Queen Elizabeth Decommissions Warship

Queen Elizabeth was in Plymouth yesterday for the decommissioning of HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s largest operational warship.For this event, she wore a new hat.

Embed from Getty Images
The design, in dusty pink felt, features a straight, slightly domed crown and downward facing brim. The coordinating pink hatband is punctuated with a black underband that peeks out above, leaving a slim but graphic stripe around the hat which links with the coat’s black buttons. The hat is finished with handmade silk flowers on the side.


We’ve seen this scale and shape on Her Majesty several times before, as well as the use of that punchy black hatband stripe. Rachel Trevor Morgan’s hats are characteristically well balanced designs, and this one is no different. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the coat’s collar and its clunky, jagged feel around the top buttons but the hat certainly helps to soften this detail.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. I believe the coat is Karl Ludwig
Previously Worn: This hat is new
You can see many photos of this hat over at this gallery (unfortunately, none can be embedded here). What do you think of this new pink hat for the Queen?
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated; WPA Pool and WPA Pool 

25 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Decommissions Warship

  1. Yes, this is a lovely new hat for HM that works excellently to help transition seasons. I like the contrast of this light pink and the black, but the collar of the coat I’m less thrilled about; I would prefer it to be more in a triangular shape to show off the dress a bit. But besides that minor complaint, a great outing!

  2. She looks SO lovely in this soft color! I wish she would wear more of these types of shades than the super-saturated ones.

  3. Late to the party here, and nothing much to add to what everyone has said. Except, maybe this: it’s encouraging to think that HM plans to continue her public appearances. Otherwise, I don’t think she’d invest in new hats.

  4. Another beautiful hat for HM! it’s a gorgeous colour on her,and it really plays to her strengths in shape, proportions and trim, as well as relating beautifully to the dress.
    Re the coat: while I feel the black buttons look fabulous as an accent on the pink, the trim on the hat consists of more gentle colour contrasts — so, looking at the outfit as a whole, the high colour contrast of the buttons on the coat visually dominate the hat. For HM, I think her most successful ensembles for public appearances lead the viewers’ gaze up to her face. Her hat (and jewellery, too) is an essential part of drawing people’s attention to that “portrait area”. So in the case of this hat, I would have preferred to see buttons in a less dominant colour – probably in that mustard/ brass colour from the dress and trim.

  5. It’s a lovely outfit, HM looks the very essence of spring! I’m with those who like the coat design, and also with those who don’t like the fabric! Close up the hat trim seems a little dull, especially when compared to the beautiful cup-shaped blossoms on its teal twin.

  6. The fabric of her dress is lovely! I like the pink color and the black contrast, but the style of the coat is a little unusual. Overall she looked very nice and the hat suits her very well.

  7. I seem to be in a minority – I really like this look. I like the contrasting black and the unusual cut of the coat. I think it’s a winner!

    • JamesB, thank you, I was just about to post that I appeared to be the only participant who likes the coat, at least there are two of us! Like others, I think that the wrinkling issue should be dealt with if it’s the fault of the fabric, but that unusual single neck opening traveling down to the double-breasted buttons to me are the best part, with the black buttons being just right. Pink and black seems perfect to me for this “iffy” time of year when it’s getting warmer but not quite, or looks like it’s getting warmer (i.e. things blooming) but is actually chilly. And I can’t argue with the hat at all — that type of flower trim is exactly what drew me to HM’s hats (and this blog) to begin with!

  8. I like the silhouette of the coat, but, no, not the details, especially the buttons. The hat is very fresh looking, and very well proportioned for the queen. (She looks great!) Like Jimbo, I do wonder what that coat is made of. The fabric appears to be thick; possibly a thinnish top layer with some stiffer/thicker fiber underneath?? Perhaps meant to resist wrinkling, it puckers instead?

    • Her coats are consistently made of silk wool. I suspect this is either a heavier weight or, as you suggest, is lined, hence the wave effect. Between waves and wrinkles, I think waves are preferable…

    • I thought the same thing, almost 2 years ago with the ensemble below – HM always looks like she just fell off an ironing board, but this lime green coat just didn’t cut the mustard! No, it’s not the end of the world, but that material seems very wrinkle-able!
      June 28, 2016
      Embed from Getty Images

  9. It’s a staggering amount of pink. I think I’d have preferred a gentler navy trim and accessories to black, which just looks too contrast-y to me.

  10. I don’t care for the coat. I really like the black hatband and the pink color on HM. The brooch is wonderful. I’m on the fence about the flower trim.

  11. I simply love this hat shape and colour on Her Majesty. Soft pink is a very flattering shade on her, and the hat seems very balanced. But that coat is truly dreadful. I almost looks like it is made of neoprene. It is boxy and awkward and just plain ugly.

  12. Here’s the Queen’s hat from Easter Sunday last year- the hat’s a different shape but the use of that graphic black under-hatband is the same. It’s certainly effective!

    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

    • This makes for a very interesting comparison, thanks for sharing. The shape of this Easter hat is a little more “rakish” (if that’s the right word for HM!) but I think overall I prefer the pink, I just think those silk flowers are lovely and chime really well with the rest of the outfit.

  13. I love the new hat! Dusty pink is so nice on HM, and the balance/shape/trim is just great. Now for the other side of the coin: the coat was premiered on January 18, 2018, at the Sandringham Women’s Institute meeting, without the best part of the ensemble – the HAT! The picture below gives us a better glimpse of what is under the coat. My only squibble (1/2 squabble, 1/2 quibble) is the unusual coat collar, and the wrinkling/puckering which is evident. It’s like her new-ish bright green coat that we’ve seen several times. What is the material?

    • Another winner from RTM! She really is a master of millinery especially the trims! I love the unusual coat collar (thank you Jimbo for pointing out the other appearance). I think HM always looks fab in any shade of pink.

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