This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Carina Axelssohn shared this snap taken with her dogs on a mountain walk last Sunday in a fuzzy faux fur hat

Sweet red double hair bow for Princess Estelle on Thursday to receive the Swedish royal family’s Christmas trees along with her mum and brother (Swedish Royal Court). She also wore a glittery hairbow and feather boa to a pantomime theatre performance yesterday.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Australia on Tuesday in sporty hats for a sailing race

Princess Yoko in a black bumper hat at a Dec 5 memorial for the late Prince Mikasa (Imperial Family of Japan)

June is such a busy month here at Royal Hats, it’s no wonder we missed Princess Nobuko paying a visit to the JS Takanami. Her hat, a wide brimmed white straw design, has an unusually shaped brim and looks to be embellished with some sort of net tulle wrap and a bow at the back. It’s a unique shape for an Imperial royal hat. 

Kensington Palace confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend church with the Queen and royal family on Christmas morning. For those of you waiting for Meghan’s first royal hat, I suspect that will be it. Also- mark your calendars for May 19 and hope for a daytime wedding. Daytime = HATS!!

New millinery designs shared this week that stand out to me include:

British millinery Stephen Jones pushes creativity again with this hat made of 35mm film
Lovely loden green felt fedora with a delicious hit of fuschia from Goldust Millinery
Red straw statement hat with floral appliques and pleated pink crin halo brim from With Grace Millinery
Beautiful white straw wide brimmed hat covered in beaded black applique from Nerida Fraiman
Yellow and green crystal tipped feather fascinator from California based
Stunning royal blue fedora/pork pie hybrid (that looks far better than it sounds!) from Susanne Juul
The navy straw-base cocktail hat with twists, veil and jewelled button by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
worn by J.K. Rowling on Tuesday
to receive the Companion of Honour at Buckingham Palace

And this stunning dark plum fedora with floral embroidered applique by British Layla Leigh Millinery

 Royal Hats

Sneek peek at the Spanish royal family’s Christmas photo card

Princess Charlene shared the sweetest holiday snap of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, taken by Vanessa Von Zitzewitz

New pictures released this week of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, including a sweet snap of the Grand Duchess with her pups

Princess Martha Louise of Norway posted this Christmas wish, showing her great sense of humour (and a touching reminder that royals deal with many of the same life challenges as the rest of us)

A stunning new portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh painted by Australian born artist Ralph Heimans for an exhibition at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in Demark

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Shanon, I thought the Nerida Fraiman hat was stunning, also. I think Princess Haya could rock this hat in a big way! I also liked the royal blue fedora/pork pie hybrid. Maybe Duchess Kate could do the honors here. All the Christmas pictures are beautiful, especially when young children are involved/included. I really love the annual video from CP Victoria and Daniel! Mr. Heiman’s portrait of the Duke is one of his best, methinks. I am not as enthralled by his portrait of the queen and Mary though those are very thought provoking. He just captured the Duke’s personality so well in his expression here.

  2. Ok, I’ve changed my mind. I commented last week that the Karen Henriksen hat is well suited for Meghan Markle to wear, but now I think the Stephen Jones 35mm film hat would be awesome on her!

    The “Beautiful white straw wide brimmed hat covered in beaded black applique from Nerida Fraiman” is just STUNNING! I would love to see The Countess of Wessex or Princess Haya wear that to Ascot. Actually, Ascot is too far away. I’m hoping for someone to wear it to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

    I quite like the “Yellow and green crystal tipped feather fascinator.” I think it would be fun on Princess Beatrice or Zara Tindall.

    I absolutely loved the hat and outfit J.K. Rowling wore this week. She looks sublime.

    Finally, Princess Estelle is a DELIGHT! My greatest wish is for one of my sons to marry her 😉

    • I agree about the appliqued white Nerida Fraiman. It makes me think of the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. I think you’ve picked two royals who would wear it beautifully.

      JKR wears this cocktail hat beautifully!

  3. You’ve found gorgeous new hats again, HQ. I’m especially loving the applique ones.
    I hope Prince Philip, CP Mary of Denmark and The Queen truly like Ralph Heimans’ portraits of themselves – I certainly do. I’m intrigued by Mr Heiman’s portraits and social observation pieces in which the environment is a significant element of the story of the subject’s personality. Fascinating.

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