Jordanian Monarchs Arrive For Dutch State Visit

King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan arrived in The Netherlands yesterday for a two day state visit. While Queen Rania did not wear a hat (she very rarely does!), her host, Queen Máxima predictably did. Her choice was interesting- a repeat of the hat she wore for Prinsjesdag in 2013. While the upswept brim shape of this piece, which is made in gold straw, is a a very familiar shape for Máxima, today was this hat’s first repeat.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Lighting in many of these photos gives the hat a caramel glow but its true colour is as you see in the first photo above- a toasted, golden brown. I’m not overly excited about the styling of this hat with  Máxima’s brown caped coat and lace dress from Claes Iversen- not even the mix of straw, wool and lace textures keeps the ensemble from being a bit bland. I think, however, that’s precisely what the Dutch queen and her stylist were going for in the spirit of being a great host. They might have known Queen Rania was going to show up without a hat (despite longstanding protocol that includes headwear in the dress code for state visits) and this neutral ensemble keeps Máxima from stealing the spotlight.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Sep 17, 2013
What do you think about my diplomatic dressing theory? And what do you think of this hat, now that we’ve finally seen it again?
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19 thoughts on “Jordanian Monarchs Arrive For Dutch State Visit

  1. I love both outfits; v. much in keeping with both women’s styles. Maxima wears the big sweeping brim very well!

    I’ve never seen a picture of Abdullah before and was startled by the evident age difference. Or so I thought. When I looked it up and discovered there’s only 9 years difference between them, and Queen Rania is actually 47 (yet manages to look early thirties), I immediately wondered what her secret *cough, surgeon* is

  2. The sun shining through Max’s hat is lovely, but otherwise the effect is a bit blergh with all that brown. She would’ve known Rania wouldn’t wear a hat so should have chosen something smaller for herself (as she did the next day).

  3. I suspect Queen Rania doesn’t wear hats because women’s headcoverings are so much more than an issue of aesthetics and etiquette in her homeland/s. Whatever she wears or doesn’t wear, it would be taken as a religious/political statement – possibly particularly so if she followed Western tradition (hat) instead of Middle Eastern tradition (scarf).
    For comparison, consider Emine Erdogan, First Lady of Turkey, who as far as I know has never been seen in a hat, but for quite the opposite reason: the position has already been filled.

  4. I am a huge fan of Max’s slice hats, and the beige doesn’t bother me in the least, it’s a good color for her. A brooch or something might have livened it up. I do think it photographs as unbalanced, though, with Rania not wearing a hat. In this case, I would have chosen one of her smaller calots. Perhaps she was trying to wear enough hat for both of them? 😉

  5. I think your theory could be right HatQueen. But if I knew my guest would not be wearing a hat, I think I would opt for something smaller. Like when Spain visited Belgium and Mathilde wore something like a big headband.

    I sometimes wonder how the host feels if their guest shows up without a hat. Are they like, oh now, she’s not wearing a hat! Or do they just don’t care?

    • Michaël, I do agree with you on that point. Even if a hat is not generally worn at home, during a state visit the custom of the other country should be followed.

      • The Jordanian royals simply don’t wear many hats. Queen Rania doesn’t often wear head coverings when she’s at home, an interesting statement of its own. She’s not the only Queen to forgo hat wearing on state visits- Queen Letitia hasn’t worn a hat during her visits to the Netherlands (the only state visit she did wear one was to the UK!).

        • I agree with Deborah (above). If Queen Rania doesn’t wear a headcovering in Jordan, then she’s hardly likely to wear a hat in the West. It would be a political minefield for her. Political hats, now I wonder what one of those would look like? 🙂

          • It’s interesting- we discuss hats here purely in terms of aesthetics and style (with a touch of diplomacy peppered in from time to time) but for Rania, headcoverings are religious and political. I think it’s understandable that since she doesn’t wear one at home that she also not wear one on foreign visits. Come to think of it… when’s the last time we saw Rania wear a tiara?

  6. My husband thinks Rania is the most beautiful woman in the world (with the possible exception of Sophia Lauren). It’s a good thing I’m not given to jealousy! (Actually, I agree with him!)

    It seems that most nations these days have given up on hats, which is a shame. Look at how seldom the Spanish royal ladies wear them, and Rania is the same. I think she makes up for it with her frequently extremely avant garde clothes — it would be hard to find a hat to go with some of her outfits! But she’s so lovely that I just ignore the lack of hat and enjoy how good, or how interesting, she looks. She can seldom be accused of looking bland; with Rania, it’s either quite stylish or thoroughly outré, but seldom anything in the middle! In this case, the beautiful embroidery on her gown is matched by that on Princess Beatrix’s. What lovely handwork they are both modeling, even if the tiaras are missing!

  7. Queen Maxima is always dramatic in her attire and no different here. I like her large, dramatic hat. It was nice of her to match Queen Rania’s modest length of coat. Queen Rania bravely goes without head covering back home, so I’m not surprised at no hat for her. Her clothing choices are always interesting, very modern or original, for the most part, I think.

  8. The color scheme is not surprising (it is one of her favorites), so it seems 50/50 that Máxima chose this because she didn’t want to stand out/she chose this because she loves the colors.

    At any point, while I’m never the biggest fan of these monochromatic choices that blend in with her hair and skin, these dark shades provide more elegance than plain beige does. Máxima’s outfit styling is one point, and the hat was a good choice, but the placement is off (sits too high and far back), and I think her chignon should be on the other side to balance out the brim of the hat.

    Not surprised Rania didn’t wear a hat (and why she does forgo them will forever remain a mystery I guess!), but she looked stylish as ever. That coat is fantastic, and it’s nice to see Willem-Alexander match his tie to it (presumably it was a coincidence haha).

  9. Maxima looks polished and “finished” in her chic ensemble. Even if she meant to shrink into the background by wearing muted colours, this was never going to happen. Her smile, alone, makes her stand out in the crowd. Raina’s coat is lovely, but something is missing. A hat? But, of course!

  10. Judging by the sleeves of caramel coloured lace of Q Máxima’s dress, it looks as if the hat goes best with the dress, not the coat. And you may very well be right about her choice of colours being due to her position as a hostess.
    Such a shame Q. Rania doesn’t wear a hat. I wonder why ?

  11. When I saw this outfit I thought anything but bland. I’ve always thought that camel/caramel shade to be really elegant and luxurious. Máx gives interest here with textures and shades. She always goes for it at the start of state visits I think and this is no exception, I think she looks fabulous. But I think you could be onto something with her choice of neutrals…

    Shame Rania didn’t go for a hat, but she’s elegant as ever, that jaunty slit in the coat is quite fun.

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