This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Princess Christina received an honorary degree and the granting ceremony included a whimsical top hat.

Embed from Getty Images

Members of the Romanian royal family donned black hats for a ceremony last weekend at Curtea de Arges monastery to mark 40 days since death of King Michael.


The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

The prettiest floral trimmed white straw boater from Aussie brand Millinery By Mel
Fantastic feather work on this navy straw upsweep saucer from Rosie Olivia SS 2018
Dramatic black lace covered button percher with feathers by Brisbane based Marilyn Van den Berg
Amazing royal blue dotted pyramid hat by Irish brand Martha Lynnn Millinery
Flames of pink straw embellish this marvelous cocktail hat from British milliner Lisa Tan
And a grey wool bear hat eating a salmon from the astoundingly creative mind of Stephen Jones

I have long thought of handmade millinery as wearable art- just look at the hand sewn detail on this embellished button percher from German brand Coquette Hats.

 Royal Hats

New portrait from Prince Carlos and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies and their daughters

Lovely photo taken by Prince Nikolaos of his parents enjoying what looks like a delicious new year tradition.

New portraits of Princess Margriet who celebrated her 75th birthday yesterday.

And finally, a series of lovely snaps shared by Princess Charlene of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella enjoying the Monégasque Market.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment on how awesome that embroidery is on the Coquette hat! I’ve seen close-ups like that on hand-enbroidered gowns before, but never a hat. Truly a work of art!

  2. The whimsical top hat is a classic Swedish doctor’s hat, awarded for degrees in the faculties of Law, Theology and Medicine. Absolutely fabulous! Faculty of Philosophy uses a laurel leaf wreath instead. Anyone from the other Nordic countries here who know if they have the same tradition?

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