Easter Sunday Service At Windsor: Part 2

Members of the Wessex and Phillips families were also in attendance today to Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel. The Countess of Wessex topped her navy coat with a new waved saucer hat in a navy and cream chevron woven straw, trimmed with navy silk twists. It’s always great to see her experiment with new millinery shapes and I think this is a success- it’s a light, summery piece that Sophie wears well.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Fernanda” design from SS 2018. Coat by Roland Mouret
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Louise Windsor topped her dark cordovan hued coat win a layered straw and crin leaf and petal shaped headpiece in the loveliest shade of orchid purple. Louise’s hats have been growing in size and complexity with her maturity, an approach that has worked so beautifully for her. The headpiece isn’t the same shade as her coat- an intentional detail that lightens the overall ensemble.

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Designer: bespoke Jane Taylor. Coat from Hobbs.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne surprised in her second new hat in as many weeks. A close cousin to the purple fedora she debuted at the Cheltenham races, this turquoise design features a characteristic pinched crown and saucy angled brim that slightly raises around the back. The hat is lavishly trimmed with a generous side feather spray and a double hatband in two slightly lighter shades. I adore how the larger, lighter hatband links with the collar on Annes coat- a sharp detail that sets off the ensemble. Anne has raised her hat game this year, something I wildly applaud. This is such a great look for her.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Autumn Philips topped her ice blue coat with a coordinating percher cocktail hat. The hat’s button base supports the most beautiful multi looped abacca bow. I’m not usually a great fan of bows but this bow sets the hat and coat off so perfectly, providing the little bit of textural contrast needed against the sleek ensemble to make it sing.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. Coat by Suzannah.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall wore a navy straw teardrop shaped design with elevated, peaked top trimmed with spiky handcut feathers and silk twists. It’s a lovely hat but I think a larger scale or larger brimmed piece might have worked better for Zara at this stage in her pregnancy.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It looks like a navy version of “Adelsia” from SS 2018. Coat from Seraphine.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
II thought today’s millinery from the British royal family was exceptional (jump over to this post to see hats worn by the Queen, Duchess of Cambridge and York princesses) with several knock out designs and Princess Anne looking better than ever. Which hats stood out to you most?
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18 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Service At Windsor: Part 2

  1. I’ve been disappointed for many years with Sophie’s choices of Easter hats, but she redeems herself here. This is a fun one and definitely imagine it will stay around for a while.

    While the color of Louise’s fascinator is great and pairs well with her burgundy coat, I think it looks too much like a bath pouf unfortunately. If it had more volume/stretched out farther, it would look better.

    I do like Anne’s new hat and think the color is beautiful for her, but to debut two new hats that look so similar to each other only a few weeks apart doesn’t make this one stand out like it should unfortunately.

    The color of Autumn’s ensemble isn’t as exciting, but this cocktail hat is wonderful, and I, for one, am usually a fan of bows and loops! It’s so good to see Autumn hit her hat stride after so many mistakes early on.

    Something is definitely off about Zara’s hat, and I’m not certain if it’s the size, the angle, or both? It’s a good choice with her blue coat and shoes, but she’s worn better pieces.

    Hope everyone who celebrated had a great Easter! Sorry I’m so late in the commenting game; was on the road for work. Did anyone wear a hat (new or repeated) for Easter? Would love to hear stories/see photos if yes.

  2. More great hats here! The CoW looks lovely, very much like herself. LL is coming along well too in her millinery wearing. I think P.Anne is my favorite today, great hat and great color. I agree that Zara’s hat could be a bit bigger, but at least it’s bigger than the perchers she so often favors. I’d really love to see her in a full-brimmed hat….

  3. Sophie: an unusual shape but stil nice. I do feel the trim is a bit messy. I think it looks better on the hat on the Jane Taylor site. More compact and less all over the place. I also think it’s a hat you need to see up close. That way you can appreciate all the details of the zig zag pattern, which is very well done.

    Anne: that’s a great ensemble. Good point HQ about the lighter hatband. It ties everything together.

    Zara: the idea isn’t bad but there’s something missing. Her coat is a wonderful shade of blue. Maybe the hat trim should have picked it up (in the feathers or so). The hat color does match her purse but I feel that’s not enough.

