Queen Visits RAF Marham

Queen Elizabeth visited RAF Marham today in her capacity as Honorary Air Commodore of the Station. To receive a Royal Salute and flypast, meet station personnel and community volunteers, open the Lightning Operations Centre, view a display commemorating the Centenary of the Royal Air Force and present the Firmin Sword of Peace to the Station Commander, she wore a new ‘split crown’ style hat in deep purple felt.

Feb 2, 2018 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

In a darker shade than the orchid version Her Majesty debuted last year , this hat features an upturned brim. Photos of the trim are scarce but it appears to consist of a looped bow and felt pompoms on the right side. Details aside, the colour is absolutely beautiful on the Queen, who wears these saturated shades so magnificently.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Even without good views of this hat (I believe most British royal photographers are en route back from Norway where they were following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), this one seems like a winner to me. What do you think of this new, royal purple design?
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14 thoughts on “Queen Visits RAF Marham

  1. I’m going against the majority and say I’m not so thrilled with this hat. The color is gorgeous no doubt, but the crown shape and trim are almost identical to the other hat linked to in this post, making me wonder: “What’s the point?” Also, with this crown and trim, I don’t find the upturned brim as successful. Another postive, as ChicagoChuck mentioned, is that the hat and the coat aren’t made from the same materials, but still compliment each other very well (I’ve never been a fan of being too matchy with one’s hats and outfits).

  2. Well, the “stegasaurus crest” side view of these double crown hats always lessens the joy somewhat for me, as does the warm overtone of this violet (a neutral or cooler violet would be the ideal choice for HM’s cool complexion): but as I’m always relieved when I discover HM is NOT dressed in fluoro green, burnt orange or the like, this violet is close enough to The Queen;s wheelhouse to be a win for me. Great outfit, great hat. Repeats? please.

  3. This is my absolute favorite color on HM. The coat texture is awesome, also. On the last day of the 2017 Royal Ascot, the Queen wore a summer straw version of a similar color, and I remember thinking how outstanding she looked, and that she saved the best for last! Yes, it’s a little lighter, but equally as wonderful and rich.

    June 24, 2017
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Love the hat design and color! And I really like the fact that the coat fabric and hat fabric are different, yet both winter fabrics. She amazes me that she removes her coat and transfers the brooch from coat to dress. And her smile in the photo where she is presenting the sword is priceless.

    • ChicagoChuck, I have also long noticed the habit (custom?) of moving the brooch to the dress when the coat is removed. (And I assume, back again when the engagement is done.) I suspect that she is assisted by someone — lady in waiting, perhaps — because it’s not always easy to get a brooch perfectly positioned, especially those as large as many of hers, but I always wondered if it was done right there in the room after she enters, or if she goes into a private place. The other thing I’ve wondered is whether the summer dresses made of silk or other very light fabrics have a reinforced patch in the brooch location to prevent tearing or sagging.

      • I’m certain the queen is assisted in moving the brooch. As you note, it is tricky to get the placement just right by oneself. And I’m pretty sure she is allowed into a separate room to remove her coat and make the change. Possibly also to “powder her nose!” 🙂

        I’ve seen others post that they understand her fabrics are indeed reinforced. Goes back at least to Queen Alexandra who wore much more jewelry on her clothing than Queen Elizabeth ever has or does.

      • It’s easy to reinforce any fabric for brooch-wearing by placing a small round disc of sponge foam (sold in chemist shops as a “makeup remover sponge”) underneath the fabric and pinning the brooch directly onto the sponge through the fabric. The foam has the added advantage of gripping the brooch pin, so the brooch doesn’t slide when the wearer changes position – something that can easily happen with slippery fabrics like silk.
        I have pieces of foam ready-cut to different shapes and I always use this method if I am pinning to anything other than a coat lapel. Try it, it really works.

  5. Beautiful color on Her Majesty! Coat and hat make her clearly visible to all,Just wish we had a better close up picture of the hat’s trim, The pop-pom looks playful and cheery to me,, Love the brooch, too!

  6. Glorious! This is my favorite color (as I was saying regarding QSonja’s gala dress on the Norway trip!) and the Queen looks wonderful.

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