This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

On March 28, an exhibition on Queen Margrethe’s clothes, gowns and hats will open at The Old Town Museum in Aarhus. I believe this is the first time her hats will be on exhibition- something some of you might want to catch if you are in Denmark between now and September 9.

Crown Princess Mary in a new black hat with wide, mushroom brim on Tuesday for the private funeral of a family friend.

Wonderful to see that Lady Frederick Windsor appears to have recovered from the horrible car accident she suffered last November. She was photographed looking very well at the Cheltenham races last week in a tall crowned, rose trimmed navy hat from Siggi Hats.

Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein in a cosy knit winter hat to welcome the Austrian President and first lady for a visit (Luxarazzi)

On Tuesday, members of the Imperial royal family attended a concert at the Imperial Palace performed by graduating students from several Tokyo university music programs (Imperial Family Of Japan)

Princess Ayako, Princess Akiko, Crown Princess Masako, Princess Kiko and Princess Hisako in hats 

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Lovely draped cocktail hat with floral trim in the freshest pale spring green from Italian brand Birdcage Hats
Such an interesting mix of feathered crown, straw brim and silk brim binding
from Texas milliner Milli Starr
Large elevated side saucer hats with signature bright lycra loop trim from Irish milliner Aoife Harrison
The most perfect bow on this gold metallic straw cocktail hat from London milliner Fi Graham
Black peach bloom felt oversize fedora with beautifully shaped brim & rhinestone hatband from Stephen Jones
Such a pretty pale pink saucer bound in silk with roses & cut feathers from Yorkshire based Justine Bradley-Hill
Dark green button percher with amazing ultraviolet blue iridescent feathers from UK brand Mind Your Bonce

And from Irish milliner Maggie Mowbray, this stacked black and pink straw with veil and feathers in the most interesting shape that defies description. So creative without sacrificing wearability.

 Royal Hats

Sad to hear news that the King of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma have divorced (Hola)

The Luxembourgish state visit to France included a surprising number of members of the Grand Ducal royal family (Luxarazzi)

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa also celebrated her birthday this week- these great new formal portraits were released in celebration of her birthday.

The Duchess of Wessex heard that a terminally ill young photographer wanted to take her portrait, so she invited him to do just that. The sitting and the resulting portrait are shown below. (Hello)

Photos from NTV and Jiji

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Glad to see Sophie (Lady Frederick) back out again; the crown on her hat is a little tall for my tastes, but she wears it well regardless. The Japanese Imperial ladies all looked lovely in their hats, with Akiko’s catching my eye especially; I know we’ve seen buttery yellow before, but this lemon yellow is a good shade for her! Finally, I saw that portrait of Sophie (Wessex) earlier, and it is a fantastic shot! It is wonderful to see her fulfill this wish.

  2. Crown Princess Mary: TOO big – hides her extraordinarily pretty face!
    Lady Frederick Windsor: TOO tall – out of balance for me!
    Princess Sophie: TOO casual for meeting the Austrian President!
    Imperial Family: TOO elegant – as always, tasteful and refined!
    Grand Duchess Maria Teresa: TOO beautiful – she looks slimmer and absolutely sensational!
    Countess of Wessex: TOO charming – such a warm, lovely smile!

  3. I found it interesting that the younger Imperial women were all wearing hats while the handful of other women behind them were not. (And also that there were so few other women in the audience — the visible part of the audience seems to be almost totally male!) I think that the British royal women do not wear hats to concerts, but haven’t really noticed one way or the other regarding the Scandinavians. Is this an unusual custom, or am I just missing something?

      • The photos only now became available and the event was never covered on this blog, so I thought it could be mentioned. I shan’t do it in the future if Hat Queen has an issue with it.

        • I think all is fair game in these ‘extras’ posts, particularly if I didn’t cover the original event. With the Imperial royals in particular, photos aren’t always released at the time of the event.

  4. Is it ok to add celebrity hats worn for investitures?
    Author Jilly Cooper

    Author Michael Morpurgo

  5. Especially delightful: wonderful photo of the Empress and Crown Princess Masako; a lovely and very flattering formal portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Theresa; and a touching photo of the Countess of Wessex. Thank you!

    P.S. The Milli Starr hat particularly raised my spirits; so sunny!

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