One Hat, Three Coats

Royal HatsLast weekend, we saw the Duchess of Cambridge celebrate St. Patrick’s day in a green felt Gina Foster “Meribel” hat. Described by the designer as a “classic velour felt beret hat with stylised felt bow trim”, we have seen Kate step out in this piece three times, each paired with a different coat. I think this trio of pairings deserves a closer, comparative look:

Look 1: With a  green and navy tartan Alexander McQueen coat worn for Christmas Day in 2013

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: With a textured green wool Hobbs coat at the St Patrick’s Day parade at Mons Barracks on March 17, 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 3: With a green wool Catherine Walker coat with attached faux fur collar and cuffs worn for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The looks are distinctive and varied, not only because one coat is obviously a maternity coat. I’m fascinated how the different shades and textures of green on the coat plays against the hat and am curious- what pairing do you like best?

Photo from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “One Hat, Three Coats

  1. I like the angle of the hat with the Hobbs coat, but the pairing with the tartan is my favorite. The contrast draws attention to the hat. And, yes there’s a wee bit of Scottich blood in me that loves tartans!

  2. I cannot like the outing with the Hobbs coat. The greens are different enough to be bothersome, but not to look intentional. I like both the others very much. I think the first and third outings show the maturing of the younger royal into the more confident and sophisticated royal Duchess. (Incidentally, I believe I read that the collar and cuffs are actually part of this coat and not a repeat of the detachable ones she wore with a different coat in the past – not that it makes any difference to the look of it.)

  3. I have to agree with what seems like the majority opinion, that the hat looks best with the up-do, and therefore vote for #3. I would have probably liked #2 equally well if not for the hair — I do like the coat and think it goes well with the hat just as a garment, if not for the hair. Could just be me, but I’ve looked at the tartan coat on two laptops and a tablet, and on all three the coat is reading more blue than green, and therefore I don’t really think a green hat went with it at all.

    Jimbo, great geezer hat! My father had one in the exact same style in a very nice brown tweed — I think my brother has it now, though I don’t know if he wears it.

  4. I love the hat itself with the tartan coat, but for overall look I think it works slightly better with the updo. The mismatched greens and too many accessories of number two just aren’t working for me.

  5. Green, especially this particular shade of emerald for the hat, is my favorite color, so there’s my bias out of the way (as you probably already know). There are many things I like about all 3 of these looks, but the shining star remains the cocktail hat for all of them.

    Colorwise, #3 matches so well despite not being made for each other; it’s nice to see this hat with an updo, but the look is a bit more severe. I like Kate’s hair is best with #2, and I don’t mind the pairing of the hat and coat here despite being different shades, but adding a third shade with the belt, clutch, and shoes made it too mismatched; if she had wore black or grey accessories with this hat and coat, I think it would’ve worked! #1 I like best overall because it doesn’t seem too matchy and the look seems more effortless, even though her hair isn’t done as well as #2.

    I would love to see this hat out for an occasion beyond Christmas/St. Patrick’s, like the Commonwealth service or something else. I think this could be a really versatile hat if it was paired with more grey, black, blue, or even possibly brown.

    • Jake, I’m with you about pairing the versatile hat with a neutral, especially grey, and not limiting it to Christmas and St. Patrick’s appearances.

      • If this hat were owned by Princess Anne, I’m sure we would see it again and again going forward on all sorts of occasions! With the Duchess of Cambridge, maybe not. But speaking of Princess Anne, I think this style would also look great on her, what does anyone else think?

        • Matthew, how soon we forget! It’s even the same color. Or close to it.
          Ascot Day 3, 2017
          Embed from Getty Images

          • My goodness, of course! No wonder she immediately came to mind as I was looking at the photos! (You’ll have to pardon me, I’m in charge of our local spring art show and my brain is verging on somewhat fried!)

          • Ha ha! No worries! MY brain is fried after hearing St. Mark’s Passion account proclaimed three times today! Oue revised translation uses the word “spikenard” as a perfumed oil in the alabaster jar. Had to look it up!

