Dutch Queen Supports Language Foundation

Queen Máxima was in Amersfoort yesterday to join in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Het Begint met Taal (It Begins with Language) foundation, an organization that each week supports 15,000 volunteers around the country support and coach 28,000 non-native speakers as they learn the Dutch language and culture. For yesterday’s anniversary conference,  the Dutch queen repeated her dark plum felt hat with familiar upswept ‘slice’ brim.

In an interesting pairing, Máxima wore the hat with her bright pink Natan dress. While the dark burgundy and pink shades were brought together in her amazing earrings, I think the dark hued felt hat reads very winter and this was at odds with the very spring feeling dress. Dressing in between seasons is difficult at the best of times and while I like both this hat and dress, I don’t like them together.

20 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Supports Language Foundation

  1. I wonder if a scarf with the burgundy color of the hat in it would help tie things together/help break up all the pink so the contrast is less jarring for some. Personally, it’s not my favorite combo, but I don’t mind it either. I’m glad to see this hat has not gone into hiding, but I do hope it finds the perfect outfit soon!

    • Jake, I agree that a print or multi-colored scarf would unify the outfit better, in the same way that the elaborate necklace/collar did last time she wore this dress with a different hat. This very bright shade is possibly hard to accessorize, and you certainly don’t want to see an exactly matching bright pink hat, but I’m sure there’s a middle ground somewhere.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem that the last few times Max has worn her slice hats that they’ve just been plonked on straight and not tilted. The “slice” seems to be not sitting right and it really destroys the whole effect for me.

  3. Queen Maxima’s bright colors and big hats really announce her presence. I like this color combination and I love the earrings.

  4. I agree HQ that this lovely hat is not the best choice. To me it actually looks flat and dull next to this neon dress; although the matching burgundy shoes, gloves and bag look just fine – so it’s probably i not so much the colour itself, it’s more the sheer volume of that colour which is too much, i.e. the size of the hat. Maxima has at least 2 small burgundy hats (we saw one just recently, the velvet with black veiling), which would provide a more subtle burgundy accent to the dress (although the absence of a statement hat would definitely require a statement necklace as a focal point– and there is no shortage of those, as we know 🙂 – to prevent the dress, in spite of its colour, from looking bland. )
    As for other big hat options with this dress, I don’t think the camel-coloured straw hat Maxima wore last time around quite hits the mark. Though the neutral camel colour is lighter than the burgundy, it’s extremely close to the hot pink in value i.e.in terms of light and shade; consequently neither colour can “pop” against the other. I would prefer a lighter neutral, since that would create more contrast, as well as just slightly softening the impact of the hot pink. One of Max’s big hats in beige, cream, or grey would work fine.
    White, black or a matching/tonal pink (or even navy) would also be fine hat colours to wear with hot pink, but these are classic, conventional combinations which Maxima is already familiar with, and which I think she may be less interested in repeating: https://us.hellomagazine.com/images/stories/1/2016/05/11/000/172/537/gallery_5_3.jpg
    Max’s on-trend interest in non-classic colour combinations – in these 2 examples with the hot pink dress, pairing a clear bright (the dress) with a soft muted neutral (the hat) – is always exciting to see. Of course, I would LOVE to see this plain dress worn with a big hat comprising SEVERAL colours – the way HM’s hats often do – but I think such a hat would be odd-one-out among Maxima’s mostly single-colour hats, which have the advantage of being able to be swapped between outfits.

  5. Educate me please. I would be melting under a felt hat. How does she stay cool? Or does she just suffer? Thanks to this site, I am Team Max!

    • Dear Heather, I don’t know where you’re writing from, but I can assure you that here in the Netherlands it is still quite cold (and wet!) with a bit of frost at night sometimes. It is surprising that Queen Máxima doesn’t wear a coat over her silk dress, as well as a felt hat!

  6. Interestingly, the previous appearance of the pink dress with the coffee colored hat was in February. I think today’s hat would have looked better in February, while the February hat has a lighter appearance (weight, not color) and might have looked better at this time of year.

    That Robin Utrecht gallery is wonderful, watching Maxima’s facial expression from one photo to the next!

  7. I agree that the coffee-coloured straw hat goes better with the hot pink dress. On the previous outing, the necklace was a bit “too much” for my taste. The earrings alone do the job.

  8. Hmm, I much prefer this outing to the previous with the coffee-colored straw hat. I really like the saturated colors of the burgundy and the hot pink, especially with the shoes, bag, etc. and those FAB earrings. I think the queen hit it out of the park.

  9. I love this hat and dress! And I’m not even bothered by them together. I get the argument that it’s a very winter hat (and we’d expect it with a coat for example), but I love the burgundy/hot pink color combination, and the long-sleeves on the dress make it read sufficiently wintery for me not to mind.

  10. I think that the queen needs to look more at her make up vs her clothing choices…..she looks regal for sure! But her skin tone and the bad lipstick and eye makeup needs improvement.

  11. I agree. Not a good combination. The hat is very heavy in feeling, especially at a distance, and I think the contrast in colors is too great. The dress is lovely (though arguably a bit snug in places, and hence prone to wrinkle); just not a match for this hat, unlike the coffee-colored straw. And the earrings are indeed absolutely amazing, and they DO go perfectly with that hat!

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