Day 2 of Jordanian State Visit to The Netherlands

The Jordanian state visit to the Netherlands continued today with a program of economic meetings, visits to a technical training school and government luncheon hosted by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. For these events, Queen Máxima repeated her familiar harvest gold velvet ruched turban hat.

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“The Brain” or “The Pincushion”, as we have affectionately nicknamed this hat in the past, is a design that illicits strong reactions. Its pairing today with Máxima’s Claes Iversen grey silk flounced dress might be my favourite so far (see other pairings with this hat over at this post) as the hat references the gold trim on the dress’ neckline, belt and cuffs and the pieces work together. Is the pairing enough to make me love the hat? No. That is never going to happen. I do concede, however, this might be almost as good as it gets for this piece- almost as I have some quibbles about Máxima’s sideswept hair.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 27. 2016Apr 27, 2015Oct 18, 2013Dec 7, 2012
This hat is one that polarizes- what do you think of its outing today? 
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23 thoughts on “Day 2 of Jordanian State Visit to The Netherlands

  1. I really like this hat. The color and texture are so rich/luxurious. It begs to be touched! It seems informal as it is a knit cap style yet is being worn in a formal situation. This makes it rather unusual for a royal hat. It is very distinctive, and suited to the wearer. Those are good things!

  2. It must be fun to work with Max as a stylist or designer. You’d give her a dress with ruffles and she’d say, “It needs more! I need a belt, big hat, contrasting cuffs! It’s still not enough. I need big earrings, two bracelets, no wait, make that five bracelets and plenty of rings!” She looks fantastic, as usual, in an outfit that should not work, but works on her. My one complaint would be the way her hair is on that one side. If she’s going to continue to wear this hat, I think another hairstyle would work better.

  3. Yikes! this is so Max – one day she has me convinced that she is the most stately monarch on the planet as she greets dignitaries in ballrooms, airports and palaces, the next day (and it IS often the next day) I feel I’m looking at a swinging ‘sixties boho girl. It doesn’t help that those kelpy strands of ruffles are in all the fast fashion chain shops right now; though, now I come to think of it, Rania herself is no slouch when it comes to cascades of ruffles – in fact, she has probably taken notes for a blouse in this design!:)
    But I adore the grey/mustard colour combination – so sophisticated, so Max – and I admire how Maxima makes this turban accessory look refined, when it could so easily look like a cheap knitted beanie. But then it’s velvet, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a velvet hat I didn’t like. And the more I see this one and how it works with different outfits, the more I like it.

  4. Max is clearly going through a ruffle and flounce phase. I can see nothing here that works. The hat is in a league of its’ own and it does not matter what she does with it I will never like it. The dress could be fine on its’ own but I would like to see it just a shade longer. The hair looks a mess. A miss for a Queen that usually looks good. Q Rania minus a hat looks business like – and whilst I personally dislike crop trousers they certainly look sharp!

    • We have been critiquing Q Rania for not wearing a hat, but this certainly raises an interesting point, which is that on a visit to a technical school and a luncheon, maybe the opposite is true, i.e. that a hat on Q Maxima was unnecessary for this occasion. For the royals who do generally wear hats, do they wear them all the time at every public appearance, or are there protocols regarding which types of events do and do not “require” hats?

  5. Several comments (all that seem to use the phrase ‘hot mess’) have been deleted. As the remaining comments prove, it is possible to not like a hat, and point out the features that are not liked, while remaining respectful- respectful not only to those wearing the hat, but those who designed them, made them and styled the outfits they are worn with.

  6. Nope. This outing did nothing to improve my opinion of this hat. And I’m baffled by the combination of the warm golden brown with the cool grey.

  7. “what do you think of its outing today?“

    Not so much and that pains me to say because I usually love Max’s style. I can’t support this hat, at all.

  8. I’ve been trying to think what this hat reminds me of — chenille yarn. It’s that big ball of chenille yarn that’s been sitting in your knitting bag since the 80s and got all wadded up. I can’t say I’m at all fond of it.

  9. This hat does provoke strong feelings and questions….but in some ways it is certainly Maxima’s style. I prefer this hat with looks 2 and 3 best. This look ties with look 1. The ruffles on the dress help the hat is some way as well as the belt, clutch and purse but I wish the dress was a bit longer. I also don’t care for the hairstyle…I like it better away from her face.

  10. My word. This whole get-up begs the question why would anyone think it was a good idea to even make these things, let alone buy them.

  11. I like look #1 best with the color of the hat and look #3 best for hair with the hat. I prefer a little hair in front of the hat. Today’s pairing leaves me cold. I know it matches the neckline, belt, and cuffs, but I don’t know why they would put gold with light grey. It doesn’t go together IMHO. The hat is not my cup of tea either way. I guess grey is a neutral color and should match anything, but the gold just seems like such a heavy color with this light, airy dress!

  12. Given all the hideous ruffles that are wearing Maxima, the hat doesn’t seem so bad! (She’s clearly having a moment as she was also covered in ruffles – bright yellow ones, mind – at the state dinner. The dress is a shocker so this time the hat gets a pass. I agree with HQ that the hair is a bit wrong too. PS: Still love you, Max!

  13. In another universe somewhere, there may be an explanation for that hat. But whatever ambivalence one feels about the hat, it makes sense compared with that dress. I entirely agree with Matthew’s view below. One of the queen’s rare disasters–but that’s closely associated with her urge to push the envelope, which I admire.

  14. It must be very very comfortable – and, I suppose, secure in high winds. I’m surprised at the group photo – the gentlemen are the most colourfully dressed! How often does that happen? In the red carpet photo, the carpet is practically stealing the show.

  15. In terms of pairing this hat with an outfit, I agree that this has been the best choice of outfit so far. In terms of the hat and hair, the premiere outing with the brooch/pin and side chignon was the best, although this time is runner-up IMO. But ultimately, nothing will truly redeem this hat, and I continue to wonder why she brings it back out when there are so many other good hats she’s only worn once or twice.

  16. Well we may not love this hat, but she sure does! I admire the skill in putting together so many different looks, and this colour combo is a good one. But the fact remains this is a peculiar hat, the kind of retro that shouldnt really come back alas. I love the dress though.

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