Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to this day, seventy years ago, and a pair of young and very fashionable sisters arriving at St. Margaret’s, Westminster for a society wedding.

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Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

    • I’m seeing it, Jimbo, great find! I set my WordPress settings so that I get all replies in email, no matter how old the post is, but it took me a while to notice that setting, I wonder how many participants in this blog are aware of it. I also have some old bits and pieces bookmarked that I’m not sure if I should still post due to the ages of the original posts. The hat and clothing styling of both the Queen and Princess Margaret during that era look so familiar to me, as my mother was the same age as HM, and we have so many family photos from that time.

  1. These are interesting, because I think the Queen’s hat bears a lot of resemblance to hats one would see today, with the side placement and the upward trimming. Whereas Margaret’s with that very squared-off top line looks distinctly of its time.

    • You are right about Beatrice’s resemblance, Patsy, I never noticed it before! The resemblances among various members of the Royal Family are quite pronounced, but sometimes more through the years than side-by-side. I remember once seeing a portrait of HM and Princess Margaret with the Queen Mother when the daughters were maybe in their 50s and reaiizing how much more Princess Anne resembled Margaret than her own mother.

  2. Great picture. They look so young and pretty. I remember those fashions well from pictures of my mother and her friends from the 40s and 50s. Not crazy about the hats.

  3. Does anyone know what colour these outfits were? What does Princess Margaret have on her arm? Surely not a muff? Once again, we see how fashions change.

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