Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to an interesting black and white hat worn by Empress Michiko. Date unknown.

10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. The look may be a bit dated on some level, but it’s oh so modern at the same time! I love how the Empress has long rocked the percher style in her own unique way.

  2. Truly amazing hat. Very bold with that pointed front sitting right between the eyebrows – we can see that the Empress liked hats that cover her forehead even then.
    From this angle I like it, but I wish we could see the front view as well. I’m not sure whether, with this placement, the boundary line between the black and white sections of the hat would look flattering from the front – the line would divide her head into 2 equal parts directly along the natural centreline of her head – possibly a very severe look. A traditional side-angled placement would probably look a lot softer..

  3. I love this presentation. Empress Michiko has the style and grace of royalty. I like the shape of the hat, its positioning and its scale. I am not sold on the black and white. I think it distracts a little.

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