Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to this day, twenty years ago, and a veiled hat winter hat in the loveliest shade of cornflower blue.

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15 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. The shape is good for HM, but the color and the trim date it a bit for me. Always interesting to see what HM was wearing before I became a royal hat watcher.

  2. It is rather elegant, isn’t it? Wish the same could be said about the pleated skirt, but such was HM’s style at the time.

  3. I’ll offer a somewhat different opinion while still agreeing that this is a beautiful hat. This is a hat that is modern enough to be worn today. It doesn’t have the pushed back or bonnet look of the Queen Mother’s hats (which were lovely on her). And I don’t mind the netting, since it is not so much a veil, but rather a delicate hat decoration which softens the look and nicely coordinates the Queen”s other black accessories.

  4. 2 more pics taken the same day. Note the eighties-frame glasses 🙂 :
    I’m joining the chorus re the QM – this pretty hat is very reminiscent of that lady’s signature style.
    It’s interesting that although HM is physically similar enough to her mother (at the same age) to be able to easily borrow some of her mother’s style, very few of HM’s hats have the “Queen Mother” look. Its almost as if HM has consciously and deliberately adopted a style that clearly distinguishes her from her mother. Which is understandable. But it’s fun to see just how fine HM looks in her mother’s style of hat.

  5. Do we ever see Queen Elizabeth’s hats worn by family members, as in other royal families? I could see this hat on the Duchess of Cambridge.

  6. We’re all thinking the same thing! Fantastic color!
    Embed from Getty Images

  7. Apart from loving the cornflower blue, I thought of the Queen Mother! This is rather more sophisticated than the Queen Mum’s wardrobe and is very becoming.

  8. I agree with Alexandre that this is a hat the Queen Mother might have worn, but it looks lovely on her daughter too! I wish Her Majesty would wear this style more often. The colour is very becoming. Very chic! And I agree, that the veil is charming.

  9. je consulte votre site tous les jours. vous faites un travail remarquable ! sur cette photo la reine ressemble beaucoup à sa mère… ce style de chapeau correspond très bien à la reine ! depuis de nombreuses années la reine ne porte plus de voilette… dommage… cela lui adoucit le visage…
    bonne journée
    depuis la Normandie

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