Queen Visits Royal College Of Physicians

Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal College of Physicians in London this morning to mark its 500th anniversary. For this event, she repeated her pale grey-blue straw hat with domed crown, asymmetrical upturned brim, and silk flower and ribbon trim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The last time we saw this hat and coordinating ensemble, it looked decidedly blue but today it looked much more grey. This colour variation makes the hat more interesting and while I prefer it shown in natural light (where it looks more blue), the hat’s scale and shape combined with its beautiful trimmings and finishing make it a truly exquisite design. I particularly love how the silk hatband and bow loops link with the buttons on the coat- such a lovely touch.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 4, 2015;  June 17, 2014; April 20, 2014
I love Queen Elizabeth in saturated colours but when it comes to her more muted ensembles, this is one of my favourites. What do you think about this hat after seeing it again today?
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16 thoughts on “Queen Visits Royal College Of Physicians

  1. Don’t know how I forgot about this one. When I saw it I was thinking the Queen had a lovely new hat. I really like the shape of this one.

  2. It was the trim that first drew me to an interest in HM’s hats, long before I knew anything about crowns or brims, and this one is a spectacular example, perfect in every way! I agree with Jimbo that it seems a little early in the season for light colored straw, but the black accessories do offset that a bit. The overhead view is awesome, and not an angle we often get to see on hats, except when they’re worn in places with balconies.

  3. I agree, HM looks outstanding in every way . . . however, am I the only person who thinks that she may be rushing the season a bit with the light colored, straw hat? The other three times that this ensemble was worn was once in April and twice in June. Mitten Mary, I too think the overhead shot is fantastic! It’s fun to see such beautiful creations from all angles!

  4. Absolutely lovely! But I’m surprised that she wasn’t wearing a hat when she sat by the runway at Richard Quinn’s show. She’s so tiny, no one would have had trouble seeing over her.

  5. I think is one of the Queen’s best outfits – maybe ever! The hat a typical RTM – beautiful shape and trim, and the coat is a wonderful pairing with the hat – fits beautifully and with interesting trim too.

  6. Nice to see this hat and ensemble out again. It definitely looks more grey this time, but I still see the blue shades too. Also interesting that we haven’t seen this RTM style in a little while.

  7. I love this elegant, classy, beautiful hat, coat, and dress ensemble. I love the color–which looks blue on my screen, even today. The connecting details are subtle but exquisite. It is on my favorites list!

  8. This really is a lovely lovely ensemble, and Her Majesty looks wonderful. Whatever colour it is, it’s beautiful on her.

  9. I find this an excellent choice for this particular occasion (a 500th anniversary) and for the event the last time we saw it (100th year of Women’s Institute). Both called for a some what more formal look. The composition of the details on the hat and the beautiful front of her coat seem to speak to the “specialness” (I know, that’s not really a word) of the events.

    • I too agree that a more formal look was required for today’s special occasion and am so glad that Her Majesty decided to wear this outfit. It is sublime. Added to that is a beautiful diamond and pearl brooch that looks magnificent and echoes the coat bow ties and trim on the hat. Lovely.

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