Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day, thirteen years ago, when Princess Mary returned to her home nation for her first visit since becoming crown princess of Denmark nine months earlier. I’m not sure the floppy shape of her black and white picture hat wasn’t the best topper for her sleekly tailored coat, although the graphic stripes make a punchy style statement. Perhaps the hat would work with a simpler, less formal frock?

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10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. The size of the hat isn’t the problem; it’s the fact it’s more unstructured, and ultimately is better suited for the beach than a formal engagement IMO. Ah well, we can’t expect people not to make sartorial mistakes from time to time. Her Melbourne hat was an excellent choice, and would love to see that make a comeback some day.

    And I’m all for seeing men change outfits more often. Frederick knows how to dress well and does so with more uniqueness than most royal men, something he inherited from his father.

  2. From someone who was in Canberra, Australia at the time. The weather would have encouraged a change in outfit. It would have been the start of autumn here (early March) with temperatures in the high 20s or even reaching 30 Celsius or more but with early morning temp starting in the teens.
    From memory they visited ‘new’ Parliament House in the morning and went outside to see the view from the roof as well as a political greeting inside (aircon) and then an midday visit to the war memorial across Lake Burley Griffin (also an outside/inside event) Thus the shady hat for Mary and could possibly explain the change in outfit (to a cooler one) for him.
    If ever you visit Canberra wear layers, temperatures outside can be significantly different to that indoors especially if there’s culturally significant works ( eg galleries, museums or memorials).

  3. I think the hat would look good with the skirt and blouse she is wearing. The problem seems to be the coat. From a style point, it doesn’t really go with anything she is wearing (my opinion). The coat was probably added to make the rest of her outfit suitable for the War Memorial, but it just doesn’t work. I think the total outfit is not as good as it’s individual parts.

      • Jimbo, I agree. That coat is a complete style statement unto itself, and requires very simple accessorising.
        It looks like Mary felt the coat needed some taming, as it appears to have been cut down (collar and lapel removed) by 2014, and it’s paired (rather insipidly) with a pale pink hat, gloves and shoes: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/05/12/article-0-1DC5E18200000578-578_634x1033.jpg
        I do like the big striped hat (it just needs the front of the brim rolled back a bit more), and there’s no question for me that Mary can pull off a wide-brimmed hat with the best of them….but there’s too much going on with this look, including some awkward pattern-mixing, (where the white in the coat and the skirt does not match the icy white of the hat).
        I’d like to see the coat worn with this cap:

  4. Not entirely on subject, but can anyone explain why the Crown Prince is wearing two completely different suits while the Crown Princess has on the same outfit? That may be a first – the man who made a costume change!

    • Perhaps he had an “accident” whilst eating……it happens. But it really does seem very odd. I can see getting food on a tie, but the whole ensemble?

    • Chuck, Frederik’s tan linen traveler suit which he wore upon arrival in Canberra needed to be changed for the more formal setting of the war memorial. (it looks like he napped in it, from the picture below.)
      Embed from Getty Images
      Two days later, on March 10, it appears that he is wearing the same blue/white checked shirt in Melbourne that he traveled in on the 8th, with yet another suit, so it is safe to assume that he did not encounter a major culinary mishap. BTW, Mary’s hat in Melbourne is a HUGE improvement. Her hat in Canberra was ridiculously large, hiding her beautiful face.
      Embed from Getty Images

  5. Looks a bit more like a beach hat than one intended for an occasion such as this. It obscures the crown princess’s face, and the crown looks small, while the brim looks too big. Certainly not as flattering as many of the princess’s later hats. The entire costume is not a happy combination.

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