Sunday Church in Norfolk

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Sunday service yesterday morning at St Lawrence Church in Castle Rising, close to their Sandringham estate. The Queen used the occasion to debut a lovely new hat in dark green felt. Following the shape of a modified cloche, the design features a high, stacked asymmetrical crown and short brim. A wide dark green hatband is punctuated with an under-hatband in lime green and the hat is trimmed with two large dark green quills and a knot of dark and lime green felt. The lime green accents work beautifully to lighten and brighten the dark hued hat and the trim gives just the right amount of pizzazz while keeping the overall design balanced. It’s a great hat on Her Majesty- one I would have preferred on Christmas Day over the orange design she wore.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: this hat is new
The couple was joined by the Duke of York and two York princesses. Princess Beatrice wore a simple black wool beret. The casual, unstructured design surprised me, especially as Princess Beatrice has a number of more polished black hats (like this one, this one and this one) already in her wardrobe.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: new, maybe?
Princess Eugenie wore a new black felt saucer with upturned brim around the back, trimmed with a large black felt dahlia bloom with crystal center and black veil. It’s a jaunty little design that I thought Eugenie wore really well.

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Designer: Nerida Fraiman. It is the “Pixi” design from AW 2017
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I’m a little surprised to see this many new pieces appear on British royal heads so early in the year- what do you think of these new hats?
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28 thoughts on “Sunday Church in Norfolk

  1. Forest green FTW! I can’t recall when I last saw this colour on HM. It’s always exciting to view HM in a “new” colour and it’s an added bonus that this one also flatters her. Okay, the ripple in the crown of the hat is a bit much, and I winced when I saw that lime green dress peeking out from the coat (a bit of lime green trim is one thing, an entire colour block of lime green with forest green is a bit much for my tender retinas) — however that doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this hat.
    Eugenie is on board with the forest-green-with-black-accessories look too, and has put in a very creditable effort. (Her gorgeous cape coat is a tad short, but the answer is knee boots – make that coat any longer and it would start to look like a tent.) I agree with others that her hat is too small for this outfit; also, the brooch trim needed replacing, as it is too similar to the coat buttons. I’d prefer this coat with a larger hat, maybe this one from 2012:
    Beatrice’s look is the most lacklustre I can recall in quite a while. A simple beret works fine when it is the finishing touch to a statement – but “statement” these coat, bag and shoes are not. Unlike Eugenie’s coat, Beatrice’s coat is poorly fitted and bland. Swap it for a well-made coat in a contrasting medium colour- — and the black beret would look fine.

  2. Now this is how you do green hat and coat. HM is right on target with her hat. The shade is a little too dark for me, but the ensemble works well. My favorite part of the hat is the knot with lime green accents. The only distraction is the horizontal cut on the coat. Poorly positioned. Unnecessary.

    The princesses have quite a bit to learn from their grandmother. Princess Beatrice hat makes her look too young. She looks like she borrowed Lady Louise’s beret from Christmas 2015. Plus the coat is too structured for the hat.

    I like the hat on princess Eugenie’s. Fun and whimsical. I don’t think works well with her almost military style coat. A more structured hat, would have worked better. A softer, chinched at the waist coat would have enhanced this hat.

  3. Lovely hat on the Queen – beautiful colour, good size for her and with just enough trim.

    Beatrice’s beret is wrong for the many reasons already stated here, mostly because it’s too casual. Eugenie’s hat is too small to balance the coat (and I’m not convinced at all by the design). Both princesses would have looked better in longer coats but I think it’s far too late now for us to hope they will change their ways. Eugenie’s coat is lovely (echoes of Empress Michiko in the sleeves) and the colour is fantastic on her, but the garment is simply too short.

  4. I think the Queen’s hat is wonderful, and an excellent partner for her outfit. I was somewhat distracted from the York princesses’ hats by my horror at them walking through swirling snow in at or above the knee outfits! We’re having a heatwave of sorts here (up to 30*C by day, low 20s by night), but I still feel cold looking at them.
    Wrenching my attention back to the matter in hand, Princess Beatrice’s beret gives off a sort of casual soldierly vibe; Princess Eugenie’s hat is lovely but the proportions seem a little odd with her blocky cape/coat, although I’m struggling to think of a hat size that would make more sense.

  5. I love the Queen’s new hat. The smaller size is great for her, and the simple but unique trim is perfect. Her soft looking coat and snuggly collar match color wise and don’t compete at all with the hat. The princesses’ hats are fine, but don’t seem to go that well with their respective outfits— maybe if they swapped?

  6. What a lovely hat on HM!
    MrFitzroy is always surprised by ensembles with ‘brooch omissions’ — because it is such a comparative rarity. It could be, perhaps, the fabric of the coat is just too thick for pinning a brooch? Although one has to say that a little pop of gold on the coat, like the trusty Frosted Sunflower brooch, or one of the Queen Mother’s gold and emerald brooches, would have elevated this very charming look into the iconic category. As this beautiful outfit will most certainly go into the rotation, it will be interesting to see how it is styled next time (perhaps next Christmas!!).

    Our little Yorkie Princesses look marvelous. Best Wishes to Princess Eugenie, with congratulations to Mr. Brooksbank. Tiara predictions anyone?????? (opps, wrong blog for that!)

