This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Quick note- I will be away for the next week and a half but have a planned a “Hat From The Past” post every day while I am away. Please continue all hat related conversation (including sharing whatever hats are worn this week) during my absence. See you soon!

Queen Mathilde repeated her grey and beige cloche this morning for a military parade in Geraardsbergen

Princess Sofia participated in the women’s Tjejvasan Cross Country Ski Race yesterday, cheered on by Prince Carl Philip, Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel and her parents.

Fabienne Delvigne announced the oping of an e-shop where you can purchase her millinery and accessory designs.

The Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design was given to designer Richard Quinn this week (see final photo in this post). The actual award was designed by Angela Kelly who was profiled in this Vogue article. 

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

 Striking black percher with giant embroidered natural straw flower from UK brand Mind Your Bonce
Such beautifully textured straw on this navy button percher from New Zealand milliner Monika Neuhauser
Beautiful midnight blue fedora with emerald velvet hatband and gold star from UK milliner Jess Collett
Cream hand sewn pillbox percher with flying bow, veil and pearls from Irish brand Montgomery Millinery
Bold royal blue and orange straw boater from Australian brand Jill and Jack Millinery
Dramatic purple felt sculpted percher from New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
More dramatic sculpture in this eye catching black pyramid from UK milliner Sophie Beale
 Chanel-esque saucer with pleated black and white Petersham ribbon from Canadian milliner Helen Gair
Sublime shade of peacock blue on this fedora with jewelled hatband from Rosie Olivia
Amazing Stephen Jones cloche with multi layered collapsible crown inspired by Smithsonian senior curator of African American Hstory & Culture, Elaine Nichols 

And this vibrant cocktail hat in fuchsia and orange straw with beautifully balanced ring trim from Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput. The clean design works so well to show off the spicy colours.

 Royal Hats

Pauline Ducruet shared her newly released cover of Spanish Harper’s Bazaar. Her younger brother Louis announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Marie Chevallier.

Prince Nikolai of Denmark popped up on the runway of the Burberry show in London on February 17

Photos shared by the Dutch King and Queen (including a rare selfie) of their time at the Winter Olympics

Hereditary Prince Ernst and Princess Ekaterina of Hanover welcomed a daughter, Elisabeth, this week.

It was a week of birthdays in the Swedish royal family celebrated with the release of beautiful new portraits. Princess Leonore turned four…

…and Princess Estelle turned six. Scroll to the right below to see each of the three released photographs because they are beauties.

Don’t you wish you could have overheard this conversation? And seriously Anna Wintour- of all moments to keep your sunglasses on, you chose this one? My caption for this photo would read, “Her Majesty attends fashion show with Queen Elizabeth”.

Embed from Getty Images

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’m glad to see this cloche out for Mathilde again; it’s a great choice for her and the shape is complimentary for her face shape and hairstyle.

    As for HM and Anna Wintour, I said once on my Instagram Stories: “The Queen at #LFW with some women wearing sunnies.”

  2. King Philippe also had a hat, which he was holding in his lap in the pictures I saw. It was a black fedora I think with tan trim consisting of brim edging, hat band and cord bow. Very nice!

  3. HM spotted this morning, driving(!) to church.

    This ensemble is seen much better on November 22, 2012.
    Embed from Getty Images

      • That’s awesome that HM still drives — many her age have had their licenses taken away by their younger family members or the local Department of Motor Vehicles! That scene in the Helen Mirren movie “The Queen” where she’s driving and the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere — I always wondered if that was based in reality, and perhaps it was.

        Thanks, Jimbo, for the close-up photo. Seriously, do you keep a data base, or do you just have an astonishingly good memory?

        • The Queen doesn’t have a driving license, which makes it easier on people in charge, lol. She also doesn’t use a seat belt, but I can’t see anyone fining her for it.

          • Maja, I guess that “no rules apply” makes it easier for all concerned, as I certainly would not want to be the policeman who had to decide whether or not to ticket my sovereign for running a red light!

          • I’m not sure that HM even drives on public roads these days — I think it would be a matter of considerabe concern to many if she did. The pics I’ve seen of her driving all show her car on the private road systems within the various royal estates – which would be a lot safer than a public road, as the traffic would be nil.
            If you drive only on your own private property, you don’t need a driver’s licence, and the usual “rules of the road” don’t apply. I doubt that HM is in fact breaking any rules.

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