Duke And Duchess of Cambridge Arrive in Norway

After completing their visit to Sweden this morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge departed for Norway. After a greeting at Oslo airport by Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, they were received by the King and Queen at the royal palace.


After lunch together, most of the combined group took a walk through Princess Ingrid Alexandra Sculpture Park. For this activity, the Duchess donned her chocolate alpaca hat.

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I’m going to repeat almost everything I said when this hat’s black twin was worn in Stockholm on Tuesday – it’s a practical, warm choice for a Nordic outdoor engagement and the repeat of faux fur on Kate’s cuffed gloves ties the hat into the ensemble really well. The chocolate and turquoise colour combination is a classic one that looks great on Kate and gives a pop of colour in group photographs.

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Designer: Lacorine. It is the “Sumac” design 
Previously Worn: Jan 7, 2018
I’m a little surprised that the Swedish and Norwegian royals skipped hats for these outdoor events- I suppose they are simply used to colder temperatures. 
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11 thoughts on “Duke And Duchess of Cambridge Arrive in Norway

  1. I love this particular shade of blue for her coat, and the design creates a sleek modern look I love. The combination with her hat is also great, and these hats work well for when a hat is needed, but that isn’t too casual; these look to be Kate’s equivalent to Camilla’s “Paddington” hats, and I enjoy them very much (bias: I’m also a big alpaca supporter!).

    A little disappointed to not see any hats from the Scandinavian royals on this tour, but not completely surprised either.

    • The sustainability of alpaca (which is sheared from a live animal, like a sheep’s wool) makes it SUCH a great choice for modern ‘fur’ royal hats. I think the texture and sheen is also much more beautiful than faux fur. I’m surprised we’ve not seen more alpaca hats on royal heads. Kate gets her share of fashion criticism but here’s one example of her being a trailblazer.

  2. Kate personifies elegance in these snaps. One minor addition might be a lovely broach
    possibly with a connection to the hosting countries on the upper chest area. While William is impeccably dressed, as always, an appropiate hat would complete his look fabulously. Maybe a homberg, fedora?

  3. She looks fab – her daytime looks this trip have been winter elegance par excellence. The fur is great; and I love that she’s managed to find an ethical fur too; she still gets the look without the criticism (I’ll sidestep the fur debate in itself!)

    It’s a very classic look, and I think we’ll be seeing these hats become a lot more fashionable now she’s given then such a showcase.

  4. This is a great look for Kate. I really like the chocolate brown with the lighter blue. When she bought these furry hats it was predicted we would see them repeated and here they are in a very winter wearing. Is she wearing boots? or are these some sort of legging like she wore with her green coat in Sweden?

    • Boots. Jump over to What Kate Wore or Royal Sartorial Splendor for details. Love the alpaca hats! Perfect for the occasion.

  5. Love these understated coats and their clean lines (no fussy buttons or meaningless flaps) and Kate’s hats are just perfect with them. Her boots were a great choice today too. Surprised not to see Queen Sonja in a hat. Lovely to have Princess Ingrid Alexandra along (William’s counterpart in the hierarchy) in her namesake park.

  6. Another winning winter look, absolutely textbook. Next to her, Kate’s hatless companions look somehow only half dressed.
    What i would have loved to see would be smaller scale fur hats on Mette-Marit and Q Sonja — black for M-M, and orange for Q Sonja. Sonja is looking fabulous in that orange coat and a divine scarf which she possibly, as a qualified printmaker, made herself.

  7. She looks wonderful. Everything has been perfect. She looks so beautiful and elegant, and the color combination is lovely.

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