Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1991 and a visit to Wales. Princess Diana’s royal blue Breton hat with black velvet and gold braid trim, with bow at the back, makes quite a statement of fashion of this era.

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9 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I love this hat and overall ensemble. I agree with Jake that this is a classic Diana look. William looked great and a really enjoyed the video-thank you Jimbo! It was so cute to see him shaking hands with everyone including the young boy in red. The very end of the video does show the back of Diana’s hat and I like it even more!

  2. I love the color, but it reminds me a military hat or something a train conductor would wear. I think if it had been a little smaller it would have been more appealing to me, but that was the style for that time.

  3. I never liked this hat or this outfit, even at the time. I don’t really think this hat shape does much for Diana, who could wear almost anything and look great. I’m thinking it was never worn in public again, and that was a good call!

    • I agree, the gold braiding is costume-y and off-putting, like the trim on a bellboys’ hat; but take it away, and the hat is fabulous. It’s a decent scale on Diana, not too small, and an overall great look.

  4. At the end of the video is a very good shot of the rear of Diana’s hat. This was a great color and shape for her. William is very professional and well groomed for this outing. Upon seeing him sign the book, I didn’t know he is a south paw (left-handed). But cute as he was, cheeky Harry was even cuter, which probably why he stayed home!

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