Easter Sunday Service At Windsor: Part 1

Members of the British royal family attended Easter Sunday service this morning at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth led her family in her repeated mulberry straw hat with stepped crown and gently sideswept brim.

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The magenta and gold floral trim, which links with Her Majesty’s silk dress, is wonderfully suited to the occasion; the deep but vibrant hue of the hat is such a great herald for spring. We’ve seen the shape before on the Queen but it’s not a repetition to complain about- the scale, the colour and the balance of trim is so lovely on her.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: July 12, 2017; June 24, 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her brown felt brimless hat with pork pie indented crown and large bow on the side.  The hat has been a versatile workhorse for Kate; the scale suits her well and I particularly like how today’s hairstyle and button earrings set it off. I’m less excited about the hat’s repeated pairing with this Catherine Walker coat- two pieces that are great on their own but thanks to a slightly clashing shade of brown, don’t pair well together. In this instance, I think Kate’s golden brown straw Whitely beret would have been a better (and less somber) match.

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Designer: Lock & Co. This is the “Betty Boop” style
Previously Worn: Feb 18, 2016Mar 17, 2015 December 25, 2014; March 15, 2013March 2, 2013March 17, 2012

Princess Beatrice stepped out in a new hat, a prim boater design covered in pale pink textured boucle tweed. The hat is simply trimmed with a matching hatband, bound on one side. There’s much to like about this sweet hat- it’s again so well suited to this event, the scale is great on Beatrice and I adore the angle she has worn it. I think, however, I’d like a slightly deeper shade of pink to bring more contrast between the hat and coat. What perplexes me most about this hat is how so close it is to the pale blue one from the same designer that Princess Beatrice wore last June– a hat that would have been an equally good match with this coat. That makes the pink hat an odd acquisition from my perspective.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Emily London. It is the “Cambridge” design from SS 2018. Coat from Suzannah
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Eugenie, who brought her fiance Jack Brooksbank to the service for the first time, repeated her cerise pink brimless hat. Described by the designer as ”a wool felt pillbox with knot detailing,” the small hat is anything but boring thanks to its bright hue and that unique and attractive knotted trim. It’s a great hat that paired fantastically with Eugenie’s coat. Pairing two statement pieces often creates a loud clash but this coat and hat balance and compliment so very, very well. It’s such a wonderful look for Eugenie.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill It is the “Knot Detail Pillbox” style. Coat is Oscar de la Renta
Previously Worn: Jan 24, 2016;
  Dec 25, 2014
Stay tuned for part two of this review on British royal Easter hats, coming up later this afternoon. In the meantime- what do you think of these first four designs?
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27 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Service At Windsor: Part 1

  1. I always enjoy seeing HM premiere a new hat at Easter (as so many people do here in US, including myself), but for a repeat, this is a fantastic choice for Easter and I’m glad to see its return.

    For a brown hat (which is not my favorite color by any means), this has always been a good one for Kate, and her styling here with her hair is absolutely wonderful. But the choice of this hat itself for Easter is perplexing to say the least, and the pairing with a black coat even more so! If she had worn a more colorful outfit, it maybe could’ve worked for Easter, but ultimately a repeat of the watermelon pink 2017 Trooping cocktail hat would’ve been my preferred choice.

    Beatrice’s coat is fantastic, but I’m not such a fan of this hat. The color is too off to match, but not off enough to contrast, and that’s a big problem for me, not to mention the lack of color in general. But again, I fine boaters to be a severe shape for Beatrice, so . . .

    This is definitely my favorite styling of this hat for Eugenie. The color and shape are great for her, and it works well for Easter despite being felt, especially paired with this coat.

    Random side note: Eugenie and Kate both repeated hats for Easter this year that they wore to Christmas 2014. 😉

  2. HM looks absolutely marvelous. Eugenie’s complete outfit is vey spring-like. Not so sure about Kate in brown or Beatrice in white.

  3. HatQueen, in the opening paragraph of this post: “Queen Elizabeth led her family in her repeated mulberry straw hat with stepped brim and gently sideswept brim”, should one of those “brims” be “crowns”? (I confess to be not well-enough versed in hat terminology to know which would be which!)

  4. I guess I have to admit that I just don’t care for boaters as a hat style. Everyone looks great, but every time I see another one of those I sigh a little inside. HM wins the day for me, she’s just glorious in that pink. P.Eugenie is really wonderful as well, the pink hat and fun skirt really liven up the look. The DoCam is very appropriate, but IMO a bit somber for Easter; the lighter hat would help some, but I’d have rather seen a different color than brown. She does look good in it though.

  5. HM gets the win, this is one of my favorite hats of hers (I am well aware that I say that about every single RTM hat :-D) Kate must like that hat, she has worn it a lot. I’d have preferred something a bit more spring-like in color but I’m giving her a pass because she showed up. She looks very tired and putting on heels and all was probably the last thing she felt like doing. I like whoever said she is celebrating chocolate so from now on this will be her chocolate bunny outfit to me 😀 Bea looks very polished, I like the coat. I don’t mind the boater shape but I hope it doesn’t become her default. Eugenie is my winner here, after HM. I love everything about her outfit. That hat was the perfect choice for the coat and the occasion.

  6. I agree with most comments that are already made.

    Kate: that’s a very sombre look for Easter. The contrast with the other ladies is obvious. Maybe it’s because of her pregnancy but I’m sure she has a better coat somewhere in her closet.
    Beatrice: I’m not a fan of this hat shape but overall she looks good. Can it be that she somehow tried to match the coat with her shoes? Because I can see no reason for this hat color. I also love her shoes here, which isn’t always the case.
    Eugenie: I like this a lot. Can’t say anything bad about the hat. It’s a great scale, wondeful color and a perfect trim.
    The Queen: absolutely gorgeous.

