Dutch Queen Opens Bio Fair

Queen Máxima was in Zwolle this morning to officially open a bio fair. For this engagement, she wore a new hat in dark green felt with upswept ‘slice’ brim trimmed with a Petersham ribbon hatband and side bow.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

There should be lots to like about this hat- it’s a tried and true shape on Queen Máxima and adds a third design to the small shelf of green hats in her millinery closet. There are a few quibbles, however- the brim fold creating the upswept brim shape is less refined than other hats in this same shape and makes the hat, from some angles at least, look a little lumpy.
Embed from Getty Images
Not all shades of green work together and I don’t like the dark teal undertones of this hat paired with the brighter, emerald hued dress. The vibrant bluey-purple coat saves the ensemble with unexpected contrast but when removed, the dress and coat don’t make the greatest of pairings.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Máxima has so few green hats that I want to like this one- perhaps with a different outfit? What do you think of this new green hat?
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31 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Bio Fair

  1. I guess that as this was an organic event, green more or less the inevitable choie. But in no way can the dress and hat be termed “a harmonious combination”. I wonder what went wrong! Maxima’s taste is usually flawless…

  2. I’m late to the party but I just love these hats on Queen Max! However, this one is a bit squished I think and does look off! I’ve always loved blue and green together, all the way back to the Easter I wore a Kelly green dress with a navy and white checkered coat and a navy and white hat! I was about 11 at the time but I’ll always remember that hat!

    Also, Hat Queen, you are fabulous for sharing all of this with us and thank you!

  3. I agree that the hat does not match the dress/coat combo (which is another question). I wonder what hat would look good with the dress/coat combo? A pillbox style? Would be fun to see which of her hats would go better (not suggesting more work for anybody) just an academic question –

    • She hasn’t worn this dress with other hats yet but she has a similar green silk suit that she’s worn with more neutral coloured pieces.

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  4. When I first saw these photos, I assumed that (as usual) it was my own screen that was causing the colors to look all different from one photo to the next, but based on these comments, I don’t think that is the case. I really like the combination of blue coat with green dress, but the hat does not seem to go with either of them, either by material or by color. Máxima is always so well put together that I am disappointed in this outfit — it seems like she just threw something together out of her closet without a lot of thought! (No disrespect intended.) Also, the fact that the coat is already only draped over her shoulders by the car (rather than worn) makes me wonder if weather-wise she could have skipped it altogether and chosen a different hat that went better with the dress alone.

  5. I dislike Maxima’s hat brims that have that sharp slant up….all I see is a visual in my mind….”There’s Something About Mary” – sorry but I can’t help myself. I’d prefer a more rounded / curved slant to the brim.

  6. It is always a great pleasure to find your postings in my mail, Hat Queen, they brighten my day !
    Another velours felt for Queen Maxima; I agree that it is rather a heavy material to combine with a silk dress. It definitely looks as if the fold in the brim is not quite intentional : when comparing the photos, it seems the shape of the brim changes, from one picture to another. What bothers me more is the finishing of the brim. The edge seems to have been folded and stitched, making the material look even more thick.

  7. Anybody would think it’s March 17! 🙂 The second photo of the hat (looking over her shoulder with the coat on) is very attractive. The hat appears to have a knap which may make the colour photograph differently from different angles. But … it’s too much green!! Even for me and I’m quite a fan of the colour.

  8. I don’t think the ensemble work together with or without the coat on. The coat nd the hat while in the SMS family, do not compliment each other. They clash. The cyan undertones do pnot connect with the blue coat. Personally I think dress and hat also don’t go together. The hat feels too heavy and drag for the dress. A smaller size hat could have worked better.

  9. Oh how I want to love this so much, but so many details went wrong here!

    First the positives: the color of the hat is gorgeous for Máxima, and I’m glad to have a new and different color added to the slice hats in a see of mostly neutrals and a couple of pinks. When looking at the outfit as a whole with the hat, the dress, the shoes, and the gloves (but not the coat), the greens work for me, as the accessories are all a very similar shade, and the dress is a contrasting emerald green. Her emerald jewelry is also a great addition (granted, I may be biased as green is my favorite color, and emeralds are my favorite jewel).

    The negatives: what happened with brim of this hat? Something went unfortunately wrong here, and it really ruins the look; if Fabienne Delvigne can streamline that brim, then we will have a true winner here. Also, with the mixture of multiple greens, the addition of the blue coat was not a great choice as it adds one more competing color; a grey coat would’ve been a much better choice, or a grey dress with this blue coat. Ultimately, too many colors come into play here, and they distract from the beauty of the hat.

    This hat definitely deserves another outing after being fixed up, and I think a grey outfit would really help it shine. So close, and yet so far!

