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Royal Hats

Empress Michiko in an icy blue saucer hat with folded silk bow on Thursday in Okinawa (Asahi Shimbun)

March 29, 2018 | Royal Hats

The Swedish King and Queen accompanied Easter greetings with a casual photo of themselves enjoying the outdoors in cosy winter hats 

Zara Tindall in a grey ‘Jasmine Beanie’ from Barts last weekend at the Gatcombe Horse Trials held on her mum’s estate

Rachel Trevor Morgan Millinery staff supported brain tumour research’s “Wear A Hat To Work” campaign on Thursday with a quintet of stunning designs

Legendary milliner Marie O’Regan at the London Hat Week showing of a film about her work, ‘The Millinery Lesson’

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Restrained but very chic grey straw cap with folded bow from French milliner Veronica Marucci
Purple leather percher with vibrant feathers made by UK milliner Bundle McLaren for her mum
The prettiest oversize pale blue saucer with twist of tiny blossoms from UK brand Merve Bayindir
Creative touch on this grey felt fedora’s hatband by UK based Camilla Rose Millinery
These lovely flower trimmed hats from Fabienne Delvigne’s new spring couture collection. I have a hunch we’ll see several of these pieces (or variations on these pieces) on several royal heads this season.

And the most stunning blue leather pillbox percher with hand beaded leaf trim by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit (a familiar commenter here on Royal Hats!). The leaves are beautifully constructed and their placement is absolutely perfect on this hat (check out her  (also check out her exquisite picture hats). Wies- your stunning designs deserve to be worn on royal heads!


 Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe opened the Aarhus exhibition on her wardrobe

Lovely portrait shared by Prince Hussein with his father and younger brother, Prince Hashem

And we kick off Easter weekend festivities with these snaps of the Monaco royals watching a Good Friday procession from the royal palace balcony

Photo from The Asahi Shimbun

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I think I need to suggest “Wear a Hat to Work Day” at my workplace! Wies Mauduit, I love your hat and I hope that Queen Maxima and Queen Mathilde discover you soon!

    • Thank you. Maybe we should all wear a hat to work at least once a year. To raise awareness for a good cause or maybe just to make us feel good. (Also a good cause!) There are special days for all kind of things, so why not for hats?

  2. Oh, Hat Queen, what a surprise! Thank you for your kind comment & praise, you make me blush.
    As for my own Hat Queen of the Netherlands, she doesn’t know of my existence (yet). There are quite a few good milliners over here and we would all very much like her to wear more Dutch and less Belgium designs!

    • Wies- I should have guessed from your insightful and informed comments that you are a milliner! Your work is wonderful- certainly deserving of being showcased on a royal head!

      It’s interesting- the British royal family members consistently wear designs from UK milliners (except for a very few exceptions). That’s not the case for other European royalty- something that continues to perplex me. Royal women are fashion ambassadors whether they want to be or not and wearing millinery made by milliners from one’s home country seems like a simple (and fun!) way to support the industry.

      • Former Queen, now Princess Beatrix always wore hats from Dutch designers, as far as I know. Even now, her hats are still being made, or altered, by the far too discreet and very talented Susanne Moulijn.
        As for her clothing, it was Theresia Vreugdenhil who dressed her for many years before and after she ascended the throne. When Mrs. Vreugdenhil retired, it was designer Sheila de Vries who took over. Theresia Vreugdenhil created gowns for her, but also imported dresses from French couturiers which she fitted on her clients, including the Queen, so technically speaking all was not Dutch, but it certainly passed through the hands of Dutch seamstresses.

        Perhaps Queen Máxima, not being a monarch herself but the wife of a king, feels more free to shop where ever she likes. She is certainly more fashion forward than her mother-in-law, but then, it wouldn’t have been considered suitable if Beatrix, as a queen, had been to much preoccupied with clothes.
        (Mrs. Vreugdenhil used to say that her dressing the Queen wasn’t about fashion, but about accompanying her in her duties.)

        Journalist and royalty watcher Josine Droogendijk claims that Queen Máxima doesn’t work with a stylist but chooses her own outfits, relying on different fashion sites on the internet. She says only 5% of Máxima’s clothing is made by Dutch designers. A large portion of her wardrobe comes from the Belgian house of Natan and as Fabienne Delvigne is the house milliner of Natan and the combination is succesful, it seems logical (and practical) for the Queen to order her hats there.

        I think that Queen Máxima is a fantastic dresser (apart from being a beautiful and intelligent woman!), who makes her own colourful and inspired choices. The fact that she sometimes “gets it wrong”, as with her hats on rare occasions, only makes her more human to the eyes of the public. I can only hope that in further years she will discover more Dutch designers and be convinced by the quality of what we have to offer.

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