Dutch Queen Opens Women’s Health Center

Queen Máxima was in The Hague today to officially open the Expertise Center for Endometriosis in Balance at HMC Bronovo Hospital. For this opening, she topped her green silk dress with a new hat in grey fur felt. In the shape of an oversize fedora, the design features subtle pinches on the tall crown and a wide, downward facing brim. The hat is simply trimmed with a wide grey Petersham ribbon hatband.

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The choice of a new hat in this shade of grey for Máxima is an interesting one, as she has several upswept brim designs in this colour. This shape, however, is slightly less formal – perhaps this makes it more versatile? I can see it being a great hat to pair with a multitude of different outfits for less formal engagements. Formality is my main quibble about this ensemble- I really like the hat and I like the dress but their pairing together is off for me, despite my love of a great royal fedora!. I think it’s the silk- a dressy fabric that feels like it needs a more formal piece of headwear to compliment. We saw Queen Máxima wear this dress with a grey felt upswept brim hat last February, a pairing I think was slightly more successful.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: .Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Rossini” design
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Thoughts about this new hat for Queen Máxima?
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17 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Women’s Health Center

  1. I’m with you on this hat, HQ. Love the hat, love the dress, just not together. The heavy texture of the felt, plus the casual shape, plus the conventional hatband makes the hat seem so… .chunky, when placed next to the haute luxury of the silk. I do love the other hat which was worn with this dress a year ago, though it too is perhaps a tad woolly.
    However, the grey/green colour combination is still as fascinating as ever, and (fedora aside) the different accessorising of today’s outfit is every bit the equal of the previous styling, with the latest brooch placement a true standout. It’s not often that I see a royal frock which I would be thrilled to wear myself, but this frock, worn with this grey, is exactly that. Inspiring.

  2. I really like this hat; sure there’s a bit of an Indiana Jones vibe, but I’m on board. And I don’t hate the pairing either, I think it’s quite a fun juxtaposition. There are some issues with the dress (that pucker?) but all in all I like it.

  3. Natan has struck again! That’s all I need to say about that. Dislike the hat but it would probably be OK with something more informal or casual.

  4. I definitely prefer the slice hat compared to the fedora in terms of styling, although I don’t find the fedora really offensive, just an odd choice for the more formal-looking outfit. I think the grey with the green is a perfect combo though, and would love to see more royals do this (granted, green and grey are two of my favorite colors).

  5. The colour of the hat is fine, but I don’t like the exaggerated fedora shape, much prefer her slices and upswept brims. The colour of the dress is fine, although I *hate* that strange, puckered dart, what’s the point of it? Love her earrings and brooch. Put it all together and IMHO it doesn’t work. Nothing’s terrible (except that pucker) but everything seems to be pulling against each other (like that pucker). Huh, I’m all puckered out now!

  6. I think the dress is from the dutch label Pauw, but I cannot find a pic of it online. I like this combination, but I often like things others do not.

  7. The previous time she wore this dress with the upswept grey hat, it wasn’t so much that the hat was better, but the green/grey combination went so well with the background against which she was photographed in the exhibition. I agree with just about everybody’s comments: away from the exhibition, the green/grey combination seems odd and doesn’t do anything for me, the informal vs formal fabrics of the hat and dress are at odds, the dress is oddly tailored (and what’s with that strangely positioned brooch?). The shape of the hat is interesting, but I look forward to seeing it with something other than this dress before I make a final judgement on it.

  8. I like the dress and love the hat, but not together. As Hat Queen stated, the dress is too formal and the hat too casual. I also think the cool gray clashes with the warm green. A warm gray would be better.

  9. The dress is a gorgeous color and fabric and a hat that incorporated some of that color or a darker shade of it would be nice. I’m not against the gray accessories, I just don’t think they add anything to the dress (which in my opinion looks poorly tailored, doesn’t fit on the shoulders and has tucks and wrinkles all over the place).

  10. Clearly, Max really likes this combination, as seen below, 16 years ago!
    March 20, 2002
    Embed from Getty Images

  11. Like the hat, LOVE the dress. As for the color combo, I’m undecided. I like that it is unexpected though. I would not have gone with cream as Jimbo suggested – just too safe. Maybe a dark tan/ochre, or even a dark teal. In my book, Máxima, with her animated smile, can carry anything off.

    • Perfectly stated. I would rather see an off-white or cream colored hat paired with the olive drab dress.
      Happy Ides of March!

  12. I’m normally not a fan of fedoras (to put it mildly) but I love this one – the wider brim seems to be doing the trick for me. I also love the color combination of grey and nile and how the grey accessories tie the whole look together, very classy.

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