Belgian Monarchs Wrap Up Canadian State Visit

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde spent a second day in Montreal yesterday for the final day of their Canadian state visit. For their program of events, which included a visit with their niece, Princess Louisa Maria who is studying this year at McGill University, Queen Mathilde wore her second new hat of the visit. In luminous emerald felt, the classic design features a flat crown and wide brim trimmed simply with a hatband with felt buckle motif at the back.


The colour of this piece, perhaps timed for St. Patrick’s Day today, is lovely on Mathilde and the slight curve on the brim gives both a sense of movement and slight informality. Its pairing with this Natan coat dress with small green and tan plaid is a wonderful one- the two pieces are tied together by colour while the more neutral dress grounds the hat, allowing it to be a supported focal point in the overall ensemble. I have some quibbles about the stitching line on the hatband (it really should be straighter) but otherwise, think this is a great addition to Mathilde’s millinery wardrobe.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the ‘Selvia’ design
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The Canadian state visit officially concluded this morning with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde boarding a flight to return home. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about this new hat, as well as your overall impression of the hats wore in Canada this week!

Photos from Benoit Doppagne / Frederic Sierakowski via Belga Photo Pool 

15 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Wrap Up Canadian State Visit

  1. So fantastic to see a new green royal hat come out, especially one as good as this! Mathilde styled this one very well with the rest of her outfit. I only wish green hats like this were worn more often beyond St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

  2. Hat Queen, perhaps you can clear something up for me in regards to the maple leaf brooch. Some pictures of her arrival she is not wearing the brooch, while other pictures have her wearing it. I’m curious why she would remove it, so I assume that perhaps it was a gift to her?

    Overall, as a Canadian, I am flattered that Queen Mathilde took such effort on this visit. Her evening gowns have been exceptional and her overall styling has been lovely. What a great visit!

    • On all the photos where Queen Mathilde’s left lapel is visible, the brooch is there. At one point, she and King Philippe went outdoors to watch a hockey match- those photos she is wearing a tan wrap. I suspect the brooch was still on the coatdress under the wrap.

  3. If I were a Belgian I would be delighted with the way I had been represented by Queen Mathilde on this visit. Not all the hats or outfits were favourites of mine but there was ample evidence of careful thought and planning and effort in execution. Budget and help aside if I looked as good as Mathilde on any single day I would be thrilled. If I were a Canadian I would feel flattered and gratified that she took such trouble.

    About the hats. I love and applaud the range of styles and colours worn in a week. Personally I find crownless hats disappointing and strangely pointless. If I have a quibble it is that Mathilde is inclined to try too hard – to impress, to be adventurous, to coordinate, pay homage to or to be different. Restraint and classic lines are her friend. The green hat for the win although the pretty maple leaf casque is also appealing.

  4. I love everything about today’s ensemble – especially the glorious green hat! Most of the readers here at Royal Hats agree that Mathilde’s first hat (the large red one) is just fine with no embellishments. If the green hat trearment was added to the red one, would anyone object? I think the felt buckle and band would be perfect on the red hat, giving it a more finished look.
    BTW, I was just served a GREEN gin @ tonic!

  5. Oh, this is a wonderful hat. At first I thought the crown was a little bit too low but that also depends on the angle of the picture. Both style and color are so nice in combination with her dress. I also love that she keeps trying new shapes.
    I enjoyed this state visit a lot. We all know she often wears hats but I was still surprised there were 5 of them. But I guess it’s also because it was a rather long visit. And can it be that it works in the cold weather?

  6. The green of the hat is wonderful but I’m not a fan of the wide brim. I liked the hat better with her brown wrap/shawl then with the tweed dress.

  7. I like this hat with the tweed coat dress. I still am not a fan of the large maple leaf brooch though I do understand the nod to Canada and to St. Patrick’s Day. I wonder if a green shawl for this occasion would have been a nice addition?

  8. I thought the orange hat was the first new one?

    I love this green hat and I love the coat, but for some reason I don’t like them together. I was going over Mathilde’s hat inventories this week and was just thinking how she needed a second green hat in her collection, lol.

    Kudos to the Queen for wearing a hat all five days of this state visit, we don’t see this with other royals.

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