  10. Just an observation….while I agree the hat and dress almost clash. Viewing the entire ensemble it should be noted that shoes, gloves, clutch and hat are all the same green (more or less). Viewed in its entirety it’s an attractive ensemble. I find the hat somewhat ‘ham handed’ compared to most of her other slice brims though. Perhaps it got bumped getting out of the car?

    • I agree – the total ensemble minus the coat more or less works, though it’s less coordinated than some looks. I guess it’s a question of whether she can depend on people seeing her at full length or if they’re going to go off just the hat and dress, which don’t quite work together by themselves. But a lot of that could be due to light: velour and satin reflect light very differently, so this may have looked entirely different “in person.”

  11. The slice hat is a winner for her, usually. Although this is a lovely shade of green, the strange “squish” on the right side is just “off”. Gorgeous royal blue coat and emerald green dress. Perhaps too much going on?

    • I know Hat Queen can speak for herself, so I would imagine that she has a life beyond this blog and works hard to do the best she can for us. The time difference is also something to consider. Thanks for your dedication, HQ 🤗

    • I post when I can fit it into life and when photos are available- I was ready to post earlier today but had to wait six hours for photos. Unfortunately, photos of European royals tend to be released much slower (and in far fewer numbers) than British royals and I’m not willing to post illegal photos simply to get a post up. I’m also in Pacific time zone, which puts my life significantly behind the rest of the world. I don’t make a penny from this blog (which qualifies it for all of the amazing Getty photos I use here that would be off limits if this blog was monetized) so I’m sure you understand that things here get posted whenever they get posted.

      I also can’t help but notice this is your first comment- you might want to acquaint yourself with the comment policy here. Perhaps next time you’ll join in discussion about the hats?

      • Well said! Thank you for giving up your free time to keep us all entertained!! (Although I’m sure you enjoy it very much too…!)

        • I do. You all are THE BEST. Watching many royal conversations on Twitter be reduced to rantings of insanity makes me all the more thankful for all of you amazing readers.

          • The insanity over royals on Twitter cannot be any greater than the insanity over royals on Tumblr, which is where I was before having the good fortune to accidentally discover your blog (via Google search), and I have been here ever since! Many thanks to the immense work and research that goes into your posts, and for the fascinating conversation with all of the many participants, and you may do your posts at any time of the day that you wish, I will never complain!

          • I love all the knowledge that’s on display on this blog … from HQ and from the commenters. I learn something every time. Deep bow to all of you.

      • HQ, personally, I’m amazed at the number of wonderful photos and your interesting hat descriptions, as well as the events in which they are worn! What I TOTALLY enjoy are the Flashbacks you post on the quieter days, when all the royal hats are safely tucked away. You make our dreary January so much brighter!
        PS I’m not at all a fan of the kelly green/forest green/electric blue combination. But once again, I’m in the minority. That’s what makes the world go ’round!

      • Great reply HatQueen. I’m also in the Pacific time zone and way behind in commenting after a long day at work. Normally I love the slice brim on Queen Maxima but I agree with the others that this hat got “squished” somehow. A little tweaking by the milliner and I’d love to see it again! Her overall look reminded me of “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy arrives at the Emerald City. Shining emerald jewels made this outfit for me.

  12. Agree that the hat looks squashed but think the different greens look good and the bluey purple coat and green dress are a gorgeous combo, I think.

  13. I usually love this kind of hat on her, but from some angles it just doesn’t look right, and I don’t like it with the coat. It’s a shame because generally this kind of hat looks great on her. Between the weird squashed look of the hat and the clashing colors, this is a miss.

    • I agree. It’s a shape and colour that suit her, but somehow it’s just a bit off! She does look great in green and it’s an appropriate shade for the event.

  14. I agree…. this hat with the outfit is off in some way. I personally don’t not care for the purple coat. To me it simply adds a third color to the two greens of the hat and dress. The hat also seems to be lumpy and maybe a bit to heavy ( in terms of the fabric ) for the dress. I think I would like the hat better if she had worn it with something with a bit of green. Then the hat could bring out the green of the outfit and the colors would not seem to clash.

  15. There’s something wrong here – it looks like that hat has got squashed in the right lf her head. I can’t imagine it’s intentional, it can only be an accident. Very odd. And then there’s so much going on; dark green, bright green, an electric blue coat and loads of emeralds. She needs to calm this look down a lot. So near, so Máxima!

    • Exactly! There is something crunched about it, very very strange. This is my favorite hat shape on Q Max, but this is definitely not the best iteration of it. On the other hand, I love her emerald dress and bright blue coat. Maybe a blue hat would have been better?

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