  7. The Queen celebrates spring and looks gorgeous in her hat; the Duchess of Cambridge celebrates chocolate and looks gorgeous in her hat (but I agree that the overall effect of this much dark brown is sombre); I dislike Princess Beatrice’s hat – boaters are for schoolgirls/boys or actors in a revival of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’, not an almost 30-year-old; and I like Eugenie’s overall look … and it’s not often I get to say that. In toto, pretty splendid.

  8. Kate’s hat is just too wintry looking for an Easter outing. But maybe they had not planned on getting to Windsor for the service and this felt hat was the only thing she had in a pinch that she could get her hands on in a hurry? She looks very atypically un-put together. But she’s on maternity leave, so many we should all give her a pass. I think the York Princesses look terrific in their hats for today.

  9. I love Bea’s boater – that shape and size is perfect for her. Color was ok. Kate’s hat…brown for Easter?? I lovelovelove HM in magenta with a flowered hat. Eugenie’s hat is very good but her best accessory is Jack – he has such a pleasant expression and he seems to be fitting into the family very well.

  10. The Queen as always looks lovely and the color is such a happy color. Eugenie’s hat looks great with the dots on her dress. Without the bright pink of her hat I think the look would have been too black. I like Beatrice’s boater but I agree why buy two hats that are so similar especially when the previously worn blue hat would have been just fine with this coat. For some reason I don’t mind the two browns on Kate but I can see how a different hat might have made the whole look. Though I must say I like the hat and it looks good with her hair worn down.

  11. As usual, The Queen leads her family in the hat and outfit stakes! The York girls need a decent stylist ………….it is very rare for them to get their whole outfit “right”. As for the Duchess of Cambridge, why a black coat with a brown hat?? A total miss as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Hat Queen!

    • Let’s remember that stylists are also people and deserve respect, even if you don’t agree with their choices. I think your statement is a bit harsh- I for one thought Eugenie’s whole look today was fabulous.

  12. The Queen is a picture of spring in her outfit.

    I agree that a different hat would work better with this coat for Catherine. I would have liked these pink ones for a bit of colour:

    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

    • Beatrice’s boater is fabulous, but a brighter pink might be better with the white coat. I think two such similar hats are probably confirmation of what we’ve long suspected, that York princesses probably borrow some of their hats from designers.

      I’ve suggested a few bright hats for Eugenie in her post, so I’m thrilled to see this hat. And obviously this is one hat we can definitely say she bought and I’ll be happy to see it again.

      • Agreed on the borrowed hats theory- it might be interesting to see what percentage York princesses’ hats have been worn more than once (confirmation of ownership). I’ll put it on the agenda when things slow down (likely summer!).

        • Oh, that would be fabulous, but I know it’s a huge undertaking for you.
          My guess is they buy a couple of hats every year and the rest are borrowed/rented. Both of them attend at least 6 hat-wearing occasions each year and usually it’s new hats. That would mean that each would have something like 60-70 hats by now and that’s not realistic,imo.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Any of these would have lifted the outfit’s heaviness and made it feel more spring-like. I think the combination of pink hat and brown coat would have been a good match!

      • The last one I suggested would go great with her pink purse and shoes and wouldn’t be attention grabbing if she was avoiding that. And I think it’s only been worn once, so a nice change compared to this brown one.

    • I think only the third hat would work with this coat- the undertone of the first one is too blue (and the hue too bright) and the second one is too dressy. The third, however, could be great.

      • You’re probably right, it’s hard to judge colours on screen. Maxima sometimes wears colours I’d never pair together and it looks great.
        Catherine does have a few other hats with a bit of pink in them and also I thing her green or white hats would work well with this coat.
        I think I just don’t like this hat and am disappointed she’s made it a favorite while other great hats haven’t been worn in years.

  13. Well I am a big fan of HM in that magenta. So Theresa something. Kate, Eugenie and Bea I just find all a bit too buttoned up. Undo a button girls!

    Kate gets a pregnancy pass; and it’s good to see the coat reworn, but I agree, a lighter hat would have been better and got over the mismatch.

    I too was v puzzled by Bea’s hat – why on earth did she buy this twin that doesn’t match her coat anyway?! It’s a bit odd to me. Eugenie’s frock is quite fabukous, but I find the heavy felt a bit too much. Colours are great though, she gets the prize from me.

  14. The fourth pic of Kate shows a detail I’ve been wondering for a while. Is it possible that a hat like this could be easily reshaped and then altered back? Since Kate’s hat is wider from the back than from the front I find it hard to believe Carole would have borrowed this hat to the church couple of years back as the difference would have been evident in the way she wore it. If the hat can be shaped again and again that would of course explain it.

  15. Oh dear! That didn’t sound right. It wasn’t just a matter of everyone else is a little off, so HM wins. I do love this color on the queen and the style of the brim, crown, and trim are just right. I really like HM’s hat and ensemble.

  16. I love the combination of the cerise and black dotted coat on Eugenie, but not for Easter. So, for Easter colors I will turn to HM and Beatrice. I do wish Beatrice’s hat was a darker shade or she had worn the blue from Ascot, also. So, HM for the win! (Sorry, Kate, your outfit looked too wintry for me. But since you are pregnant and the fit of this coat is still good, I will give you a pregnancy pass. I would so loved to have seen the peach ensemble from Prince George’s pregnancy, but maybe the fit was off.)

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