    Autumn: this is a stunning piece. And the combination with her outfit is perfect. All attention can go to that wonderful bow which I adore.

  4. Anne looks fab, the color, the fit, the hat – everything! I was a bit meh on Autumn’s ensemble (I feel it too pale for her) but now that I see the hat up close I have changed my mind. It’s really lovely and that bow is masterfully done. I do like the grey accessories though with this. Zara looks good. Not my fave hat of hers but happy she didn’t bring out the default teardrop shape. I really like Sophie’s hat a lot and I hope we see again over the summer with a light colored dress. Louise looks very grown up with her heels and a little bigger fascinator. That’s a great color for her too.

  5. Personally I think it is the wrong time of year for straw. Had it been a beautiful sunny day that would have been different. Princess Anne has refreshed her look and her trilby works well on her being youthful. Kate and Eugenie after that

  6. How nice of the royal family to put on this Easter show for us. The Queen’s hat is perfect, all pale compared to that. I think Duchess Kate looks fantastic. Her brown is no darker than the navy, maroon or black worn by others, and she lightened her outfit with peach shoes and clutch. I love Eugenie’s hat and am glad she didn’t cover her fun dress with a tan raincoat. Princess Anne looks great in her very queen like coordinated new outfit in a beautiful color. And Autumn’s hat was her crowning flourish in a lovely pale blue. I liked how she used gray suede accessories instead of white or straw to keep the outfit in that between seasons, early spring feel.

  7. Anne, Sophie and Autumn for me here. Anne’s new outfit is fab, and that hat is really rather funky. Well played. I like Sophie’s look; it’s not her most exciting but the hat is fun. Not sure on those sleeves though. Autumn always looks so well put together these days.

    Louise is on the cusp of adulthood, sure we all remember how awkward that time is, and she looks quite grown up here.

    Has someone sat on Zara’s hat? I can’t say I’m a fan.

  8. When I glanced at photos this morning of the Royal family at the Easter service my first thought was Anne looks great. After reading Hat Queens eloquent observations of Anne’s lovely new hat and how it complements her outfit I like it even more. Does anyone know if this coat is also new or if it has been in the Princess Royal’s closet for decades!? My second favourite of the entire family is HMQ in her beautiful hat, I particularly love the trim. My third favourite is Princess Eugenie, I like that she has recycled her hat but given it a fresh twist with this festive coat that makes a great Easter ensemble.

      • Thanks HatQueen. Great to see Anne is adding some new items to her closest; maybe she has had a Spring clear out. Here’s hoping this boads well for new ensembles with beautiful hats for Princess Anne for the upcoming Royal Weddings!!

  9. Aren’t they fabulous when all seen together? Yay for Anne and busting out some new moves at the age of almost 68 – I love her hat but think her coat is divine (and there’s a matching handbag, and a serious brooch). Well done ma’am! Sophie’s hat is fab and her overall look great, while Louise is growing up quickly – heels and a clutch! Marvellous to see (so won’t mention what’s on her head, plenty of time to sort that out). Autumn’s outfit is lovely, though I have no love for the asymmetrical hem, and her hat is perfection. Zara’s hat is fine, but the coat’s fit is a shame – but no marks off from me. I well remember how uncomfortable late pregnancy is.

  10. I’m thrilled to bits that Louise is showing great promise with her millinery and sartorial choices! And I love she’s wearing a bit of a heel now and especially that it’s chunky – I’d love these shoes for myself (and I’m no teenager!)

  11. I loved Autumn’s hat and overall look. Lady Louise looked lovely wearing high heels for the first time and the piece she chose suites her well. I wish the Countess of Wessex done something different with her hair.

  12. Anne is the winner for me. A great new hat for her that looks great on her! Second place goes to Autumn. She looks lovely and I agree the bow makes the hat a stand out. Sophie’s hat is fine but I think it sits too far forward and Zara’s hat doesn’t go with her coat so it is a miss for me in terms of total look but the hat is lovely.

  13. For me, it’s a tie between The Countess of Wessex and Autumn Phillips! Love them both and can’t decide. These gorgeous ladies seldom put a foot wrong as far as their outfits are concerned. As for Anne having 2 new hats – pass me the smelling salts! What’s going on there?? Can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with for Prince Harry’s wedding!

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