Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 1912 and a group of royal siblings (minus their youngest brother) in hats. King George and Queen Mary’s children from left to right are: Prince George (future Duke of Kent), Prince Albert (future King George VI), Princess Mary, Prince Edward (future King Edward XIII) and Prince Henry (future Duke of Gloucester).

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7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Another Balmoral photoshoot from this era — the royal family at that time clearly believed that Balmoral was a photo opportunity not to be missed:).
    How shiny their shoes are (by today’s standards)! The POW looks as if he is making a huge effort not to laugh. All of them look amused — I wonder whether the boys at that age thought it funny to have to wear a kilt and sporran.
    Interestingly, Mary’s outfit has all the elements of today’s girls’ private school uniform — bar what to our eyes are the odd proportions of the suit, the height of the shirt collar, and the decidedly un-schoolgirl-like hat. As we see today with modern royal teenagers, Mary is at that age perplexing to mothers, who don’t want to dress their daughter like an adult, but also don’t want to keep dressing her like a child. The woman’s hat, placed atop Mary’s schoolgirl hairstyle, but supported by a woman’s pompadour frame, is, I’m guessing, there to add an “adult” effect.
    I only just discovered that the pompadour frame, nestling in the hair atop the head, is what causes this style of hat to appear to float. Quite a bit of effort, and hair pins, and hatpins would have been involved. No wonder this way of wearing hats has not been revived.

  2. Wonderful photo. Princess Mary was younger than two of her brothers, but clearly had her growth spurt before they did. She would have been 15 in this, which was apparently old enough to put her in adult clothing.

  3. I do think Princess Mary has the nicest hat of the group, even if it does have a touch of the hovering UFO about it.
    Interesting to note that the future Edward VIII as the then Prince of Wales is wearing the Prince of Wales tartan – unlike all his siblings who are wearing… er, Balmoral? Royal Stuart?

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