Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to an event, 45 years ago this year, held at the Garden Club de Monaco. Princess Grace attended in a memorably oversized white tam ‘o shanter style hat.

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12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I don’t particularly mind the original idea. Reminds me of medieval hats. But those for men as you can see in this image.
    The hat was meant to look shapeless, some structure could have worked better.

  2. For me, the only thing that beats a beret, is an oversized beret. I am irredeemably in love with this hat style, in fact I have never not had an oversized tam-o-shanter in my hat wardrobe.
    Too bad that Grace’s tam is dinged in at the back. and collapsed on to her neck, like someone sat on it — that should never happen :((((
    I love that Grace always wore the very latest in hat trends. Did anyone else notice the gloves? (zoom in on pics 1 and 2) they seem to have metallic gold birds, or leaf buds, sewn onto them. Faaaabulous. If only beaded gloves would come back into vogue…

  3. Is that a piece of jewellery – a brooch – on the hat? I’ve looked at the original and it may be, but it’s hard to tell. The hat’s a bit ridiculous, but it was the 70s and there were more than enough bad hats to go round.

  4. Another shot in her Chanel suit.

    She wore the same ensemble at the opening of the Munich Olympics in 1972.

    Here, she is without the enormous hat or coat:

    • Is that the same hat at the Olympics? If so, it’s draped a little better. In the photos of HQ’s original post, my first reaction was that it was the sort of thing you might put on your head to disguise a really bad hair day!

  5. Obviously that’s ridiculous, Bit isn’t it the height of 70s fabulousness. She looks like an extra from The Towering Inferno!

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