this morning to attend a national memorial service for the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy which claimed 71 lives back in June.

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For this event, the Duchess of Cornwall repeated her black wool hat with ruched crown and faux-fur cuff brim. This design is not my favourite hat paired with her striking grey and black coat (I’d have preferred she repeat this one instead) but I see the rationale for choosing a less formal, comfortable and accessible-to-everyone style of hat for this event.

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The Duchess of Cambridge wore a variation on a wide brimmed fedora with characteristically relaxed curved brim. In navy blue felt, the hat’s smoothly rounded crown shape is a step more formal than the pinched crown of a traditional fedora and the silk hatband adds a polished touch with subtle sheen. The scale, shape and colour really are great on Kate and the hat pairs beautifully with her pleated Carolina Hererra coat. Again- the look is slightly less formal but so well suited to this particular event.

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Designer: unconfirmed. I agree with one reader who speculates it is a bespoke version of the Lock & Co ’Clyde’ fedora from AW 2016
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Dressing for such sensitive events can not be an easy task and I think both Duchesses did a fine job here. What do you think of Kate’s new hat?
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15 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Grenfell Tower Memorial

  1. Honestly I’m disappointed in Catherine’s hat. The crown is fine, but I miss the elegant arabesque, the swoop which we normally see in a wide brim. This brim is bent in an odd way, with 2 distinct bend lines on either side of her face, making the hat look as if it it had got squashed on the hat shelf with the front of the brim tucked under – something that I recognise, I am sorry to admit, from experience with my my own hats. Perhaps the kids took it and bent it on the day, and there was no time to get it professionally pressed back to shape?….when we see it again, I’ll be looking to see if the brim looks different.
    Camilla’s “Russian”-style hat has proved to be a workhorse, due I think to its formal/ informal versatility. I’ve always liked it with this tried-and-true “folk”- inspired ensemble with the knee boots and bordered coat.
    As you say HQ, its is simple hats like these — go-to classics, with a softer look, which can be dressed up or down– which help to distinguish sad events like this one from the round of annual formalities,

  2. Both hats are fine and suitable for the occasion, I’m not that excited about either of them tbh. Camilla’s hat, coat and boots combo is good. Catherine’s coat displeases me, though. I think it’s the side flaps – they’re clearly not pockets so why are there? I can just about live with the double row of brass buttons thanks to the military look to the collar. But IMHO she’d be better in something sleeker (ie, without so much detailing) and a touch longer.

  3. I think overall both outfits are successful, but I don’t warm to either hat. Camilla’s hat of itself is really very informal – practically country-walk-type informal – but somehow the coat manages to lend the hat the right degree of formality. I think Kate looks as good as possible in this style of hat, but I just don’t like the style much!

  4. I agree with all that both ladies hit the right tone for the sober occasion. The D of Ca has found a good solid style here.

  5. Low key looks that balance well a royal outing at St. Paul’s and not looking to be above the people of the Grenfell tragedy.

    I will say though I disagree calling Kate’s hat a fedora with that style of crown combined with the all downturned brim. Regardless, it’s a nice easy addition to the hat rotation that can work for many occasions.

      • Yes, if the crown shape was different it would be a fedora, but with this crown it’s more of a cartwheel/mushroom/simple portrait hat, or just simply a woman’s wide brimmed hat. I don’t know if there really is a specific name beyond that, but if it’s based off the Lock & Co. design, then I would say fedora could be acceptable. Maybe I’m just being too picky haha. 😉

        • !! Sometimes, hats defy a specific name or fall between definitions (like bumper hats worn as calots. Are they a bumper or a calot?! AARGH!). In this case, because the designer called it a fedora, I went with “Fedora variation”. Whatever we call it, consensus is that that it was a great success on Kate!

  6. Hi all. I know this is a big call but I have never seen The Duchess of Cambridge in a nicer hat than this…seriously, this suits her to a T. I dont think she always looks comfortable in a hat but this is absolutely lovely and perfect for her. Perfect for her and perfect for the occassion. The softness is evident making people feel relaxed around her…it is not too formal which would have.. perhaps..created an us and them vibe. The size and proportion are perfect and the colour lovely on her. I just think she absolutely chose so well. From top to toe, hat and all. I am over here in Aus but the thought of the fate that befell those people is beyond comprehension. I remember the broadcasts and the shot of the gutted building is still so so powerful. Utter horror. I am so glad that the Royals showed up and truly hope they provided a sense of solidarity and comfort and solace to the bereaved. Their presence would have comforted me. Many thanks.

  7. Both ladies did a fine job with their hat choices and overall outfits. Somber to mark the occasion, but approachable to the public. My monitor reads black for all the gents and ladies but I do believe that they’re wearing navy blue. Ah, technology…isn’t it great? It used to be waiting for the pictures to be published by the newspapers or magazines and now we get everything in real-time. Love Kate’s new hat and I think it’s a Lock and Company product, also.

    • SoCal, I agree about the black vs navy blue for both the men and women — I am seeing both, depending on which device I look at, and also between the outdoor and indoor photos.

      Regarding the comparison with the Duchess of Cornwall’s other hat worn previously with this coat, the previous one, though dark in color, is larger and much more ostentatious. I think this one hit just the right note for a memorial service in a church.

      Regarding the Duchess of Cambridge, I often feel like she dresses as if it’s all about her, but in this case she is perfectly attired for the type of event. Looking at the linked tweet, it does seem likely that the hat is from Lock & Company, though in my opinion it is more likely the second hat in the tweet rather than the first.

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