Princess Benedikte Opens International Travel Fair

On Wednesday, Princess Benedikte was in Hamburg, Germany to officially open the “Reisen Hamburg” international travel and leisure exhibition. For this event, she wore a new bumper hat with navy felt brim and plaid crown in the same dark blue, taupe and grey pattern as her jacket.

Feb 7, 2018 | Royal Hats   Feb 7, 2018 | Royal Hats

Feb 7, 2018 | Royal Hats

Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: this hat is new
The hat is a great scale on Benedikte (the scale of the hat goes particularly well with the high collar on the jacket) and the colour palate makes for a very polished and professional looking ensemble. I wonder about the versatility of such matched hats- it’s clearly not the kind of thing that can be worn with another outfit. Is that good? Not good? As I’ve never managed a royal wardrobe, I don’t know! This matching approach to royal dressing is a more traditional one and I’m sure, has its benefits. I’m curious to hear what you all think about this new hat!

9 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Opens International Travel Fair

  1. Golly, this hat and outfit almost makes me think I’m looking at Q Margrethe. These sisters must surely share the same milliner and dressmaker, at least some of the time — as one might expect.
    I adore this smart, chic look. Tartan is one of those things that needs to be kept on a very short leash or it will take over, but thanks to the moderating effect of the brown skirt, gloves and shoes, a matching tartan hat doesn’t seem OTT at all. It’s a lovely shape, worn at a great angle, and the navy really picks up the princess’s blue eyes. Here’s another great front view, which incidentally confirms how beautifully the jacket is constructed:

  2. I really like this hat on the princess. I’m in the old-fashioned group and I like that “matchiness” of the plaid coat and hat. This is one bumper hat I can get behind. Bumpers are not my favorite hat style but this one works very well with the outfit and the occasion.

  3. Benedikte looks quite elegant here for a more low-key outing, but I’m not totally thrilled with the matching hat and outfit. Granted, the color scheme is more subdued and quite neutral, so the matchiness isn’t as obvious (and I like it better than most of her sister’s); there is also potential to pair it with other outfits that utilize the colors in the plaid, but it is still limiting. This hat in all navy would be much more versatile, but I could see it overpowering the outfit as well. Overall I call this a win, but I have some reservations.

  4. I wouldn’t want everything to be this closely matched, but I think it works here, perhaps because the solid navy brim is such a strong shape. OSR is a great way to put it! Regarding the reusability, there seem to be many royal hats that are worn with only one ensemble.

  5. Very nice, and as JamesB said, old style. The only other thing she might wear it with would be a solid navy blue suit or coat that was the exact right shade, but I think it’s more likely that if worn again, the suit (coat?) and this hat will again appear as one.

  6. I like this a lot. It’s a bit 80s, but very regal because as you say, it’s not exactly going to fit in the mix and match bit of her wardrobe. Benedikte does regal dressing in the way that Princess Alexandra does; old style regal.

  7. I suppose you could wear the hat with another ensemble that had the same colours, but it does seem made particularly for this suit. She looks elegant, as always.

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