Funeral of Prince Henrik

The funeral of Prince Henrik of Denmark took place today in the chapel of Christiansborg Palace, attended only by family, close friends and the late prince’s staff. Queen Margrethe led her family in her fur black bumper hat. A long black silk veil was anchored in between the upfolded front brim and crown of the hat that framed her face and trailed down her back.

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Crown Princess Mary repeated her black felt calot hat designed by Susanne Juul. The feather and felt leaf spray that was added to the piece in 2015 was joined today by the further addition of a black net veil.

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Princess Marie wore her black felt Garbo hat with wide brim, trimmed with a pale grey hatband and cluster of black felt flowers on the side.

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Princess Josephine and Princess Athena wore matching headbands from Norwegian brand Princessefin (the Josephine design) with a subtle diamond pattern in pink and black from
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Princess Benedikte wore her black bumper hat with diagonal stripe detail on the cuffed brim.

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Queen Anne-Marie repeated her black felt bumper hat wrapped in a wide swath of dotted net veil. The hat features a double upturned brim, the inner of which is made of silk.

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Princess Elisabeth wore a wider brimmed design in light black straw, trimmed with a large ruffled bow at the back.

Countess Sussie of Rosenborg wore a prim bumper hat embellished with a gold button on the side.

Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg wore a black felt cloche variation with square, domed crown and short downturned brim. A slim leather hatband and black feather flower at the side trimmed the piece.
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The service was broadcast on Danish television available for international viewers to see here (the royal family’s arrival starts at 1:49:00). Additional photo galleries can also be seen here and here. A final note- well known for his love of flowers and gardening, Prince Henrik requested that the memorial wreaths today be arranged as a flower garden as a last surprise and gift for his wife. It was beautiful.

I know you will join me in wishing peace and comfort to the entire Danish royal family as they continue to grieve this immense loss.

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16 thoughts on “Funeral of Prince Henrik

  1. I liked Princess Marie’s hat, not only for it’s look, but because it acted as a bit of a shield when she bent her head. I love the idea of hats and veils as protective gear at funerals, especially when the cameras are pointed at the wearer to monitor their reactions.

  2. Everyone looked appropriate and respectful. I loved the long veil on Daisy and the net veils on the others. I’ve been to funerals where black was worn but the mini length was so inappropriate. I am happy this family has set a fine example (even though I am sure that was not their intent) of how to dress for a funeral. May Prince Henrik rest in peace and may his family find comfort in their many memories of their beloved over the coming months.

  3. I loved that Her Majesty wore the veiled hat. So very Daisy and so respectful. As Virginia said, the flowers as a garden was so moving – made me just cry. My heart breaks for the whole family. I will miss seeing Prince Henrik. I’ve enjoyed his art, fashion and love for his wife for many years.

  4. It was the last part–about arranging the floral tributes as a garden and surprise for his wife–that brought tears to my eyes.

  5. It was really interesting to see Margrethe in this hat with the long veil; definitely reminiscent of the three queens at King George VI’s funeral. With that in mind, I wonder if it may actually be a rather old hat that has been well preserved? At any rate, Margrethe wore it very well.

    I like the addition of the veil netting to Mary’s calot, which makes it more interesting and more appropriate for this particular occasion. Marie’s wide brim hat is a nice size and style for her, but in certain photos it looks a little too casual compared to the other hats at this event.

    Benedikte looked quite chic in her ensemble. Anne-Marie’s hat is nice, but the veiling up top looks a bit messy. Elisabeth’s hat was a great choice for the event, although it’s interesting she chose such a light straw for what looked to be a chilly day. Something about the scale of Countess Sussie’s hat is off for me; if it was larger like Benedikte’s, I think it would look much better. Alexandra’s hat was definitely my favorite (although Margarethe’s is in a league of its own).

    Thoughts and prayers as the Danish royal family mourns the loss of Prince Henrik.

    • I think Queen Margrethe’s hat is indeed, an older piece that has been preserved- I think she wore the same one to her mother’s funeral in 2000

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  6. Heir Apparent Prince Christian seems to be taking this especially hard! My heart hurts for all of them. He will be sorely missed! They are certainly in my prayers! The hats all looked appropriately sedate.

  7. My deepest sympathies to all the Danish Royal Family – they are such a close and loving family which is lovely to see in this day and age! The choice of hats and outfits on all the ladies were wonderful. May Prince Henrik rest in peace and may his wife, children and family draw comfort from the love and support of people from around the world, especially Australia!

  8. I agree with everyone that it seems trivial to talk about hats, but everyone looked lovely. The obvious grief was almost palpable, from the grandchildren to the daughters-in-law. As my own family stuggles with this cruel disease, my thoughts are with the Danish Royal Family. I hope this service helps them find peace.

  9. Condolences and prayers to the Danish Royal Family. I watched parts of the funeral and it was quite moving. Obviously everyone looks appropriate and well put together.

    One quick sartorial note, I really love Princess Benedikte’s black bumper hat with the striped brim. Most of the time I see black hats and find them serviceable, suitable, etc., but rarely do they elicit a strong feeling. But hers is really wonderful. Did we see it recently at another somber event?

  10. Everyone looks very solemn and respectful. They are clearly a close and loving family.

    Funeral veils seem outdated to me, but for a queen of her generation, this is completely appropriate. The other royal ladies are just right, each one in her own way. I would have liked to have seen hats for the girls only because they look cold.

    On a lighter note, does it seem as though we have seen a lot of bumpers lately? Besides the repeats today, there have been CP Victoria’s and Princess Benedikte’s in the last week or so. And HatQueen, what exactly makes Countess Sussie’s a bumper and not a pillbox?

    • On the television coverage, there is a moment when Sussie bent her head down and you could see that the sides of the hat were rolled up tightly against the crown, making it a bumper.

  11. What lovely, moving photos of the family. I like it that the funeral was small and intimate, and not a state funeral. Her majesty looked every inch a queen, and was amazingly composed, and every inch the leader of the family. It almost seems trivial to talk about fashion in the middle of such loss, but I thought everyone looked amazing. I liked all the hats and the clothes were respectful and elegant at the same time. The image of the Queen in her veiled hat, and her expressions, will stay in my memory for a long time. Prince Joachim’s family holding hands and ascending the steps was beautiful and poignant. Prayers and condolences to the Queen and her family. Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us.

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