          • Since you said “proclaimed”, I will assume that you mean the reading rather than a musical performance, otherwise I would ask you if you were in a choir making the rounds of Easter engagements. Here is a very nice though apparently non-authentic version:
            and to excuse myself to HatQueen for getting that much off topic, I will declare it wonderful music to look at royal Easter hats by!

            (Should you be interested in owning your own supply of spikenard, it is available on Amazon in a variety of containers, alabaster and otherwise.)

  6. My favorites are 1 and 3 for two reasons: the color match is excellent with them, and the sleeker style of those coats benefits from the finishing flourish of that fun flying bow. The second coat is a very busy military style with all those flaps, collar and belt, and could be better with a plainer hat.

  7. When I first saw outfit #3 on the blog just recently, I felt there was something not quite right which I couldn’t put my finger on at the time. After all, I really like the coat, and the hat, and the colours match perfectly. Was the awkward shape of her updo throwing me?
    Then I remembered how the coat was worn just recently in Sweden. The wide furry hat which Kate then wore with the same coat neatly balances the height of the coat’s furry ruff. But with today’s smaller daintier hat, the ruff looks too high, wide, chunky and overpowering– –plus making Kate’s neck look shorter and thicker than it actually is.
    Outfit #2 would actually be VERY interesting in a Maxima sort of way, if there were other instances of the green of the hat to tie it in to the rest of the outfit –such as matching bag and gloves. When close colour pairings like this one aren’t repeated within the outfit, the combination mostly ends up looking either forced, or sloppy.
    Outfit#1: The multicoloured tartan backdrop creates contrast, which accentuates the beautiful colour of the hat – more so than the green coats do; so that makes this outfit my favourite. But I love tartan, so I admit bias..

    • Mcncln, so far, we’re the only two who really like the tartan the best. (We’ve missed your comments in the Princess Anne department!)

      • Hi fellow tartan-lover! too bad that royals don’t wear tartan more often. It seems that royals have to take into account the political significance of the tartan on each occasion, whereas we mere mortals can just follow our sartorial whims into tartan territory whenever we like .
        So sorry I didn’t get to comment on your excellent posts on The Princess Royal, unfortunately they coincided with a time when my blog-reading had to take a back seat. Princess Anne is a fascinating subject, she has interpreted her role in a very individual manner . Stylewise, her early official appearances in the ‘sixties (when she presumably allowed a stylist to have complete control over her wardrobe) strike me most, because her fashion then seemed to express very clearly the bold and innovative aspects of her personality.

  8. My favorite look is #3. The color of the coat and hat seem to be a perfect match and the hairstyle is fantastic! I must say look #2 is a close second because I do love a tartan plaid.

  9. It hurts me to say it because I adore that tartan coat, but look 3 is best. I really do not like look 2.

  10. I’m partial to the tartan coat, maybe because I have a favorite winter cap that I’ve worn for at least 30 years. Like Anne, I hang on to my stuff! Whenever I wear it, my son invariably has snarky comments about it, something about my old geezer hat! Hey, that’s not too far off the horizon!

  11. Number 3 by a mile. It’s a really good hat that she’s used really well to mix and match. I liked the tartan outfit a lot too. Number 2 drives me crazy – the greens are just clashing and she’s overdone it with the green accessories. Which is a shame as the coat is nice.

  12. I think #3 looks the best, because of the updo and the sleek styling of the coat. It all combines into one gorgeous look. (I think this hat with her hair down creates a very juvenile look.)

  13. It’s a lovely hat and suits Catherine beautifully. I like all three. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Look 1 with the tartan. I like #3 too. Not crazy about the storm flaps on coat #2, but I like the overall cut and belt.

  14. I prefer the latest coat and hat pairing because I think the green colors match so well, AND, I love the up-do hairstyle. While the Duchess of Cambridge is always lovely, she just seems to glow during this pregnancy. I particularly love her styling this year and find her whole ensemble beautiful and very appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day.

  15. #3 is the best pairing to me. Perhaps it is because of Catherine’s “maternal glow”. The beret is most attractive, but particularly with the Catherine Walker coat.

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