    • It is the wrong blog for a tiara prediction but I’m wading into it anyway! I think we’ll see Eugenie marry in the York Diamond Tiara- the one her mother wore for her wedding in 1986.

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      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • Thank you HatQueen for indulging this old man!
        The York tiara would certainly make sense, and the royals clearly have no superstitions about jewels (see also, the Duchess of Cambridge engagement ring). But it might be difficult for the Princess to refuse, should Granny decide to open the big vault to loans…..Given Eugenie’s resemblance to the young Queen Mother, something associated with her could also be a lovely choice! The tiara selection could also be dependent on what works with her style of wedding gown (or vice-versa). We shall see!

          • I also like the Strathsmore tiara but am betting that she wears the Duchess’ bridal tiara. The York’s are divorced but certainly don’t act like it and good for them! I can’t wait to see Sarah’s wedding hat (and whole outfit really), I’m hoping that Beatrice is the maid of honor and all the little girls in the family can be bridesmaids.

      • I totally agree on the tiara prediction. I can’t imagine there is any speculation about it. She will wear a tiara, and both tradition and sentiment dictate that it will be the tiara her mother wore.

  7. I looked at the Inventory above of HM’s green hats, and only a couple come close to this darker shade. She wore a wonderful olive (drab) ensemble to the Newbury Races almost nine years ago, with a fantastic whimsical plume!

    April 17-09
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. Oh my, love the Queen’s new forest green hat. Yummy! And I agree, the light green trim really makes it sparkle.
    Also applause for Princess Eugenie’s complete outfit, including the black stockings. It makes it feel complete like a warm, winter outfit. Her coat seems very royal.
    Looking back at your links to Princess Beatrice and her other hats, I noted the forest green hat on Catherine in 2015. I also thought that it might go along with the hat twins post you gave us. Although without the trim on the crown… so maybe it’s a close cousin. 😉 Thanks for the informative post.

  9. I know I’m going out on a limb as we’re not even finished with January, but this is probably gonna be one of my favorite royal hats of 2018. HM looks absolutely splendid in these greens, and the shape and simplicity of this particular hat makes it very versatile. I hope we see this one repeated again (granted, as you should know by now, I’m biased since green is my favorite color!)

    Beatrice’s beret is fine, but it does look a bit casual/juvenile in comparison to the other hats of the day. Also, the shade of midnight blue for her coat is great, but I don’t like the empire waist, which I think makes her look shorter than she is.

    I like Eugenie’s coat for a more modern look, but I wish her cocktail hat was a larger disc, especially in the back; something about the size of this one, especially with the large dahlia flower trim, makes it a bit disproportionate for me. Otherwise is a nice hat that has a lot of versatility going for it.

    Side note: I’m jealous of their snow. While we’ve had some very cold days in D.C., the lack of snow to accompany the cold has made me sad (also, it’s unseasonably warm here today, which makes it even worse haha).

    • Jake, as much as you may well be “jumping the gun,” I agree with you – HM looks GREAT in this hunter/forest green, and yes, HQ, this ensemble would have been beautiful on Christmas. Unlike Jake, I don’t call green my favorite color (blue is mine) but I still like it a lot. Of all the shades of green, HM’s deeper green yesterday is my favorite, as opposed to kelly or lime/acid/neon, all of which scream March 17th! Also unlike Jake, I am finished with snow for the season. It’s currently 60F outside, and I’m loving it – a heatwave!

  10. I love the Queen’s hat and it looks fabulous on her. The design and color are a delight. I wouldn’t mind seeing this hat again and again in different colors. It really suits her. Eugenie’s hat is really cue and it looks really great on her. Beatrice’s beret is a hard one to wear, and while I like berets, I haven’t seen many people that can carry it off. It just looks too casual for the occasion.

  11. The Queen’s hat is very stylish and suits her well. I am not sure about it with the lime green dress under the coat though. Perhaps there is more than I can see here. Eugenie looks very stylish too and I love her hat. Perhaps Beatrice was feeling a bit more restrained this weekend and wanted her sister to shine. Sadly, her beret looks like something I would wear to walk the dog, certainly not to church with The Queen!

  12. Ooh I love this hat on the Queen! I love the colour, the shape, the trim – everything. To my eyes it is so much more flattering than many others in her wardrobe.

  13. The Queen’s hat is is a handsome design which goes very well with this outfit. (I don’t associate this shape with Rachel Trevor Morgan, but it makes me realise that the hats she’s designed are probably much more varied than my mental image of them!) On my monitor the lighter shade looks more like a grass green rather than a more neony lime green. Beatrice’s beret is fine as berets go, but for me they suit a rather more bohemian and less structured outfit. Eugenie’s hat looks good on her (given this morning’s news, I wonder if they were there for the weekend to tell the Queen about Eugenie’s engagement?!)

  14. Don’t HM and Eugenie look lovely in their greens. I think this will get a lot of wear by the Queen, it’s a really nice neutral outfit. And I love Eugenie’s cape/coat – it’s fabulous. Beatrice looks nice though the fit of the coat isn’t great on her, but I do like a basic beret.

    • Agreed. I like Beatrice’s beret, and liked the coat in the first picture I saw, taken from the back, but then I saw it from the front…….

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