Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 50 years ago to March 30, 1968 when a radiant young Princess Beatrix (she was expecting Prince Friso) and Prince Claus visited Flevoland. I can’t help but think her hat is a warning against overuse of pinking shears.

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9 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Regarding the purple hat Queen Elizabeth just wore—does anyone else think the flowers have been trimmed back?

  2. Looks like the hat was amde from cotton material! Maybe it was suppose to look like feathers, but then why wouldn’t they just use feathers. It would have looked much better.

  3. I wonder what material this hat was made of. It looks like organza. There seems to be a hat base underneath, covered in draped chiffon. The general idea must have been to create a flowering, feminine effect.
    Maybe it looked better in colour, but in this black & white picture the first thing that comes to mind is “ravioli” ! However, Princess Beatrix’ smile makes one forget the hat. (Somebody apparently already offered a toy dog for the baby to come.)

    • I though farfalle! But I’ve never seen prayer plants used in a bouquet that way, and that is quite a beautiful arrangement.

    • Yes, Wies M. and Julie, ravioli or farfalle is so right! And that whimsical reference is, for me, yet another reason to be fond of these ‘sixties hats. They’re fun and lighthearted.
      I dare say my love of these flowerpetal hats was actually imprinted on me in toddlerhood. I was brought up, like so many Aussie babies, on May Gibb’s vintage “Gumnut” illustrations, which feature insanely cute babies with their heads entirely encased in Australian native leaves and flower petals. Since then, any hat that looks like something Little Ragged Blossom would wear, gets my vote: https://www.ahappyhome.com.au/products/may-gibbs-the-flower-babies-ball-gift-card

  4. It’s clear that someone sheared the poor creature that she was holding in her arm, and then super-glued the fur to her hat.
    BTW, sheep shearers down under in Oz can get the entire coat of wool off of a sheep in one piece! It’s an awesome sight.

    • Jimbo, LOL on the super-glue! Incidentally, sheep shearers in Pennsylvania USA can also similarly shear sheep — years ago when I lived in that area, I saw a number of live demonstrations at the Kutztown Fair, which annually features the talents of Amish farmers and crafters.

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