Cheltenham Festival: Day 3

Zara  and Mike Tindall were the only royal attendees today at the third day of the Cheltenham Festival, both sporting wonderful new hats. Zara’s hat, in the most beautiful shade of peacock blue, is described by the designer as a “hand-blocked teardrop-shaped perching peachbloom felt pillbox hat… trimmed with bow tails, 3 degrade dyed quills and a leather camelia.”

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Percher hats remain at the height of current fashion and Zara carries them so well. This hat is a fantastic colour on her and I adore its styling with her black base, grey Escada coat, and slightly lighter blue purse- the hat becomes the ensemble’s focus point with a punctuation of bright colour.

Designer: Sally Ann Provan. It is the ‘Mie’ felt hat from AW 2017
Previously Worn: This hat is new

For those of you wishing to see more royal men don hats, Mike Tindall seems to have heard your suggestion and attended the races today in a grey wool coogan cap. The informal feel of the hat is a great fit for an afternoon at the races and I love that Mike coordinated its colour to his wife’s coat.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Holland Cooper Baker Boy Cap

This is my favourite hat on Zara so far this week- what do you think of it?  And, did any non-royal hats catch your eye at the races today?

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival: Day 3

  1. This is such an improvement on yesterday from Zara. Yesterday’s look wasn’t doing her any favours, this is fab. Fun, sleek and well styled. The retro sunglasses give it a real edge for me.

  2. What I love about Cheltenham is that we get to see fancy fall-winter millinery on display, and Zara at some of her finest when it comes to hats. Today is no exception, and she chose another gorgeous hat. The colors are beyond fantastic, and she knows how to wear a percher cocktail hat so well.

    Is it also possible to include Mike Tindall on this post? I know that may be too much to ask, but we rarely see royal men in hats, and he was in fine form in his newsboy cap:
    Embed from Getty Images

    While you’ve already featured a couple of my favorites from Sally Ann Provan and that black beret cocktail, I also enjoyed this newsboy cap from golfer Lee Westwood (which he repeated from last year, as seen in the last photo):
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Love all the new hats. Zara can never go wrong in blue, she looks stunning! I’m glad Mike wore a cap because I’m sure it’s still cold. Not too sure about the last hat, the black beret. its trim is so “different” and I’m not sure I like it. Charlotte’s red hat is indeed stunning.

  4. My favourite non-royal hat at the Cheltenham Festival was another design from Sally Ann Provan (I’ve been following her work for a while and am so excited to see it on some high profile heads!) worn by ITV correspondent Charlotte Hawkins. The “Miki” saucer hat features a felt crown and straw brim with handmade silk flowers. With the rest of her ensemble, it’s a stunning look.

    • I also really like this colour blocked fedora with feathers
      Embed from Getty Images

      and this black felt beret with interesting trim
      Embed from Getty Images
      Embed from Getty Images

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