Dutch Monarchs on Working Trip To China

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are on a working trip to China. For a meeting wtih Chinese and Dutch entrepreneurs today at the Temple restaurant in Beijing, Queen Máxima repeated her navy smocked silk crepe and georgette organza calot hat trimmed with rows very slim metallic cord.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The hat, matching dress and ombre cape debuted last year for King’s Day and their repeat today seems fitting- the ensemble is striking and special enough for a foreign visit while the small scale of the hat leaves full visibility for Máxima at a restaurant event where turning her head over and over will be inevitable. The orange and navy pattern of the dress and coat makes a strong style statement on its own and the orange gloves, hat and shoes with navy hat and those stunning earrings leaves the emsemble looking polished and complete without being overdone.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I believe it  is Jan Taminau
Previously Worn: April 27, 2017
Queen Máxima and her stylist don’t always get the balance of accessories right but today, I think they were spot on. Thoughts about this hat’s second appearance today?
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21 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs on Working Trip To China

  1. Sorry but this one falls into the “what in the world is that thing on her head” category for me. Love the rest of her outfit but the hat, not so much.

  2. You are quite right Hat Queen, this outfit is from Dutch designer Jan Taminiau.
    I wonder weather this calot hat might have looked nicer whith a little bit more volume (it lays a little flat on the head), but on the whole, I think this is a great look for Queen Máxima and it is lovely to see it again. That cape is a stunner !

    • Yes, the dress and coat are from Jan Taminiau, but there has never been confirmation about who made the hat! Since their construction and materials are so similar, we can assume it was Taminiau but designers often send their designs to milliners for actual construction so there is a slight chance it was made by someone else. Without confirmation, we don’t know 100%.

  3. I like the hat better this time around. The key, I think, is the sleeker, pulled back hairdo. The ensemble and accessories are beautiful.

  4. Jake, I agree with you on every point. I applaud this audacious outfit wholeheartedly, but the hat is the weak link. Looking at the full body pics with coat on, there is just too much orange in the lower half of the ensemble;- an orange hat would bring the whole look into balance.
    The other thing that bothers me with this hat is that, even when the coat is off, the cord-plus-ruching trim on the hat seems such a crude approximation of the cord-plus-ruching stripes on the dress. The two are not the same, yet they are extremely similar — just similar enough to make the matching attempt rather blatant. For me, the effect looks forced.
    I’d be very curious to see this hat worn with an altogether different outfit.

  5. I’m still of the same mind as before; a fabulous outfit, but the hat is a solid “no”. Also, I liked her hair much better during the previous outing than this time as it was more voluminous and framed her face much better. But the earrings this time are a superb choice, and much improved over the Koningsdag earrings.

    I know many people don’t seem to care for the blue to orange ombre of the cape, but I am all about that! It is absolutely stunning IMO (I’m also a big fan of blue and orange as a color combo, so there’s my bias). And I definitely want to see this whole outfit with the orange 2005 Prinsjesdag hat; who can make that happen??

  6. Very nice outing all round. This is Max ‘keeping a lid on it’ and it works well. There’s just enough juzj to make her stand out (as she should). BTW did she change her earrings during the day. One full-length photo seems to show diamond studs, while the others show those beautiful drops.

    • I think her earring has swung away from her ear, either because of the wind or because Maxima was in the act of turning her head. The earring has a blue stone on the top, probably where the post is. The second (diamond?) stone is just below that but sits on the lobe, too, so her movement wouldn’t have caused that to swing as the lower ones did.

  7. I love the calot style hat and am very glad to see this one again. Queen Maxima looks very well styled and I wish there was a close up of her earrings! They look lovely with this ensemble. She really knows how to dress to impress.

  8. The photos are a little better in the 2017 post, maybe because of different lighting. I like the hat with the dress very much, but would have liked at least a little of the orange color in the hat to tie it in more when the cape is off. The cape is fine stylistically — certainly better than Maxima’s usual habit of wearing a regular coat or jacket just on her shoulders and shedding it later, which drives me crazy — but I would have preferred the cape if it was a solid color of either the blue or orange, rather than that fade-out effect. The hat is perfectly suited to her hairstyle, and again, there is a photo with a better angle in the 2017 post. I’m not generally fond of calot style hats, but with this hairstyle, it works well.

  9. This is such a well put together, stylish look from Máxima. Glad to see it repeated; these big trips are when she brings her A Game, and this is fabulous.

  10. Queen Maxima’s best attributes are her beautiful face and smile, (and legs!) so she should wear a smaller hat like this more frequently! The second picture is wonderful, and the hat placement is much better this time around – further forward, on top of HM’s head. As much as everyone goes wild over her enormous slice hats, I always sense that a) the queen must do a balancing act to keep them on, her head oft-times cocked and stiff; b) she is hidden from view for many admirers; c) the phrase “heavy the head that wears the crown” comes to mind, but in a different sense. I found the comments from April, 2017 amusing and entertaining. I also like the combination dress/hat without the coat better.

    • I’m with you on the hat placement, Jimbo — much better this time. And that’s a good point about the slice hats. They do seem as they’d be awkward to wear.

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