Cheltenham Festival: Day 4

‘Gold Cup Day’, the fourth day of the Cheltenham Festival, was enjoyed today by Princess Anne and her family. We don’t often see Princess Anne debut new hats but she did today and it’s a beauty. In vibrant royal purple felt, the fedora features a deeply pinched crown and wide brim that is slightly raised brim around the back. The hat is trimmed with a purple hatband punctuated with a darker purple stripe, which is also used for a multi looped bow on the side. Purple feathers finish off the design.

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The sharp lines of this fedora’s crown suits Princess Anne very well while the trim softens and livens the design. The colour looks fantastic on the Princess Royal and I adore the slight angle she placed the hat on her head. It’s modern, interesting, and stylish- not something we often say about Anne’s hats. We’ll undoubtedly see it much (and for many years to come) but it’s great to see her add a new piece to her wardrobe.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Autumn Phillips topped her coat with a black felt bumper base cocktail hat lavishy trimmed with feathers. The hat makes a significant statement – especially with that tall trio of pheasant feathers – and the restrained styling of other pieces in Autumn’s ensemble makes it work. The warm hues of the feathers also looks fantastic against her hair. Peter Phillips repeated his much worn brown fedora.

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Designer: Carrie Jenkinson
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall topped her navy coat with a matching percher hat in the same colour with a felt, teardrop shaped base, trimmed with a navy silk abaca bow and spray of cut feathers.

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It’s a good hat on Zara that coordinates well with her coat (thank goodness her red purse brought a pop of colour) and while there’s much to like, I keep finding myself comparing it to the gorgeous peacock blue hat she wore yesterday. In comparison, it comes up a bit short. Perhaps I’m getting tired of seeing this same shape on Zara so much?

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. The piece is bespoke.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Mike Tindall also wore a similar hat to the one we saw him in yesterday, another coogan cap this time in dark navy. Mike wears hats more than most other royal men and the relaxed feel of this one seems to suit his personality well. On a side note, I think both Mike and Peter wear their new beards quite well!
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Designer: Holland Cooper Baker Boy Cap
It’s not often we see the ladies in this family at an event, all in new hats. What do you think of this trio of titfers today at Cheltenham? Did any non-royal hats catch your eye at today’s races?
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15 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival: Day 4

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Anne in this ensemble! Is it a lot of purple? Yes. Does she look fabulous? Yes! This fedora is fantastic on her and pairs so well with the coat, although I would love to see it paired with a grey, black, or navy ensemble for versatility’s sake. Brava!

    Autumn really has hit her stride over the past couple of years in terms of hats, and this is no exception. Peter looks good in his fedora, but I don’t like it’s pairing with the rest of his outfit; black shoes, a charcoal suit, and a brown hat? Either get some brown shoes (and belt), or go with a black or grey fedora (call me a purist, I know).

    Zara looked great again, but I agree that this one seemed a bit boring after all the other fun hats of the week. Glad to see Mike wearing a cap again.

    Here are a few additional favorites of mine from Gold Cup Day:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Love the purple on Princess Anne, I like that shape. I’d actually love to see her daughters in that shape more often.

    I like Zara’s hat without quibble but 100% agree that I really wish she’d branch out in shape a bit more.

    I also like Autumn’s hat, pheasant feathers make such great trimming and I love the warm colors, but I’ve always felt small perched hats look better with hair up. Something about the proportions always feels off with hair flowing out under a small based hat.

  3. Lovely, lovely showing from the three women and the two men. Shame Commander Tim wasn’t there to make the set. Anne in a new hat is a treat in itself but when it’s a hat this good, well, squee! That colour is tremendous on her. Love both Autumn and Zara in their hats, great job, and fully agree that Peter is looking hot!

  4. Princess Anne and her family look great. Autumn’s blond hair makes a nice contrast with her dark hat and coat. Zara’s hat is a good shape for her face and the added height of the hat decorations is a plus for her overall look.

  5. Anne’s purple hat is bright and cheerful. Zara’s seems entirely in keeping with her style though a new size and shape of hat would be welcome. Autumn’s hat is fine but a bit small for my personal taste.

    Other hats that caught my eye were the slightly larger brown hat with similar feathers worn by the lady with dark hair with Autumn and the teal hat worn by the blond chatting with Zara.

    Peter looks dashing in his fedora though it would be interesting in gray to match his suit. Mike looks very comfortable in his hat.

    A great hat day!

  6. Doesn’t Anne look fab! That hat is wonderful, a reminder of her Mother’s much loved purple homburg that we’ve liked for so long. It’s such a well put together look, I’m staggered.

    Autumn looks fab (but doesn’t she always these days!) And Peter in that beard, hat and shades looks HOT!

    Zara is fine but it’s just not as much fun as the previous day.

    A good day all round hat wise!

    • Autumn does look very good…totally put together. Hat is a good size for her and nice warm colour choice overall. She has lovely hair. Looks like detachable faux fur collars are in vogue. Peter…yes very attractive man and that look of love between those two. Shheesh.

  7. Great hat for Princess Anne! I like the way the hatband coordinates with the lapels of her coat (it looks like the hatband & loops are covered in the same fabric as the one the lapels are made of and edged with ribbon on both sides). And I very much like the whole ensemble hat / coat / boots, sporting yet elegant. (By the way, is it on purpose that the colours P. Anne is wearing match those of the jockey ?)

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